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Q Proof = Signs and Wonders – Paul McCartney is 3 = Dead, Alice in Wonderland and the New Jesus – Noah’s Ark is Real – All Is Revealed – Hidden by Satanic Illuminati Corporatist Globalist Commies – Beatles vs. Rolling Stones = False Duality Satanic Psyop


Q is NSA – Assange Trip Code Confirms – Snowden is Clown Scam – UK Cut Assange Embassy Comms – John Kerry Medieval  Pirate – John Podesta Child Rapist – “#pizzagate is real”

Daniel 6:27

“He delivers and rescues and performs signs and wonders In heaven and on earth, Who has also delivered Daniel from the power of the lions.”

Mark 16:20

“And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them, and confirmed the word by the signs that followed.”

Acts 2:43

“Everyone kept feeling a sense of awe; and many wonders and signs were taking place through the apostles.”

Index of miracles, signs and wonders …         67 signs and wonders from the Bible



The test for a prophet is for what he says to be true. There’s extra points for when the Good Word is accompanied by Signs and Wonders.

Matching tripcodes link Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to the NSA to Q codes. The connection, itself, resolves unanswered political questions about what’s happening now in Washington. The Q codes link via Google Books to a reading list compiled to illuminate and to send a message.

Realize, of what might be considered an unlimited number of published books in the world — actually, 129,864,800 according to Google, 12 million scanned by 2010, 25 million scanned by 2015, originally planning to have all of them scanned – theoretically – by 2020 — the two decoded posts refer to a very curated reading list, just 20 books.

Read them fully for their insight, but the subject matter and their gists should be enough to get the point across.

This is the message they had in mind in 2016 for us to decode for the world today:

The first set, named for John Kerry, includes the two political books – on the US Flag (for patriots) and on Snowden (deep-stater) – these are also all that are in the other two posts from Assange written about in the prior post. Then it has three books we could group around medieval European history, a biography of a science fiction pervert, a book of short stories around the mindset of friendly aliens, and a magical sign and wonder that “really ties the room together.” More to come.

The second set, named for John Podesta, with 12 books, has seven we can group around the euphemistically sickening “crimes against children.”  The next two are on what I’d call “modern international military” — theory of military violence and the Cabal in 1990s Russia — and two more, about getting into the minds of the Cabal Bigs — all about the Bronfmans (book, King of the Castle, in the US edition, actually, Rothschilds of the New World, per the original Canadian cover) plus how 9-11 was the Cabal death ritual on grand scale. Plus, one sign and wonder…

Praise the Lord, let’s start there!



Noah’s Ark is real, as big as an aircraft carrier, still exists to this day, in petrified wood, 4,800 years old, conserved 13,000 ft (or 2.5 miles up), along with fossilized sea shells, atop of Mt. Ararat, in Armenia, exactly where it’s been known to be since antiquity.

That is, until 1852, this is a few years before Darwin, when some Cabal scientists climbed the mountain and threw a satanic fit when they saw it was all true. Every last detail as written, lots of different rooms, dowels for cages, a ginormous wooden boat covered in pitch.

One of the original Cabal scientists and the local guide, in the 1910s, confessed to it separately on their deathbeds, but everyone else who ever talked about it was killed or shut down, minus the odd Biblical scholar or conspiracy theorist you could ridicule or ignore.

Until now. Truth is out.

What’s also so cool, the book is written by an unknown Navy man who works at a supermarket deli, surmounting personal troubles and abuse to write several insightful books – very easy to read – all about religion for people today.

His book is really about the redemptive power of the Story of Jonah, read it, it’s excellent — for our Jewish friends, this is all on day one of Yom Kippur. With all the rain we just had, his description of separation of the Heavens and the Earth and the firmament should bring it all home. (Wow, definitely worth the $0.99 on Kindle.)

Bible is true.

The Cabal is toast.


The next big reveal is Paul McCartney, for three points: Paul is… Dead, Alice in Wonderland, and the New Jesus.

