RING OF THE CABAL: The Secret Government of The Royal Papal Banking Cabal

“RING OF THE CABAL” breaks down the arguments like Gun Control, Climate Change, Mind Control, Transgender, Extreme Anti-Male Feminism, Dissolving Borders, Human Trafficking and the Corruption which the author believes hand in hand act as a vehicle of destruction and lead the world to an “animal farm style”, “papers please” state and enslavement of humanity.

The author challenges the conscious of people who did not admit to being aware of their non-engagement behavior in preventing crimes.

Seventy percent of reports and books are focused on one selected subject.

Eighty-five percent of the remaining thirty percent, which makes almost twenty-five percent of the whole, talk about several subjects and present too much information which is difficult to digest and appeal to ordinary people.

“RING OF THE CABAL” is one of the few books which connects all the dots and explains specifically how the “bloodline”, created, supported, financed every major crime including child trafficking and explains how Geo-political weapons and proxy armies like “partisan communism and Islamic terrorism” are tools to push the crime network.

According to Cruz: “Time of warnings and no strategy and leaving the matters to the corrupt politicians who just do the honor of standing between people and what they want is over. Instead, it is time to stop the Corrupt Cabal and put an end to the fake melodrama of being ok; because nothing is ok”.

Sticking to her strategies, she believes people don’t want a Geo-engineered world and it is the responsibility of creative brain stormers and strategists to create workshops and tell people what they should know to raise the level of their consciousness and consequently their engagement which with enough training, will result the prevention of organized crimes including child trafficking and it is the matter of now or never as the institutional crucification of free speech is progressing at God speed and if so, there will be no chance to alarm people about the systematic child trafficking which is going on for decades.

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  • Publication Date: December 12, 2017

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Few books come along to inform the public of what …

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