They pulled some high-math finance shit, and have been robbing us blind since the very beginning. All our wars are fake, plus the backroom deals where they’re in cahoots with our enemies – that part is left out of our history books.

But here’s a hundred books on this site that together outline their corruption. And, by the way, when they’re not busy robbing and killing us, they spend all their time planning and celebrating elaborate parties on luxurious properties around the world to hunt, rape, kill, eat and drain and drink the blood of kids.

Yup, “Satantic Ritual Abuse” is real and, as well as the women you might not have heard on the news yet who were diddled as kids by Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and Ted Turner (who owns CNN for the purpose of disguising all their crimes, hello, #fakenews), here’s another dozen books written by SRA victims who broke free of the mind control traps by which they’d been enslaved.

We’re talking, lead you down to the dark basement, get gang raped by all your uncles, neighbors, Tom Hanks, royals, presidents and Bophomet, everyone hidden behind horrifying masks, sometimes, even disguised as “aliens” — remember South Park Episode 1? Yes, they drink blood stolen via spinal tap while the kids were white with fear to increase the adrenachrome cell count.

When it’s all over, these kids emerge into the bright lights of the kitchen and everyone’s already in the backyard for potluck dinner, as normal as could be: not one person will acknowledge what just happened, so maybe it didn’t, get it? This goes on until the kids die from Leukemia from the blood theft, they join their torturers to vampire others or they just crawl up and die.

The same rat lines used to smuggle child sex slaves around the world is used by the same bad people for drug trafficking and gun running and war to support the drugs. Not local gangs, internationally organized and executed by our very own CIA. Basically, whichever country has the biggest opium crop, our armies go there to control production, full stop. That’s our foreign policy for 200 years; everyone is in on it except for me and you.

There’s a long story of how they got away with it; the money, the institutions above, controlling all media, and some of our best minds. But…. THE JIG IS UP!

Boom, the age of universal understanding – type a question into a search engine and now you know everything – meant the whisper campaign can get very loud, thanQ. The patriots in our military had been pretty pissed off about the whole thing; a full generation of warriors since the 1980s quietly worked out “The Plan” that is now freeing the world from the Cabal’s tyranny.

The poker hand with which they are pulling this off includes a high card that is both familiar with that evil world, but not of it. Really, it’s because they wouldn’t let him in — he doesn’t smoke, or drink, has his own money and was always a ladies man; nothing to blackmail him over, so they weren’t interested. Once he learned what it was all really about, of course, he went all in to win bigly. His job is to kill the #MockingbirdMedia as the leader who Tweets directly to the people. #COVFEFE – pre-Babylonian word that means “IN THE END, WE WIN.”