Q 17, MSM 0;

Q defeats MSM in 17 months, with 17 matching posts on the 2/17/2019

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Q, the 17th letter, is the military back-channel psyop that broke the mainstream media’s blockade on truth. Leaking information anonymously online for 17 months, beginning 17 years after the defining false flag of our generation, and on the 17th day of this month, yesterday, Q posted 17 proofs with time stamps and content matching the President of the United States.

All this was to beg the question, does the the White House control this op? And, if so, is what this Q guy been saying legit?

Why, because the odds that Q and Trumpy were in cahoots to get out 17 matching proofs over the 17 months is 99.9% probable — see math below. That all 17 matched in one day is so improbable that 100% isn’t even enough of a perfect score to describe it.

Q is as insider as insider gets in the Trump White House. (That they also pulled off a special edition for post #1776, with a photo with the number written out by Trumpy is otherwise also impossible.) The psyop is direct back-channel from the boss, amplified via the millions of little blue birds of Twitter.



Two days before the “17 on the 17th”, a National Emergency was declared that granted the military — the men running Q — control over the country.

Specifically, the NSA’s Associate Directorate for Security and Counterintelligence is called the ‘Q-Group’ and they were written about in 2013 for daring to chase the false whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The point of the Q operation has been to prepare the minds of those paying attention to appreciate the depths of this vast criminal enterprise for which we are all thankful to have the military at the ready to defeat this evil Cabal.

Now that the military – Q – has seized power from the other institutions of government, everyone should know that the Executive Branch is leading the plotters.

The point of Q was to prepare Americans with the background knowledge of why this de-facto military coup was in the people’s interest.


Even after removing the financial, medical and cultural control that they wield, the two fiercest arms of the Cabal has today are the Deep State lifers remain those blackmailed in government, and ultimately controlled the justice department so they didn’t get caught, and the fifth column, the mockingbird media.

The media’s power is so fierce, even in age of unlimited internet information and supposedly alternative media, the true nature of the Cabal, known to all of us, has never occurred to some 100 million Americans being spoon fed the daily mockingbird lie.

Proof of the mockingbird media’s power over us, is that even the sitting United States President couldn’t get this message out to us through any normal channel — like by saying it to a reporter in a newspaper interview — so they seeded the hive mind of the country via a viral underground campaign via social media. Like vigilantes.




To be fair, the temperature of the country because the hijinks of the Cabal are such that no would listen anyway, and who could believe a sitting president could come up with such a far-fetched tale of crime and treachery against his enemies, that any of this would make any sense.

A big part of that was that the media bosses were literally in bed with or the brothers of the previous White House.

So they let them run their impeachment games and got to work telling us what was happening via a backdoor.

Over the past 17 months, tens of millions have since looked that fear in its face and were humbled by the depths of the great lie been propagated our whole lives. If this is still new to you, rest assured, Anons knew, and the story has since been retold in threads and memes and flow charts.

Q’s campaign began gathering speed and by the halfway point, in June, with the North Korea peace talks the first scene in the move. A lot of people then began paying attention.



It wasn’t that Q taught everything we know to to everyone, but rather the obvious links to authority validated what many of us already knew.

In the 17 years before Q, in 2001, many Americans began a long, contrarian march, aided by the interent, land of online friendships and infinite information, to understand the truth of today. Q brought them together across silos of historical, musical, political, financial and cultural expertise, to coalesce around a patriot movement.

It was easy, once people woke up and began to question the motives of 17 years of continuous war.

If 5 million knew at the half way point of Q’s ministry, 25 million knew before the mid-terms election, and up to 60 million afterward. The tactical challenge was how long it would take before every knew, fully understanding that the mocking bird would harden its heart, like Pharaoh, to get to where they were going to go all-in on the #17 gimmick.


Even as the buzz became great, with Q t-shirts and bumper stickers abounding, the President of United States in videos at rallies doing “air guitar” Q, even sending back an official fan portrait signed Q+++ — because he sometimes post theses directly there himself! — the mockingbird media still wouldn’t let the people in on what there bosses didn’t want anyone to know was happening.

Rather, they all ran official denials without bothering to ask the official to confirm or the deny the story. This is the inverse of journalism.


So, after 17 months, on 2/17/19, Q begged the question with 17 otherwise unexplainable coincidences, posting as Q on an Anon message board at the same time as the President sent out tweets, which is a mathematical 99% that these random events are not random, but directly correlated.

At the next press conference, someone is going to have to ask the question:

– Mr. President, this may seem crazy, but, is there any way you can describe why an anonymous poster going by the name Q has been able to post related messages to your tweets 17 times on Sunday, that day of the 17th of February, and this, apparently, has been going on for  17 months, and, this apparently 17 years after 9-11, which, it would seem, it was now us who created that mess?

– Mr. President, the likelihood is apparently 99.999% probable, you might have something to do with this, is that right, sir? And, if you do, does that mean that whatever this guy has been droning on about regarding the heinous crimes of former patriots and the Cabal, you condoned it? And, further to that, is what this Q is saying for real?

– Mr. President, how is it that our elites are supposedly so evil, but the American people are just hearing about it now for the first time via the letter Q and the number 17 that’s been riling everyone up here for the past 17 months?

Oh yeah. Cuz we’re the mockingbird media, I almost forgot. The Cabal dictates, and we write their lies. Chirp-chip.



Our media was never about truth.

If you want real truth, go online, look for an anonymous poster calling himself Q and talking about #17.

Start reading the posts or do the research yourself, here are 100+ books to shine some light on our real history.

If you want to push the story forward, be prepared for the Cabal to lash out — false flags, deaths of innocents, anything to divert the media attention from reporting on the “17 on the 17th.”

Know the armed forces are protecting you, but be aware, the Cabal is so vicious, that’s how it’s maintained power over us for so long.

Don’t be afraid. Patriots are in control. And, today is President’s Day, a time to rejoice!

John 17:17 — “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.”



5 Thoughts on “Q 17, MSM 0”

  • Bards of War says:
    02/18/2019 at 10:41
    John 17:17 — “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.”
  • Swampy says:
    02/18/2019 at 10:43
    If you’re still worried about Mueller, you probably want to read this one from Q on 2/17:
  • Jayson says:
    02/18/2019 at 10:51
    Happy Presidents day to our POTUS
    I proudly voted for you once and will do again on the grounds of what you have accomplished and the lengths you’ve went to make our country safe. Thank you for doing what many before you should’ve but chose to sell our country out. Our family is grateful
  • m0ck says:
    02/18/2019 at 19:12
    The funny thing about those stats… The probability is based on 20 “coincidences” among all of the posts, 2700+ of them. That all 17 matched yesterday and more matches today, give ya 100.00%
    Q is real, the Cabal is toast.
  • Vicki Raines says:
    05/28/2019 at 12:57
    Thank God you guys are on our side thank you Q for all your information and for keeping us all informed of what’s going on and I hope truth and justice comes quickly and for the cabal I would really like them to be shut down for the sake of our children may God be with you and thank you

One Thought on “Q 17, MSM 0”

  • really glad to see this update…& hoping to see you back on Twitter again? miss having access to all of your great articles to share every now & then, but on a brighter note it really is “happening” out there now….thank you for all you do & God bless you & yours & the “team”.

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