The Cabal Industrial Complex has co-opted some of the largest companies in the world — those controlled by their members — to hide their crimes.

But the best example I can give to how this works is the fictional German conglomerate Madrigal Electromotive, from TV’s Breaking Bad.

Madrigal is a giant global company that happens to also own — or is owned by — Los Pollos Hermanos, “The Chicken Brothers,” the Southwest fried chix restaurant chain, and the cover operation for America’s biggest meth lab.

The scarce ingredient in crystal meth is methylamine, a chemical with legitimate purposes only if you happen to be a giant industrial conglomerate.

So, how the scam worked was among all the chemicals that Madrigal moved around the world, they included a drum of the good stuff for drug lord Gus Fring to pass to nebbish high school chemistry teacher Walter White — aka vicious drug kingpin Heisenberg — to cook into his 99.1% pure crystal  methamphetamine that took over the American Southwest and also Prague where his Madrigal agent found a keen dance hall audience for his brightly colored blue crystals.

(Nice novelty t-shirt: “Blue Ice – gotta have it! – You’ll get hooked.. on fun!”)

So while amateur cooks can’t get the right ingredients — boiling down cases of Sudafed pills for minute traces of the stuff — the big boys use giant companies to hide their crimes.

Well, it’s the same M.O. for the sex traffickers, child rapists, sadists, Satanists and their legion of captive blackmailed minions who we call The Cabal. Once you establish “rat lines” to move merchandise around the world in secret, the potential of your piracy is unlimited!

And, with a big company, many times the community around your installations is entirely dependent on your goodwill for their livelihoods, so even more people will lie for you.

In this real life story, Mexico’s CEMEX, the giant global cement company, big donor to the Clinton Foundation, owned by the Rothschild family, Canada’s Seagram Whiskey family — the Bronfmans — and the son of a former Mexican president, all with ties to the NXIVM sex cult.

They use CEMEX to hide human shipments and — what is so chilling — to bury the bodies in cement, a la the famed “concrete shoes” of the Cosa Nostra. Oh, yeah: CEMEX is a big donor to the Clinton Foundation.

In this docudrama playing out in real time this very week, a giant industrial plot of land outside of Tuscon, AZ, owned by CEMEX, a group of veterans and patriots, looking to rescue homeless vets, stormed the area to find chain restraints, child toys, used condoms and everything else that pointed to their crimes. The site is now on lockdown — welcome to the attempted cover-up.

If they were real cops, they’d have launched an all-out hunt with the dogs and helicopters to find missing kids. Because they said – no, nothing to see here – that’s where to look!

Guess what? The whole operation is being run by the “Arizona Mafia,” a cabal of career politicians around Janet Reno, Clinton’s Attorney General, who have had the lock on Arizona for decades. And, guess who is defending the Bronfman’s in the NXIVM case being opened now in New York, the #2 of the Arizona Mafia.

You’re not going to see much of this story on the TV news — too close to the Truth — but it’s all over Twitter.


There is an upshot in this twisted tale. Old Trumpy and the gang came up with the perfect fix to end the reign of terror from Satanist billionaires — plus, pay for his wall!

Enter the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) and Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), U.S. Senate and House bills that as the FOSTA-SESTA package became law on April 11, 2018.

But we like to just call it FO$TA, and then do as in the M.I.A. song:

All I wanna do is BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM
And take your money

Because the deal is when they convict you for human trafficking — the catch-all euphemism for child sex slavery and cannibalism — they can take your fortune.

It’s not just CEMEX and other giant companies — maybe also Kate Spade & Co, Western Union, Livingston International partnered with CF? This is the M.O. that lots of NGOs operating in war zones are going to be accused of running.

Who’s to say those 30 children in your van are abandoned on the way to orphanages, or to the slave market, where they can enjoy a half-life of about two years before they’re raped to death, murdered for kicks, or even filleted alive, their blood drained while rich in cure-all adrenochrome induced by the panic induced by these savages.

The first mainstream media to tackle this whole CEMEX scandal just came out. The poor journalist, obviously writing on behalf of Tuscon City Hall, laments how hard it is to still be the information “gatekeeper” nowadays; that Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane went down there and said it looked hunky-dory; the stats work out that finding a human skeleton in the desert is a monthly thing; plus, the Pizzagate story was bunk because the shop didn’t have a basement.

He forgot to mention CEMEX.

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