The rest of that story below, but the important political historical part about it — it’s actually the entirely secondary aspect of the book — the Beatles were a Satanic Cabal construct; their dualistic battle with the Rolling Stones was also constructed, the Stones visibly Satanic, the Beatles on the down-low.

All the Brit pop bands were part of this; every group had to a kill a founding member as part of their Satanic compact. The Monterey Pop Festival was so fly because the entire audience was given LSD paid for by the CIA as part of a mass MK-Ultra experiment.

All this created by Britain’s EMI, the old military technology Cabal company that also had patents in wireless transmission, get it, so the music was just “some content” that once they saw was addicting to teenagers and useful for spreading mind control over the airwaves. The reason “the suits” were successful in music was because of their international network; all the standard Freemason members up to the 33rd level happily partnered with them in business, the 12 levels of Illuminati, Cabal Bigs, set the agenda, and the 20 levels on top of that are just for Cabal C-Suite and their ultimate board of directors.

Yes, the book — in two pages missing from what’s published online, and missing from what you can order for Kindle, but existing in the print edition which C0RRUPTI0N HQ is expecting to arrive from our good friends at Amazon Prime at some point this afternoon, explains the Cabal thinking behind 9-11 and lots of other sad confirmations that you are only going to believe because it’s Paul McCartney telling you all this personally (though, for legal reasons, it’s not him telling you this at all.)


Anyway, the guys in the band just wanted to be famous, and, after that, to make money. Paul and John really thought they owed it to themselves to do everything they could to get big, so they sort of jokingly made a deal with the devil. Fifteen months later, Paul was ruined by daily visions of his own death, sought Satanic counsel from the guy named Anger (nom de guerre) who was the #2 to Satanic Kingpin Allistair Crowley (on the album cover), and was told he had 15 months to live.

He pushed out all his music, did a tour and, yes, did a “American Idol” for a look-alike. Couldn’t find one, but the Cabal had one, bloodline of a good Freemason family, session musician who was great and sounding like anyone. Also, white guy from Britain, brown hair, that would be the end of the real physical similarities — height, personality, mindset, etc. all different — but quickly respected because he did a better job on the albums than the original Paul.

The original Paul actually replaced another dead guy named Stu.

Paul died in a car crash in 1966 — September 11 — probably it was an accident because he was a ladies man and was supremely distracting to the girl behind the wheel. The details here are tremendous, read the book.

Meanwhile, New Paul (some people call him Faul, for Fake Paul or Billy, his real name) has an amazing existential question, as he’s like “Don Draper” in Mad Men, stuck in somebody else’s life, literally, walking in a dead man’s shoes. Curiously, having the “wrong” DNA gets “Paul” out of old palimony suits, but also ruins his life with his own non-Paul family.

In the beginning, at least, the new guy was having a laugh, being rich and all, by still moonlighting on music gigs under his old name or different personas. Part of the reason he (“the narrator”) says he got the job was because as a session musician, you would often be named on the album with the “right” sounding name to add to whatever mystique the band was pushing. Just another ghostwriter, willing to do whatever they ask for to get the gig.


He’s Alice in Wonderland because of all the symbolism; they all love the Four Horseman, all the literary stuff they throw in on purpose, including the words recorded backwards — this started out because they would make musical harmonies that way, but they liked their coded Satanic messages, and their bosses love it.

Before first Paul goes, they work up elaborate allusions, boost the character of Paul, create a whole narrative to run with from the Sgt Pepper album onward.

You can read all about that – and the music part is in all the book versions, but get the full memoir, not the Kindle version, and a special version that’s just the acrostic — kind of amazing how the text has three or four bold words that are a running summary of the story — love the merchandising! The print copy has all the occult stuff you want to see.

Why Alice in Wonderland is also so relevant is because that character — living on the flipside in a fairy tail is how Billy feels in the book.  — is also tied into mysterious photos we’re assuming are coming from Assange, but who knows for sure.

Despite these and other obscure references, some people were also ready to give up on the Alice allusions online as a red herring of the Deep State.  They confuse us all in the disinfo war, it can get so murky.

