The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider

By Al Martin


What if a criminal cabal (a white collar crime syndicate) took over the US Government?

Al Martin’s shocking memoir, “The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider,” is the true story of how it happened. It’s an uncensored and unprecedented revelation of Bush Family frauds and other criminal activities.

Government whistleblower Al Martin, a retired US Navy Lt. Commander, explains the interactions of criminal corporate and government networks. He tells the facts and names the names no one has dared write or publish before.

“The Conspirators” is the hidden history of government fraud and corruption.

Al Martin’s eyewitness accounts include first hand knowledge of US Government sanctioned narcotics trafficking, illicit weapons deals and an epidemic of fraud — corporate securities fraud, real estate fraud, banking fraud and insurance fraud.

Now with the Bush Cabal back in power, the losses for taxpayers are in the hundreds of billions of dollars. And the losses continue to mount daily.

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undoubtedly one of the most important books to read and understand…

THE CONSPIRATORS: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider, by Al Martin is undoubtedly one of the most important books to read and understand… The morass of the fraudulent scheme called “Iran-Contra” reaches into the far corners of government. The same players remain, says Martin. Ollie North is a celebrity, even though he plundered, murdered, committed vast fraud in banking, financial trading, and insurance, overseeing the export of arms to rebels and the return flights in CIA planes loaded with drugs. Martin documents and names names… citing those killed or imprisoned, not for what they may have done, but for knowing too much about the criminal enterprise. Learn the roles of the Bush brothers, the Clinton’s, certain Generals and manipulators to steal billions and have the government pay for the loses. Al Martin knows the characters because he participated in the fraud, and was present at meetings where plots were hatched…. What the reader may wonder is if the writer of this book has remained alive after telling this mind-bending story. Truth tellers in that world of deceit and fraud and murder do not remain alive for long.


This Story has considerable face validity

If this author is to be believed, then the nightmare that General Eisenhower predicted in his farewell address, has already arrived. Behind the screen of “national security secrecy,” our democracy has been hijacked and turned into a full-fledged rightwing “Criminocracy.”

According to Al Martin, the umbrella used to do so has been the “Iran-Contra scandal.” Martin, once an insider, is now on the outside, and yet, somehow, so far has lived to tell his story. And his story is this: The “Iran-Contra scandal” was much more than just a single series of “guns for hostage transactions.” Indeed, it was a carefully constructed framework for still-running series of state sponsored criminal enterprises, all run out of the Republican Party. It is a framework that was established during the Reagan administration mostly under the tutelage of George HW Bush, obviously taking advantage of Reagan’s not paying attention to what was going on right under his nose in his own administration. The organization is called “the Cause” and “the Enterprise.”

Reagan and Bush’s “Big Dog” rightwing anti-Communist life-long political contributors financed the initial layout to get the organization up and running, after which it generated enough income off the backs of American taxpayers on its own to be self-sustaining. And here we are talking about hundreds of billions if not trillions of taxpayer dollars.

The “Enterprise” consists of a cabal of about 5,000 individuals that include high level intelligence agency operatives (of which Bush and his sons were key players), high-level like-minded ultra-conservative military officers, key political operatives on the opposite side of the political divide (like the late Ron Brown, Bill Clinton, and Janet Reno) and intelligence assets in Israel and Latin America, and especially in Honduras and Haiti.

According to Martin, these elements came together in a conscious if not always a carefully planned, well-mapped out, or carefully orchestrated conspiracy. However loosely designed, it was nevertheless an intentional criminal strategy, designed to systematically engage in bank, insurance and stock fraud; extensive drug trafficking (as much as 50,000 kilograms per month) and gun-running (enough to arm a 50,000 man contra army) — as well as one that engaged in as many as 400 murders (terminations) by the group’s own designated hit teams to silence those who would betray the group’s existence to the American public.

The Iran-Contra scandal we read about in the newspaper, bears little or no resemblance to the much larger, much more sinister behind the scenes version given here. Here the author takes us through a series of seemingly familiar criminal vignettes of which “we the people” in truth only caught a brief glimpse of. And while we may have recognized Reagan’s trading missiles for hostages in order to scuttle Jimmy Carter’s re-election chances, or later, the crashing of Barry Seal’s and Eugene Hasenfus’ C-130 in the Nicaraguan jungle en-route to Managua from Mena, Arkansas, loaded with guns bought with tons of cocaine, the truth is that this is not even half the story. The rest of that story simply stretches credulity and extends far wider and deeper than any of us could ever possibly have imagined.

In reading this book, since Martin survived to tell about it, I had to turn my own “crap detector” on, in order to screen Martin’s revelations as possible “planted” CIA disinformation. But his story has considerable “face value” since some of the same characters (the usual suspects) that showed up in Dealey’s Plaza on 11/22/63, and at the Watergate Hotel, make more than just cameo appearances in Iran-Contra too.

So, my conclusion is that if this is indeed part of a CIA disinformation program, it is much too sophisticated and much too fine-grained for my “crap detector” to discern the difference. Therefore, until I can find an independent, confirming (or disconfirming) alternative source, I am forced to give this author the benefit of the doubt. Three stars

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