The second BOOM is North Korea. Don’t believe the hype — this deal has been long done, next week is just the big reveal, BOOM #2.

The Q evidence was a shot from the window of Air Force 1 of a mountain range in North Korea — the point being this top-level meeting had already happened. The rest has been show.

A great Twitter analyst on this is @Thomas Wictor, a weapons historian, whose Tweet threads are widely read among those following politics closely. His analysis was that “a great movie needs great actors,” with both leaders playing to domestic audiences. In North Korea’s case, rather than Kim The Dictator, the power is in its military elite, who want to hear his threatening words on the world stage to justify their own posturing.

The short of it is North Korea is like one of the Five Families of Cosa Nostra-fame deciding to turn state’s evidence.

In terms of Bush Jr.’s Axis-of-Evil — North Korea, Syria and Iran — NK’s job was selling stolen technology and testing out weapons for all the state and terrorist actors.

Kim spills every bad deal they did in the past 70 years, plus the one that ensnares the Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives for breaking our arms embargo, selling weapons to him directly.

To show the world we won’t take it lightly if any of his former partners or The Cabal want to start something, we’ll scramble the entire fucking fleet, covering the skies with The Storm.


(Some people are also calling this the Sky Event — the actual meeting with Kim on the Sky Deck, but I’m holding on to that at this moment for the aliens!)

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