From underneath the Earth, giant crystals, like these found in Mexico, will rise to the surface in astral vortex places, like Sedona, AZ.

Their emergence will be followed by lots of buzzing UFO crafts. These aren’t ETs like Martians, but forces of nature that our part of our Earth. Many books have been published about these souls — the Pleiadians — and what they know, including all about telepathy and why we can talk to animals, like Dr. Doolittle — one of their lot —  @Kabamur Taygeta – is posting on Twitter.

Why it’s important — besides confirming how much we don’t know about our world, how much has been hidden for so long by our government, and that we’re in for some big surprises — is the economics.

About a hundred years ago, an inventor named Nikolai Tesla came up with an idea for free electricity that could be transmitted through a giant antenna. The Cabal — which controlled Thomas Edison’s patents for electricity and power plants — took this invention away from us, because it would be bad for business.

Guess what? These giant crystals are going to be the antenna.

If you’ve never thought about any of this before, look up how a quartz watch works. When connected to a watch, a quartz can regulate time, the same way gravity regulates a pendulum in a grandfather clock.

Quartz – silicon dioxide – is piezoelectric.   If you pass an electric current through a quartz, it vibrates – at a constant 32,768 times per second and that’s used to keep the watch accurate.

But the opposite is also true: if you apply pressure, squeezing the quartz, it generates electricity.

Equally amazing is that when Tesla died penniless in 1943, among the FBI’s experts who studied all of his documents was a professor of engineering from MIT who then bequeathed all of his own documents and findings from a lifetime of research to his nephew.

Who was the professor? Trumpy’s uncle.



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  • included in those documents….time travel tech BOOM BOOM BOOM
    anyone notice that JA looks like trumps uncle, but much younger? just sayin 😛

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