Q is a group of less than 10 military intelligence officers — possibly based in the President’s Secret Service — who have been alerting patriots across America via social media and anonymous online fora of the extent of corruption here since the election. 

The government — really, the military — has been plotting revenge on the bad guys since the mid-1980s, waiting for a president who wasn’t connected to them — basically, our man Trumpy is the first since Kennedy. Because the Cabal’s American con has been on for so long, and there’s so much to understand, just telling people the whole story in shot is a lot to swallow. 

So, their approach was to link to online documents that posed uncomfortable questions about the allegiance of our elected officials and the government departments they control. Asking why this or that happened, the relevance of this piece of news or this location — and leaking more documents, live photos and other insider info to show their proximity to the new White House.

Who they relied on were the Anons — why the term became #QAnon — those nameless, faceless, online trolls that people talk about. Mostly nerds on computers in basements who were gobsmacked that with all of this information of the extent of the corruption freely available online, how could it be these elites still walk free?

Thus began their leaking of more info, combined with lots of research from public records and FOIA requests, thread-pulling and connection-building — hence, the term autists, because only an autistic savant could sort through so much dross for this gold.

They gathered to share these memes on a site called 4chan where everyone is an “Anon” because the bootleg French software was set up that way — you can’t log in. We’re all “Anonymous”.

Read this article on how these were the same dudes who really helped influence the election. The idea of meme warfare, viral jokes and the immortal Pepe the frog — all about how you need to be a loser to win here.

(If you think Pepe is a Nazi symbol, congratulations, you just swallowed propaganda — really, who doesn’t like a smiling frog, Kermit, anyone?)

Trumpy had lots of faults in business, but also, humanity, in his common touch with the street and the public snubs he endured — the man only built those golf courses because the elites wouldn’t let him in theirs. He’s actually the ultimate loser, meaning they knew he would do the right thing once they helped him get in as their circus ringmaster in chief.

Q built off their momentum after the election. Same idea of documentation and memes, just with military precision and hundreds of posts generating thousands of online summaries and engaged social media followings. Q has “weaponized” hundreds of thousands of Americans online to spread the understanding of what’s happening. It’s being called “The Great Awakening.”

To make following Q’s journey more enticing to patriots who stumbled upon a message on social media, there were elaborate time stamps and insider codes to learn, lingo and abbreviations used by the military and undercover ops, and a new subculture to discuss.

The downside were the Clowns. If the thesis is the CIA is the military wing of the Cabal – the Bad Guys – they infiltrated many of the online persona to spread disinformation to try to cripple belief in Q’s message and sew division among the disciples.

Major personalities were considered to have been co-opted or even full-on paid shills. If 90% of what they said was true, the other 10% would either be so wrong as to invalidate any thinking person’s ability to believe anything of what they said (Flat Earthers) or, that their public mea culpas (Sandy Hook) could persuade others to admit they were wrong about the whole saga. The whole concept of namecalling someone a “conspiracy theorist” came from these very same bad guys as a way to cast doubt on anyone questioning the official conclusion certified by board of important people who are all their friends and in on the scam.

Shills will shill. True patriots fought their BS, working all hours on Twitter, especially, to help spread the word. New communities were built, conference calls for planning meetings about the next week’s meme theme, all brought thousands of people together to support Q.

The Q Train was a way to post copies of these messages with the handles of dozens of fellow patriots to help get a message moving and allow others to grow their followings.

Making it more difficult was the “shadowbanning” – when Twitter would limit other users from seeing your retweets and limiting the reach of your posts, or when Google would drop websites from the top pages of search. It worked, sort of, but if you are reading this now, then the truth is out!

One of the final posts Q before the start of “The Storm” — it’s an upside down gun, is the clue to the coup de gras.

For ten days, Q was quiet, but a new voice emerged @EyeTheSpy, an anonymous NSA intelligence tech who said, on his own account, he felt like joining Twitter to answer direct Q&A about the secrets to which he was privy.

His direct, and profanity-laced answers, endeared him to many in their shared hatred of The Cabal, frustrated with the slow-pace of The Plan — many people have been calling in vein for the end to the evil doers for many years and even decades. They enamored of his quick response to doxxing clowns and harassing lying elite.

In two weeks, his account grew to 24,000 followers.

As Trumpy started his day with Kim, this voice changes his avatar, background and name and becomes Cheshire Cat. In the “Alice in Wonderland” allusions running through Q posts — we’re talking about the White Rabbit as Julian Assange and Wonderland both this alternate reality where every politician, billionaire and celebrity is part of a secret death cult that controls the world.

But who is the Cheshire Car? How dare this guy throw another character at us out of the blue? And who changes nome de guerre in the middle of the war?

(But, wait? Who is this anonymous NSA guy, really? Is this CIA? Is this Snowden behind the curtain? Is this Assange? Not knowing makes you want to know more!)

Maybe it’s the same guy changing costumes for the second act of our middle school play? I hoped so, as I liked the techie spy f*ckwit, his term for argumentative trolls.

My favorite thing were “concern trolls” — who start like this, “Why Spy I do agree wholeheartedly with your bravery and service, but I’m concerned your missing” the point of view of some X Y Z disinfo, disinfo, disinfo…” Then he would say “lop off their heads” and block them. I personally like having idiots come at me — I like to see the wholes in their arguments, but I ignore and pump out more infuriating stuff!

All good things come to an end – after three weeks, NSA guy had gone from EyeTheSpy to CheshireCat to NKSummit and back again before going on about Lucifer and alien planets, and, poof, his account was gone.

Everyone could be pretend. He came back and said he was hacked and was sorry for pinning all the BOOMS in the first week of The Storm when it looks it’s finally coming down hard a month.

I dunno. All the skulduggery gets a bit tiring, but the effort is worth it. By now hundreds of thousands have had access to original documents and were able to research their connections on their own to come to the conclusion that we’re sharing here.

The backbone of a totally new version of history was passed to the public, arming teachers to help their neighbors with historical facts and insider info laid out in these posts by Q.



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