The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

By Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler


Another “shadowbanned” book — a 1996 original for sale via Amazon for only $495 — but now, yours to download for free from this link. Springmeier and Wheeler hit upon the mother lode of corruption, connecting the Illuminati bloodlines to the CIA and its MK Ultra and Monarch mind control programs, used to create sexual slaves for Satanic ritual abuse, unconscious assassins and the mind control of whole populations.  Fritz was so dangerous to the regime that he was arrested, jailed, all of his research lost and his reputation defamed. But the books live, most are now online – read them.

About the Author

  • Unknown Binding: 468 pages
  • Publisher: Springmeier & Wheeler (1996)

Amazon Reviews

Mindbending Revolutionary Book!!! Get this from Fritz’s blog for MUCH LESS!!

This book is amazing and deeply troubling at the same time, we as Americans have been lied to in so many ways by “our” government. This book singlehandedly made me seek religious guidance from many sources both occult and the Bible due to its outline of the horrendous atrocities that are done in the “interest of national security”. This book was a huge awakening for me. This is the most complete and shocking summary of Trauma based mind control in the modern era. “Trance-Formation of America” as well as “Thanks for the Memories” are other mind bending book you must read if you are interested in this further. I’d add to that the whole Franklin cover-up story too.

Fritz Springmeier is not just a national hero but really a world hero for exposing so much in his books of the insidious cancer that thoroughly inhabits the top world elite. Instead we get a statue of the Satanist Albert Pike in front of the State Dept building in the Pentagram/Masonic laid out Washington DC! And the lovable lies of the Queen of Satan in England as well as the Leviathan known as the, Jesuit controlled, Isis worshiping Vatican.

A revolutionary, if hard to take at times, book. Buy this directly from Fritz on his blog for MUCH less than it is here. One thing I wish it had was a bibliography as it clearly references many great books and it’d be nice to see where to continue studies.


.. Illuminati transform a person so that they do the dirty work for the secret group of people who rule …

It is cruel how the Illuminati transform a person so that they do the dirty work for the secret group of people who rule the world.


what we all need to know is in this book

If we all collectively realized the kind of world we are interacting with, we could then collectively agree to step away and disconnect from the evil. this book outlines further truths about the invasive and unavoidable ideology of which we as a country and a species have unwittingly allowed to run our lives. With the new knowledge of who runs this planet and how it is done to dummy us down and destroy our morals and integrity, thru what is comomonly called mind control, in the form of Media, entertainment, drugs, both legal and illegal, the destruction of our society from the individual on up thru the relationships we have with the opposite sex, our families our neighborhoods our cities and further we see that it is time to take the reins of responsibility in our own hands and thus create the world we want. The days of depending on others who have power are over. Our own free will is being usurped and it is time to truly claim it as our own, our birthright and our salvation. A great book, though at times very disturbing.


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