Trumpy’s secret weapon in all this has been the President’s Secret Service.

The job is to get ahead of the story and who this will become a focus once Q hits the newspapers.

When they make the movie, all the action is going to be here, with these guys in the picture, because the President’s Secret Service runs Q.

We’ve been told there are less than 10 people on the Q team, and 7 are military.

Of course, the NSA has to be part of the team, and they even have a Q counter intelligence group, according to an old article in the NYT. Basically because, along with all the civilians who have been spied on over the years, the NSA data also includes everything ever done by the bad guys, including all those deleted emails and private servers. When Q says, “we have the servers,” it would be the NSA that has the files.

But because the Q posts include information that only those in closest proximity to the traveling Trumpy would have access to, we know the Secret Service, and, particularly, the team that goes abroad for the president, plays a big role. We’re not going to know anything for sure until this all plays out, but here’s a thesis:

The conundrum for your elite Secret Service officers is best described by how it was portrayed in “House of Cards,”  where the Secret Service Agent “Markham” is assigned to the evil Underwoods. He soon gets involved in their weird sex threesomes and cover-ups to his charge’s murders, and ends up dead, himself. So, what’s a guy to do?

Basically, your job is to run around protecting the elites, and doing that means you’re really just helping them cover for all their crimes. You can’t really play dumb forever. You have to report to your Captain and him to the Lieutenants, so you either have to deny, deny, deny or confess everything you witnessed to your higher ups.

Other big clues, photos that were shared came from presidential travel and close-ups to presidential ephemera, like pens and binders meant there was lots of close proximity to the daily action.

An obvious one that I didn’t catch on to right away then hitting my forward when I saw it again now was the Twitter account of the White House schedule, basically the public agenda and motor pool updates from the Secret Service.

I started following @POUTS_Schedule at the start of The Storm for an idea of when presidential proclamations might be forthcoming. But besides the timings and movements of the presidential motorcade, I did notice that there were affirmations in military codes and marching phrases following the official information, especially at the end of the day.

What became obvious that this was all the same military lingo, with the same phrases used here as in the Q posts, so it was being coordinated from here — this was their central office.







Along with the greater ethos of protecting, informing and treating the reading public with respect, this was a very clear counter-information campaign.

Many have known the broad sweep of all these crimes for years, but some people have only now been exposed to these gory details for the first time. By the time Q is reported on in the mockingbird media, millions will have been exposed to the posts. I mean, they are free and posted and repeated all over Twitter. Those who seek, will find.

Anons are preparing for people to want to verify the verified Q Proofs — cross-referenced connections to messaging from the President to confirm the project’s authenticity. Today, TIME Magazine included Q among the top 25 online personas of the year. The article recognized its popularity but definitely tried to push it into the realm of make believer or fanboy crushes or pretend classified info.

Rather than even some disgruntled whistlebl0wer, or some mad conspirator, Q is going to be part of an organized plan by the President via the Secret Service. Marines, NSA and civilians. If not officially confirmed at the start, the idea is that it would need to remain ambiguous for the initial outreach, and then become clear once all the cards are on the table. The military has been aware of the Deep State and the Cabal since it became obvious in the 1980s — they’ve just been waiting for a President who was free to cut them down.

I was just thinking about all the great movies that will be made from this plot. The action takes place with the Secret Service as their director has the ear of the President all day and everywhere he goes, including to the long table where all the intelligence heads gather to compare notes. Then you realize the same words are coming from the White House Motor Pool, you see that’s where they’re running the operation from. It’s gong to be hilarious!

As for the more existential question — are we Q? — that’s being asked online; of course, we are, that was the whole idea:

Anyone can go through these public Q posts to find the connections between our leaders and all the crooks. (Before the concept of Q, this website was coming together to do the same! The people are asking, help us connect the dots.)

Millions of people can now tell the real history – to share the frightening news of our corruption and the good news that finally a plan was in action to set the world right.

Some times, all you need is a measly single letter — Q — to lead patriots from the darkness into the light.

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