Treason in America

by Anton Chaitkin

His 1985 book on American political history — {Treason in America: from Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman} — documented from “blue-blood” family archives the takeover of U.S. policymaking by agents and allies of the British empire. This classic with 100,000 copies sold, long out of print, has just been issued in a Kindle edition.

Anton Chaitkin co-authored {George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography}. The only serious biography of Bush, Sr., it helped defeat Bush’s 1992 re-election attempt.

Historian and investigative journalist Anton Chaitkin has worked in politics with Lyndon LaRouche since 1966. Author of hundreds of “scoops” on economic and political history, Chaitkin is History Editor for Executive Intelligence Review.

Chaitkin’s father, a New York attorney, fought in the courts to break up the Wall Street and London sponsorship of Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship in Germany. Many of the lawsuits were against international Nazi interests managed by Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of the two Bush Presidents.


  • Paperback: Now Kindle
  • Publisher: Franklin House; 2nd edition (1985)

Amazon Reviews:

The Great Satan

Only recently has the US public become aware of the greed and deceit of their rulers. Politicians and government officials do not run the country — with few exceptions they are easily bribed by the superrich and the great corporations. Among these are the oil companies, the pharmaceuticals, the armament-makers, giant insurance companies, Wall Street charlatans, and the druglords of the underworld, many of whom are one and the same. As far back as the original Henry Ford, he was shrewd enough to remark: “If the American public really understood how their country was being run, there would be a revolution before breakfast!” Fear of war has been used to frighten Americans, while enriching press lords; the same fear has caused Americans to become distracted from reality, and obsessed with pleasure and squandering their incomes on fantasy. One excellent recent book was titled “A Nation of Counterfeiters”. Washington is constantly at war, and it is hard to think of one it’s won. Millions of victims, including great numbers of children, have been slain in the process, and American soldiers are going home sick in the head from being the killers. Thanks to the Wikileakers, we are starting to realize what’s really going on, and how we too are becoming its targets. This book is an excellent overall introduction to the mentality of our rulers, both those who were caught like Aaron Burr and those who were not, like Averell Harriman and countless others who often worked together. Read it before it’s too late, and we are all serfs.


An amazing book

This IS a collection of articles published by Lyndon LaRouche but not authored by him. Mr Chaitkin clearly has an agenda because his father was personally involved in a lawsuit against Harriman in the 1920s attempting to stop his support of the germans illegially. And I personally am not a LaRouche fan – I question his national ecconomic policies.

However there is great merit in this book. It truely ranks as a history book and not fiction. It is backed up with numerous refernces to original works and publications. It reads farily well for something as far reaching and encompasing as it is.

This book traces the links between the oligarchical families of 17th century Europe to its effects and agents here in America. It connects dots I never knew existed. Spanning secret societies, indian wars, opium and slave traders, yellow journalistic hits, intrigues, and financial swindles, this history is a real eye openner.

I don’t doubt it is biased, but the bias is clear. It clearly says in the introduction that it is associated with LaRouche and if you read it you will find why the author was motivated to write it – not for a paycheck from LaRouche.

I think this work serves a very useful purpose in informing anyone interested in history, ecconomics or political intrigue. It does deserve a few good readings. I wish most americans at least knew about this view of history.


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