Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

From 007 to 2001, from Dealey Plaza to the Apollo Moon Flight, from the barrel of a Bulldog .44 to the corridors of the pyramids of Sirius; from the secret symbolism of Jack the Ripper to the public symbolism of the first atomic bomb blast, this work illuminates the crimes and command ideology of the masonic Cryptocracy, where ground zero meets the zero hour in a bestial crucible of ritual murder, human alchemy and demonic invasion.Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare takes the reader to the core of a cosmic cryptogram, a dark Oz where the ancient fables become modern memes for the psychological contagion and devastation of humanity, and where the stratagem the author terms ‘Revelation of the Method’; becomes the key to the finale of the mysteries of the ages.

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Paperback: 215 pages
Publisher: Independent History and Research (July 7, 2001)

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‘…the most challenging expose of masonic magic ever written.’ — Lloyd Miller, A-Albionic Research

‘The ultimate secret may well have been cracked by Michael Hoffman in his book, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.’ –Doug Moench, Big Book of Conspiracies

‘Downard and Hoffman, certainly the two most inspired cryptographers of our time.’ –Joan d’Arc, Paranoia magazine



Michael Hoffman is a New York native and a former reporter for the Associated Press. He studied under Faiz Abu-Jaber and Richard Funk at the State University of New York at Oswego. Hoffman is the author of nine books. His most recent is “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome” (2017). In addition, he has written the introduction to modern reprints of “The Traditions of the Jews” by Johann Andreas Eisenmenger, and “The Talmud Tested” by Alexander McCaul, D.D.

Mr. Hoffman is the executive editor of the bulletin, Revisionist History® which is published six times a year. He is married and resides in north Idaho.

Michael Hoffman writes:

The gatekeepers are determined to demonize this writer with stigmas such as “holocaust denier” and “anti-semite.” These scurrilous libels are devices for intimidating potential readers, colleagues and supporters, and limiting the exchange of knowledge between a scholar and fellow truth-seekers. My authentic views are as follows: Judaic people suffered severe and unconscionable persecution during World War II, including mass murder at the hands of the Nazis. I deplore these crimes and the criminal Nazi ideology which inspired and directed them. At the same time, it is necessary to have the courage to point out the many parallels between Nazi ideology and the Israeli Zionist ideology which is engaged in the on-going dispossession and murder of Palestinians.

Concerning “anti-semitism”: this phrase is supposed to denote racial loathing of Judaic persons, but is often employed to stigmatize those who dare to offer a narrative of Judaism which challenges the rabbinic narrative, or who dissent from the received opinion concerning Israeli actions in Palestine. Radical Judaic dissent from Talmudism and Zionism has largely been excluded from consideration. Consider that Norman Finkelstein (“Gaza-An Inquest”), and Noam Chomsky, are routinely accused of being “anti-semitic.” This pseudo-scientific phrase is employed in many cases merely in order to gain advantage over political rivals. My work is based on love and not hatred. My targets are ideologies and theologies, not people.

I will not be silenced. I have as much right to question and investigate Judaism, or any other “ism,” as anyone has to question Catholicism. Knowledge is not advanced by submitting to special immunities for one particular media-favored creed. It is not anti-Italian to point out iniquity in Renaissance or modern Catholicism; nor is it anti-Judaic to discover turpitude in the Talmudic theology. If contemporary Catholicism is a form of oppression, then it is a liberating act to free Italians from its grasp. If contemporary Orthodox Judaism is a form of oppression, then it is a liberating act to free Judaic persons – and all others – from Talmudic supremacy and tyranny.

My work transcends tribal atavisms and resentments. For example, in “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” I sought to deconstruct the command ideology of the Cryptocracy, while exploring an epistemology capable of inspiring higher consciousness by decoding the esoteric manipulation of thought patterns and the ‘group mind’ which impede our ability to transcend humanity’s perpetual squabbles and simian warfare.

In the book “They Were White and They Were Slaves” I studied anew the circumstances surrounding so-called ‘white indentured servitude’ and discovered the prevalence of a far more onerous chattel enslavement of seventeenth century whites in America, and the dehumanized status of poor whites over the next two centuries.

In “Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not,” I argue that during the Renaissance, gentile usurers gained firm purchase inside the Roman Church by scapegoating rival Judaic usurers. I also demonstrate that early Puritans, far from being the stereotypical skinflints and shylocks of legend, denounced and opposed usury, even as Renaissance Catholic popes and prelates were granting permission for it and benefiting from its proceeds.

My latest book,”The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome,” published in 2017, represents a revisionist excavation of the concealed ideology of the popes of the early modern era. For more information cf.

My non-conforming research and writing do not fit simplistic Left/Right political or denominational categories, and because I violate taboos enforced by hysterical partisans, my name and reputation have been unfairly blackened.

