The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America:

The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up

By Richard J. Dewhurst

A study of the substantial evidence for a former race of giants in North America and its 150-year suppression by the Smithsonian Institution

• Shows how thousands of giant skeletons have been found, particularly in the Mississippi Valley, as well as the ruins of the giants’ cities

• Explores 400 years of giant finds, including newspaper articles, first person accounts, state historical records, and illustrated field reports

• Reveals the Stonehenge-era megalithic burial complex on Catalina Island with over 4,000 giant skeletons, including kings more than 9 feet tall

• Includes more than 100 rare photographs and illustrations of the lost evidence

Drawing on 400 years of newspaper articles and photos, first person accounts, state historical records, and illustrated field reports, Richard J. Dewhurst reveals not only that North America was once ruled by an advanced race of giants but also that the Smithsonian has been actively suppressing the physical evidence for nearly 150 years. He shows how thousands of giant skeletons have been unearthed at Mound Builder sites across the continent, only to disappear from the historical record. He examines other concealed giant discoveries, such as the giant mummies found in Spirit Cave, Nevada, wrapped in fine textiles and dating to 8000 BCE; the hundreds of red-haired bog mummies found at sinkhole “cenotes” on the west coast of Florida and dating to 7500 BCE; and the ruins of the giants’ cities with populations in excess of 100,000 in Arizona, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Dewhurst shows how this suppression began shortly after the Civil War and transformed into an outright cover-up in 1879 when Major John Wesley Powell was appointed Smithsonian director, launching a strict pro-evolution, pro-Manifest Destiny agenda. He also reveals the 1920s’ discovery on Catalina Island of a megalithic burial complex with 6,000 years of continuous burials and over 4,000 skeletons, including a succession of kings and queens, some more than 9 feet tall–the evidence for which is hidden in the restricted-access evidence rooms at the Smithsonian.

About the Author

10 STARS!!! Amazing Book, Well Researched, Well Written: an ESSENTIAL READ

Dewhurst hit a home run with this book, one of the best I’ve read in a long time! Really good work! Dewhurst tells you how he became interested (he is very tall), and how he begins his quest to learn more, up until he subscribes to four or five newspaper archives and reads four or five centuries of articles about skeletons and cities of Giants found in North America. It becomes obvious that the first explorers of America encountered many tribes of Giants, and I’m talking 7 to 12 feet tall! The first American colonists encountered them and began finding their bones buried in mounds and cities all over the continent.

There was no dispute whatsoever that there were many cities of 10,000 and quite a few cities with 100,000 or more, and these were highly advanced. They were copper miners, and even had forges, annealing, embossing, smelting. They had textiles from Assyria and Babylon and the Phoenicians were sailing to America to buy copper and other goods from them as far back as 10,000 BC. These were Paleolithic geniuses whom the Neolithic “native” Americans either avoided, worshipped or warred with. There were massive cities of red and blond haired giants in unexpected places, and Dewhurst does a good job of showing how the landscape of America changed after the Clovis Event (a massive comet) hit America. Originally the Giants lived alongside Mastadons and Mammoths and they had Museums with Dinosaur bones!

Oh, you think this is all hodge podge? You won’t after reading HUNDREDS of newspaper articles from early American history! So what happened to all of these bones you ask? Dewhurst shows how the Smithsonian Institute was founded under very sneaky suspicious circumstances. They were the original Men-In-Black who would show up, flash their credentials and then bully the locals into handing over everything, which then gets dumped into the “Memory Hole” or, more likely, incinerated or dumped into the Atlantic ocean. How can Americans feel they have a “Manifest Destiny” if this continent belonged to Giants up to 12 feet tall or even taller… some up to 15 or 25 feet tall? Luckily for the Smithsonian, NAGPRA now allows the “natives” (who clearly originate from many other places BUT NOT HERE) to bury any Giant skeletons found and cover it all up.

If I could, I would give Dewhurst 10 stars for this book. If you are interested in the subject, START HERE. You will never look at mythology the same ever again. After reading this, you will understand that the Olympians, Titans etalia were quite real. The next question becomes, where did they come from? But Dewhurst doesn’t go there. He assiduously stays on target, only focusing on North America, and you will never see American history as being the same. Read this book and you become an ipso facto expert on the subject!

Edit #1: there is one thing that frustrated the hell out of me with this book: Dewhurst constantly got mixed up between the idea of BCE (Before Current Era) and BC (Before Christ) and he occasionally muffs up KYA (Thousand of Years Ago) too. The difference is only 2000 years is all and it makes a HUGE difference if you are trying to gather accurate information. I wasn’t surprised to find out it was another Bear and Company book, so I’m not going to solely blame Dewhurst. This gaff is also on his (a) Beta Readers, (b) Literary Agent, and (c) Bear and Company which seems to be putting out a lot of books with similar egregious errors these days.

Edit #2: If you read the negative reviews immediately you will see several trends. (a) most of the reviewers expected a comprehensive tell-all book about the entire history of giants in every corner of the world. Apparently they didn’t bother to read the title of the book “Giants who Ruled AMERICA”. (b) many reviewers want Dewhurst to solve the entire mystery of giants for them and they vigorously complain that he doesn’t do this. Which is baffling! He never pretends that the focus of his book is to present the entire gestalt all wrapped up in a big bow! (c) some reviewers want in depth forensic analysis of every detail. Dewhurst never pretends such examination is on the menu; he ONLY presents centuries of mostly small-town newspaper clippings (with some more archaic sightings of explorers like Columbus and Magellan) and lets the reader make up their own mind.

If this book actually supplied what the detractors want it would be 10,000 pages long and one can only assume that the level of angst being exhibited is due to the fact that Dewhurst hit the naysayers right where it hurts – in their atrophied brains suffering from the collective aphasia perpetrated by the Smithsonian crowd. Because if Giants existed then you lost some control over the world you thought you knew, right? Accepting the one thing opens Pandora’s Box and you now have to consider several other related concepts and that scares you. I feel sorry for them. Don’t listen for one second to the Luddites that one-star this book! SHAME ON THEM!!!!

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