Assange has the white hair and acts like the Rabbit in the fairy tale, but photos shared by an anonymous handle  with new memes — sorry, only screengrabbed the bunny, missed the Alice — while people posited were actually drawn recently by Assange. Or was this Deep State?


Meanwhile, Guccifer 3.0 — Guccifer 2.0 was involved with unveiling the Seth Rich details — was sharing pictures and proof shots via DM that he either was Assange or closely affiliated in 2012 Brussels, enough to have an “original” internal meeting photo, maybe a lawyer for the defense?

What is really going on behind so much skulduggery?

Speculation here: Assange is the White Rabbit, McCartney is Alice in Wonderland, they both are part of Q.

Boom – Boom – Boom.

Soon, and in Our Days! Hallelujah!



New Paul as Jesus — also referred to but not entirely explained in the digital editions. The point of it is, with his command of what the Cabal has done to us, and, not being too involved in the Satanic elements, because that deal had been made before he joined the band, and he just ran with it, Paul can tell us about what we’ve lost to them, combined with all he’s learned from the charmed life, meditation and the odd predicament he’s been in all these years to teach humility and being in harmony.

All of his lessons are in the songs, like Let it Be, believing in the Universe, go along with the river’s current, you’ll get to where you’re supposed to go. Beatles fans will also love the exegesis (no pun intended) learning that all their love songs were really odes pining away for original Paul, or the crises his death brought to their inner turmoil, and they just changed some names or made the hes into shes to turn into romantic ballads for us to dance to. Also, music fans will love Mick Jagger, who was close buddies with Original Paul tormenting New Paul, trying to break his cover with Original Paul details, which, of course, our man knows cold…

This new take on religion, kindness, meditation, living in harmony, etc., all brought to you by the sweet voice of Paul McCartney – (oh, who says the original had crap vocals, always singing from his nose rather than the diaphragm like the trained pros who takes credit from turning the troupe into a productive, profitable music enterprise, followed by the huge solo career.)

I digress. For our purposes, at this point, the takeaway is that of all the 130 million books out there, these guys with their tripcodes wanted to let you in on this secret, to open your eyes via a guide you trust (and have been signing along to for decades) and prepare for all the other weird shit you’re about to know!



(Also, the guy who actually wrote book, the session musician’s ghostwriter, you never heard of him, 72 Twitter followers, but he’s written a bunch more books on getting into the minds of prophets, lots to read and learn!)



One more, because I want to publish this thing and get on with it.


Most of the books are free to read, or have enough pages online to get the gist. This book, as of today, is still print only, the old Brit who wrote it didn’t have PayPal, as of this afternoon, sent me a .WPS file, which is now PDF, a first time for him, and maybe his sons might help him get the old chap online before everyone and his mother sends him pound sterling checks in the mail to see what the hub bub is all about.

We’ve written about this theme before, that we’re talking friendly Pleiadians here, natural aliens, giant quartz crystals, tying back into how Nikolai Tesla understood electricity and what that promises for the future. (There was one guy online who seemed to represent them forcefully and poetically about all this, but he was doxxed and disappeared, but there’s lots out there, just open a book.)

From first glances at this book of short stories — Crimes to Come — yes, the title got me excited for some anti-Cabal screeds — seems to be about getting into the minds of these quirky aliens and seeing what they’re all about when they come to our planet.

Why include this book over the many others — either, the boys just like the title and jumped with it — I kinda don’t think so — or there’s something to what he’s got here.

More to come, lemme finish reading. I owe him $10 for it. Expect an update here in a few hours from first post.



The rest of the titles are self-explanatory, lots of coinciding info are in the articles on this site, or in the 100+ book reviews online here. I’ll look into the Kerry pirate books a bit more and report back — but we already know he’s a selfish Commie tool, suffers the Illuminati pedovore black eyes and his family’s Brahmin fortune traces back to America’s opium barons, Skull + Bones, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. (Gonna publish the long historical article on opium next…)



So, let’s finish it up here with some final words on the Satanists, the Cabal’s numerology and 9-11, for the uninitiated.

We’re publishing this on 9/27/18, all divisible by 9, apparently this is a huge day for these sickos.

