The bad guys control every block of the world economy, starting with the underground global opium business that has been the secret to the wealth of empire and the elite for 200 years.

They also control the gold, including giant stolen caches that had been buried underground or placed in deposit at central banks by others. They created offshore finance to launder the drug money and to be able to finance arms trafficking and giant defense equipment sales to protect the drug plantations.

Their final year in power, the Taliban dropped Afghan opium production to nearly 0 from 500 tons. In May 2001, they demanded the world aid organizations follow through with aid for closing down all the fields. In September 2001 we invaded. Meanwhile, 15 years later, Afghan opium production hit a record 6,500 tons.

What to do with such a bumper crop? Push the downstream business of chemical extraction for more Oxycodone. They put us to sleep.

Who’s controlled this business since the 1950s? Who used an unassuming network of oil platforms as drop-off points for the international logistics of dope? Poppy, that’s who: George Herbert Walker Bush.

He led the operation to kill JFK who opposed the Cabal. George, Jr., killed John, Jr. when he announced his run for New York Senate.

The Rockefellers – David led the Chase Manhattan Bank to control all of the voting rights of the giant trust funds of the elite and Nelson, with his Bloomberg-like team of dozens of privately paid consultants on staff, controlled the politics via the Council of Foreign Relations, which, in turn, controls educated opinion in all of our media. Where all the bad guys wanted JFK dead, Nelson led the assassinations of RFK and MLK and the defenestration of Nixon because he was trying to clear the field to win the presidency himself, eliminating those he knew would hurt his chances.

Who carries out all these orders is the Deep State, the euphemism for secret operations carried out by the CIA, in partnership with legions of compromised and blackmailed employees across all branches of government and big business who answer to the Cabal.