The Satanic Swamp is where this all happens, but what’s amazing is that the real story has never come out.

I think it’s because we were willing to cede to them all their financial crimes and forms of economic slavery, and just get on with it.

(It was pointed out to me over nachos and hot cider that indeed our money works, we just paid for nachos and eating when we were hungry, so the whole system worked fine until now, so hurray!)

But the satanic core of what they do is so heinous and grotesque that once that comes out, Americans will rise up for the Great Purge — all the bad guys will get strung up at once, and we can turn the page.

“The Cabal” is the sex magick leadership faction and the “Deep State” are the thousands of people on government contracts working undercover for The Cabal.

The dirty secret at the top is child raping and blood sacrifice. They built and protect whole commercial networks to enable children trafficking.

Their minions grow because their high position attracts young people of great potential who they co-opt. They ensnare them in a blackmail trap engaging sordidly in the leadership’s favorite activity, then offer them the upside of “eternal life,” achieving anything they want in the world, money, fame, power.

They set you up at the top, and you’re in. But you can’t mention the blood stuff to anyone; if you, do, they will kill you.

And you can’t just walk away, either – the other requirement is attendance at all of their star-studded celebrity gala satanic orgies. Once you’re in, you’re in forever. Or, suicide.

Why you never heard of this before is because their power is so absolute they control all of the media coverage of themselves, and have since the beginning. FYI, we now have 15,500 news outlets owned by 6 companies. They set it up so no one would know their secrets… Well, here they are:

The domain we’re talking about is concentrated in the middle of the white oval.

Below is a flowchart of their evil and hidden history. A lot of this is wrong, but most of it is sickeningly correct.



Shards of the truth are sewn into all that we know, and usually only subtly incorrect to create contradictions that easily confuse. They reveal lots of the details of their nefarious plans to us via Hollywood directly, to catch the attention of people looking for it, but then they plant alternate versions of what’s supposed to happen next to confuse and frighten.

In this case, watch Reddington recount in frustration about “the plausible narrative” that was created to disguise all of those crimes in a way that Tom, Dick and Harry, USA can confidently dismiss every accusation which it contains. We’ve all been framed for their crimes.   

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