Those who question any significant aspect of the Establishment’s World War II “Good War” liturgy suffer the imputation of being an “irredeemable.” The subsequent delegitimizing of one’s research and writing is the penalty imposed for doubting the sacred orthodoxies of the ruling class. Political correctness is a dictatorship that disfigures and smothers nearly every truth it encounters. It ought to be defied.

Truth-seekers with the curiosity and good will to look beyond the libelous opprobrium put forth by self-appointed thought police, will encounter in my books challenges to the consensus across a broad spectrum of revisionist history and Fortean epistemology.


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Before the False Flags

“Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” by Michael A. Hoffman II is a groundbreaking master work into the machinations of the masonic secret societies. Hoffman discusses an almost, if not subliminal, language being used by the Media, Hollywood, and contained in works of fiction, especially science fiction, which he calls “Twilight Language”. Hoffman argues that the serial killings, school shootings, mass shootings, bombings, and other acts of terror are being used in an alchemical act which he calls a “Masonic Psychodrama”. These violent acts are part of the sick Hegelian synthesis designed to break the will of the people and allow a police state to be erected with little resistance. Its been eleven years since the book was published, apparently Hoffman theories have stood the test of time. Can you say TSA?

Hoffman makes many profound statements that stimulate new ideas and concepts; for example, Hoffman asserts that the cryptocrats want the truth of their crimes to be made public in such a way that it makes them look omnipotent or god-like. The reasons is it demoralizes the people into believing that resistance to the coming Neo-feudalism is futile. Hoffman provides many examples of “twilight language” at work in the following tragedies:

The JFK Assassination – I believe most of the evidence was derived from James Shelby Downard and Hoffman’s work on the JFK assassination called “King-Kill 33: On the Occult Aspects of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy” For Example, Dealey Plaza was the site of the first masonic lodge in Texas. The “three tramps” apprehended by the police in the rail yard equates to the three murderers of Hiram Abiff in masonic mythology. Dealy plaza and the other streets form a “trident” and is on the 33 degree line. Hoffman argues that Kennedy was killed in a modern day killing of the king ritual. More about this ritual can be found in James Frazer’s “The Golden Bough.” Hoffman argues that ancient man knew a scapegoat when he saw one unlike modern man who will swallow any story he is given no matter how absurd as long as it is cloaked in so called “scientific evidence.” I understand the movie “Apocalypse Now” is about the killing of the king ritual which shows that modern man no longer recognizes the obvious.

Hoffman states that sacrifice might be an integral part of the human experience and the cryptocracy realizing this and uses it to their advantage. The Catholic church knows this also and as Hoffman states they worked it into the mass in a passive or civilized way as the sacrament of the Eucharist. The Wicker Man ritual is also discussed. The association of the word “Wicker” with several famous serial killings is another example of “twilight language” at work.

Hoffman believes that the FBI is the main benefactor of the acts of terrorism and as such they are probably the main perpetrators of these crimes. Hoffman discusses the Unabomber case and the likely scenario that Ted Kaczynski was framed. Also discussed, is the Oklahoma City Bombing, how the USG had information that a bombing was in the works, but let it happen. The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing is touched on also. Anyone who has looked into this crime knows that the FBI was caught red handed, so I believe that Hoffman is on very firm ground here. Why would the FBI involve itself in these crimes? Hoffman believes the answer is in the increase in budgets, the expansion of the police state, and the decreases in individual rights. Remember the book was released prior to 9/11, before the subject of “false flag” operations gain notoriety in the mind of the public. The evidence of government involvement in terrorism is available to anyone who bothers to look.

Hoffman analyzes the Columbine Massacres in relation to the movie “The Matrix” and covers the serial killings of John Wayne Gacy and Son of Sam killings and more. Hoffman calls these “cereal killings” which sheds new light on the purpose and motives of these crimes.

Hoffman also touches on Jack Parson’s involvement in the occult and his attempt to create a Frankenstein like creature during the Trinity atomic bomb test.

Hoffman provides many convincing arguments to support what he labels the “Revelation of the Method”, which is a technique used in Psychological warfare where eventually a conspiracy becomes known. As researchers attempt to document and publicize the conspiracy, more and more people are processed into the psychological operation through their efforts thus providing a measure of the success of the operation.

There are several new books recently published about the occult and the use of numerology in the storyline scripts of false flags operations. I would strongly suggest reading “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” as an introduction to “twilight language” and the other concepts Hoffman outlines in the book. It is also helpful to study symbolism as a primer to develop “right brain” thinking to offset the “left brain” dominated thinking that is most common in our “scientific age.”

Below is a list of recommended works to follow Hoffman’s masterpiece:

The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual
Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtue
777 And Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley: Including Gematria & Sepher Sephiroth
Symbols, Sex and the Stars
The Secret Teachings of All Ages (Reader’s Edition)
The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion
The Nine (Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft, Book 1)
Sinister Forces-A Warm Gun: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft (Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft)
Sinister Forces-The Manson Secret: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft (Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft)
Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder


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