The plot point here most people miss is the bigger context of why they needed this to happen.

The New American Century report, the need for war, the need to take back Afghanistan, the need to cancel the bonds.  The bonds goes to the building, the Pentagon also goes to the NCIS that is on the case. Also, for NYC downtown, he gets a whole new slate to play with, and $4bn insurance money, etc…. to rebuild a giant mall. NWO aside for the mall is the building is two-in-one and you see that at one end and the New Millennium Hotel at the other….


The how — supposedly, this how to end any conspiracy question… — simply, this was a multi-agency drill week, so everyone was expecting all sorts of war scenarios… This way, people think it’s a game, until the very last people on the chain who realize it is real too late.


The specifics, doesn’t matter to me if it was drones, if it was hologram, if it was missiles with wings… point is the explosives were set in the basement by the Securacom, that blew up the elevator shafts, the strike floors were also rigged, and the rest could have been a light show.

What happened to the people? this also goes back to the other FEMA drill sites, the stories are also very long and interesting, but the gist is these are paid actors and also volunteers who get roped into this, their families get to earn all the generous donations as a charity, and they just move to another town. See all about Sandy Hook, and all about Columbine and possibly Las Vegas…. What’s hard is to take a step back from feeling for the victims and look at the motives of the big players and how much they can achieve this way.



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