In 1956, GHWB unveiled to the Cabal and the whole world — via a photography crew, portraitists and publicity stunts — that the Scorpion, his waystation in the rat line, was officially open for business

This very offshore oil platform was Zapata Off-Shore Co.’s original asset, its inauguration memorialized in this commemorative portrait, the day GHWB was given a three-foot long, ceremonial key to the rig by the inventor and industrial designer R.G. LeTourneau. 

What made the design so special was it had three, 140-foot, mechanical legs to raise and lower the platform quickly. This was ostensibly to help in petroleum exploration — its first deep sea drilling contract was for Cabal grandee Standard Oil. The next year, Zapata took delivery of The Vinagron, a much longer-legged Scorpion sister ship, and nearly a dozen more just like it over the years from LeTourneau.

Meanwhile: the whole time the Scorpion was out to sea — it was afloat for three decades, from 1956 to 1986 — the ship’s primary business was for the Cabal. 

The Scorpion was the final stop to the mainland for smuggling drugs, arms and child slaves across Cabal’s global ratlines. 

Down from its oily decks, contraband was loaded to and from any of the dozens of crew ships, supply barges and helicopters that could go unannounced and uninspected at any oil rig every, single, day.





The dramatic and criminal possibilities of a deep sea oil rig never occurred to me until I saw the Cabal’s NBC-Universal-Comcast television production of The Blacklist.


Raymond Reddington is captured in Hong Kong and handed over to the CIA. They fly him to an oil rig in the Baring Sea. In actuality, this oil rig is The Factory, a top-secret CIA prison that holds the most dangerous and ruthless prisoners in US custody.

Luther Braxton” is the ninth episode of Season 2 of The Blacklist and the thirty first episode overall. It aired on February 1, 2015 on NBC, after the Super Bowl, the first episode of the show not air on a Monday.

The CIA, which GHWB directly ran and indirectly influenced and benefited from, used oil rigs like this, for this. 

How sad and terrifying to be held captive in the basement of that thing, whether in the Baring Sea or outside Galveston. (Also, notice the fixed-wooden legs on this old wreck vs Bushy’s Scorpion, not nearly as nice!)

Pulling up this clip, I’m reminded this was a special, two-hour episode aired immediately after Cabal super production, Super Bowl XLIX, 2015, with the halftime show my certified Disney-trained-traumatized Cabal sex kitten Katy Perry. (Not particularity Satanic, nor was it panned!)

Why did they want to tell us about the oil rigs? Conspiracy much?

You tell me. Watch some more Reddington vs. Cabal Blacklist clips on the subject here and here.



The Cabal likes to announce their crimes.

On the day of his state funeral, I’ll announce some of GHWB’s:

Well, one great crime was that GHWB ran a whole fleet of giant Scorpion oil rigs that he used for drug smuggling, contraband weapons and ferrying around prisoners and human slaves. 

He was a lead operative for the Cabal his whole life, a major player killing JFK and he doxxed himself multiple times in Dallas and Bay of Pigs, like a goober. That they set up Nixon with Watergate, then replaced him with Ford and Carter. That Rockefeller called the shots, and Bush did lots of the criminal handy work.

When he got into the CIA as Director, his role was to try to dismantle the multi-trillion dollar opium ring he personally set up less than 10 years earlier, turning Vietnam into the excuse to take over the opium trade. (It got reestablished by the next guy.) And the CIA money laundering dirty banks they set up kept flopping on him, famously. He put his sons in business doing the same.

His plot to kill Reagan and assume the Presidency as VP, failed, but he persevered. He also got picked up in kiddy sex parties in the 1980s – a la Franklin Scandal – but the Cabal was able to keep that one quiet. (Til now!) Oh, yeah: Black Eagle and the Five Star Trust?

That he couldn’t win reelection. One thing he did in 1992 was dispatch the CIA enforcers, in this case, the The Tatum Chronicle‘s Chip Tatum, to go threaten Ross Perot. Told him he should pull out of the race or certain embarrassing facts about his daughter would be published in the Houston press the week before her wedding. (Perot quit, as instructed, then had regrets, rejoining race last minute.)

The Carlyle Group.

That Carter was a lackey, Clinton was his protege, W an extension, Obama was their creation…

And DJT meant the end to Poppy’s crime spree and reign of terror.




One final point on the oil rigs — in the government’s own reports on drug trafficking — and since it’s all the same ratlines for smuggling everything — it turns out that 95% is by small “vessels” that are neither seen leaving or arriving anywhere in particular.

So, nearly a totality of the contraband arrives in a luggage or a box that no one was looking for or inspected because it came and went aboard a private boat.

Now you know.

Put it on a boat, send it out to sea, have a cruiser from the Scorpion meet you, or just motor under its giant legs — thinking about it, I imagine what people describe as going up into, could think as a UFO!


Then climb on up, or watch as its Scorpion legs awake and scatters down the bay

On behalf of GHWB 

To another crime against humanity

  1. a deliberate act, typically as part of a systematic campaign, that causes human suffering or death on a large scale.



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