The Secrets of the Federal Reserve

Mullins presents some bare facts about the Federal Reserve System with subjects on: it IS NOT a U.S. government bank; it IS NOT controlled by Congress; it IS a privately owned Central Bank controlled by the elite financiers in their own interest. The Federal Reserve elite controls excessive interest rates, inflation, the printing of paper money, and have taken control of the depression of prosperity in the United States.


  • Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Bridger House Publishers Inc; Jekyll Island Edition edition (June 22, 2009)




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The very best

Wow! Wow! Eustace Mullins’ research can’t be beat. He dedicated his life to this subject. This should be a book that is required reading for all Americans.


This book needs to be read and shared widely

The Federal Reserve Bank deliberately created the Agriculture Depression of 1920-1921 to break state banks and trust companies which refused to join the Federal Reserve System. Congressional hearings established that the Depression of 1929-31 was planned by the Federal Reserve Board and European central bankers at a lunch in 1927. The Depression resulted in the centralization of power in this country in the hands of those same central bankers. This book reports history we’ve been denied to keep us dumb and easy to manipulate. As we get closer to these people’s plan for one world order, we need to wake up and realize just where they’re taking us. It’s not us they’re looking out for.



I didn’t know that

This book was recommended to me, it sounded interesting, and I found it on Amazon. It explains how the modern monetary system was created, in secrecy, and how it works.

It posits that the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand would have probably led only to a minor war between Austria and Serbia if the world’s bankers stayed out of it. Instead, they financed the armament of the participants for a full-blown world war for their own enrichment. Key concept: As long as governments will back you, through income derived from taxation, the major banks of the world powers can write checks to anyone or any government for any amount of “money”, for any purpose, and they make a financial killing. Another one: Credit Unions are able to give you a mortgage loan like Jimmy Stewart in “Its a Wonderful Life” by using the cash savings deposits of other members, in their vaults. Modern Federally Charted “Banks” do not do that. They are simply able to write a check to the seller of the home, and the buyer repays the bank. There is nothing backing the loan in terms of money in the bank’s vault. It is all “credit”.

The Banks use their financial power to influence governments to insure the status quo. It’s a short book. It is heavily footnoted. I read it with an open mind. Its worth reading.


Deep, dark, secrets of our Federal Reserve Notes and why they are backed by the Bank of England!

The forward page begins the excitement!! In 1949 Ezra Pound, (the poet), was a political prisoner imprsoned for nineteen years at St. Elizabeths Hospital, Washington, D.C. for trying to reveal the information in this book. Affectionately renamed “The Hellhole” by its inmates, (a Federal institution for the insane)! Pound was a POLITICAL PRISONER, not insane. Franklin D. Roosevelt had personally ordered Pound’s indictment. Are you aware of such an institution and it’s inmates??? Learn about the Rothschilds, JP Morgan’s and others. Learn why the U.S. Government has never owned a single share of Federal Reserve stock, and never will. Read about about the relatively unknown meeting of 5 of the worlds richest men (and banking institutions) at Jekyll Island in November 1910 and how it and the Bank of England has influenced our money. Learn more about your government and its background than you may want to know!!!



President Woodrow Wilson had been blackmailed over an affair and love letters, and on his death bed made the …

I have all of Eustace Mullins books, and I have viewed all of his interviews with Jeff Rense at His books are a must if you even hope to understand why this country is in the financial condition it is today. The USA has been bankrupt since 1933, and has been under admiralty rule ever since. President Obozo’s major goal was to lead us into formal bankruptcy by spending (borrowed) FRN’s, and as such he almost doubled the national debt in his 8 years of screwing the public by continuous borrowing from the Federal Reserve System. They are thieves by bigger thieves obsessed with global power.

The Federal Reserve System was the third effort of the Vatican agents, the Rothschild’s to gain control of the nations issuer of money. Two previous Banks of the United States were de-chartered before the international thieves sold Congress on the Federal Reserve Act. For those unfamiliar with history, the Jesuit-controlled Vatican commissioned the House of Rothschild in 1823/24 to be the “Fiduciary Agents” of the Vatican. A “Fiduciary Agent” is the equivalent of a “Power of Attorney” to protect/preserve/enhance/grow the Vatican’s trillions hoarded in the vaults of the Swiss banking network. The House of Rothschild since 1824 have earned a commission of 6% on all financial transactions conducted on behalf of the Vatican. The Vatican through blind stock ownership owns virtually everything, land, buildings, and people through out the world. The Vatican long ago stole the gold of this country, transferred it through their London Connection and has it in the bank vaults located in Switzerland.

President Woodrow Wilson had been blackmailed over an affair and love letters, and on his death bed made the statement to the effect that he said he had sold the country into slavery. Eustace Mullins tells it all about the Fed, and it is not good.

The Federal Reserve initially backed the FRN’s with gold, but through a series of manipulations deceived the public into thinking their dollars in the pockets of Americans their gold-backed dollars would become worthless as toilet paper. Now just over a hundred years old, the Federal Reserve System owns you, your family and even the mortgage on your home. The FRN’s you have in your pocket are only worth pennies on the dollar, about 2-cents each today
FRN’s are a debt-currency loaned into existence, and created out of nothing, belong to the Federal Reserve System. The ten banks who control the Federal Reserve System are identified by Eustace Mullins in his little book. The Federal Reserve System is neither Federal, nor does it have any Reserves. It will not be found in the telephone book under government agencies, like the many alphabet-soup agencies. In large city telephone directories if you want to look for the Federal Reserve Bank telephone number, you have to look in the business section, proving it is not a government agency, strictly a business operation of a group of foreign banks.

All of the private bank stockholders, who own the Fed, noted in Eustace Mullins’ books are Rothschild-owned and controlled. But what most people overlook is the fact that the Jesuit-controlled Vatican for decades have put the Vatican wealth into American companies and other world corporations companies. When Benedict XVI was pope, it was revealed that the Vatican owned an interest in pornographic businesses in Rome, Italy. For example, the Jesuit-owned Bank of Italy in California, bought, at the turn of the 20th century, another bank who owned the named the Bank of America. The Jesuit-controlled Vatican owns no less than 51% of the “Preferred Stock” ownership of the Bank of America today. I would gamble that they may own as much as 75% of the “Preferred Stock” and not “Common Stock”, that becomes virtually worthless in a bankruptcy, of Bank of America today. This is likely true of other companies as well.

The Federal Reserve is the best counterfeiting operation in the world, and it is legal. Eustace Mullins books gives the truth about the illegal and unconstitutional Federal Reserve. Two U.S. Presidents were assassinated because they tried to break the Fed’s choke-hold on the U.S. money supply.

Eustace Mullins passed away a few years ago, and along with being a great researcher, his books are an important aspect of American history on how the Vatican, using its “Fiduciary Agent” relationship, has hid behind front businesses. If you ever read one book of Eustace Mullins writings, this one would be a must. I guarantee you will not be done until you have acquired all of his books.

Rev. Robert H. Reid

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