The Crimes of Patriots:

A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA

by Jonathan Kwitny

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Names Names

Details CIA operations and how they set up a world-wide heroin smuggling operation, and how they expanded into other drug markets. The “War on Drugs” is nothing but a way to get rid of CIA’s competition.


On the advice of a friend who knows one of the “Cast Of Characters” (a “Yank In The Bank”), I ordered a used copy of this long out of print book. What an eye opener. It’s amazing what a group of “former” senior military officers and spooks can get up to when allowed to run amok overseas. You name it and they got away with it. Even though some of the principals are dead, nobody has been held accountable for the myriad of crimes that have occurred abroad. With the lack of support rendered by the U.S. government (especially the F.B.I.), it makes one wonder how “former” some of these players really were. It’s also amazing how many of these same people reared their ugly heads years later during “Iran-Contra”. Read the book and then decide for yourself.

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