Today is also a big day in the DC political feud, what with Supreme Court testimonies and other hysterics to run out the clock.

If these decoded posts help drive the nail into their evil coffins, and it’s coming out on an otherwise most auspicious day for them, good.

New Paul has lots on their numbers — 9/11/66 was when Original Paul died — and he’s presenting it all in a very dispassionate way, as he’s not really interested in the whole Satanic thing, just the music and keeping the gig going. The first edition of his book came out on 9/9/9 — it was also an important day for me. Paul McCartney says the gist with Satanism is you spend your time doing what you hate, instead of what you love — everything for them revolves around hate and doing evil — so that was what I consciously-subconsciously, and, for some reason, I could have done it any other day, but I really wanted and chose that one. What a nightmare… Anyway, second edition of his book just came out, 9/9/18. He has two more pages on 9/11/01 that I’ve yet to read, but hopefully can add info on later this afternoon when I get the dead trees.

Lots of people online familiar with their twisted minds have this diagram, and you can see how what they have is the pagan calendar, all its Equinoxes and feast days since dovetailed into Christianity, you can see how controlling time is made them very powerful over us. Everything we do is on their schedule.


Guess what? 9/11/66 is also when the Twin Towers break ground or construction began, according to legend, though it’s officially been recorded as 8/5/66. 9/11/01 is when the very same people who built it knocked it down. The Twin Towers are the recreation of Solomon’s Temple, actually WTC-7, former home of Salamon Brothers investment banksters. The towers, themselves, are the columns of King Solomon’s Temple Boaz and Jacinth, here David and Nelson, the Rockefeller brothers.

David controlled all the trust funds of the elite, with the Carnegie and Ford Endowments what they used to sponsor all their disinformation and controlled-opposition media, and the Council on Foreign Relations, how they set the agenda for what the intellectuals are supposed to think, and that comes out as policy papers and what the mockingbird media squawks about. They also did the American Medical Association, the deal was no more holistic cures, we want every consult ending in a prescription for either opium or something using refined oil, petroleum jelly, and, specifically, to never cure us, just keep us all sick to make them money.

Still gotta publish the long historical articles on all their crimes, all this… the opium, first, then those… but you’ll also see in these books, including this story, how David also directly controls Russia, Cabal always did, and they talked about parts of it publicly even during stretches of the 1960s and 1970s and it was in the newspapers in the 1920s — I pulled the microfilm. Because our context was always wrong, and their false choices mindboggled us and the media repeated it. The back story on everything we think we know is totally wrong, and they did it to us on purpose.

Basically, Russia was a way to sell old models and second-hand factory parts to our secretly-controlled third-world colony. It’s for making money and so as the USA always has a bogeyman to justify all the arms we sell ourselves, plus everywhere else we keep at war so as to hide the drugs business and keep their industry going.

Where David controlled the money and built the buildings, Nelson played in the White House. Indeed, the original JDR had the White House on the very stock certificates of Standard Oil.

Fact: it was Nelson’s guiding hand that killed our political leaders, for all the reasons you know, plus Nelson didn’t want to have to face off against anyone too charismatic. Stop looking at LBJ as the capo – this is the fake news – it was all Nelson from the shadows the whole time, pulling their strings.

As they built the WTC in their image, they also brought it down and the whole redesign of version 2 is them, too.

If this is your first facing of this truth, don’t get caught up in the weeds of whether its was thermite explosives, drones, missiles or laser beams, the melting point of steel or any other arcane point of argument to get your eye off the ball.

Look at the big picture. The Cabal are the same bad dudes who have been running the show for centuries or millennia, hiding truth from us, and 9-11 was their giant massive Satanic ritual, exactly as that book of the same name as listed via the tripcodes describes.

Also, all the false flag terror before and since. To win political advantage, to delight in unnatural death of the blameless and to generate fear among all of us, and, specifically, all of the children they terrorize before gorging on their blood for Satanic thrills and long life — David R. got to 101, went out in Spring Equinox last year.


Another bright spot of this is that the religious war, the “Muslim terrorists” around the world, all that is part of the show to distract from the Cabal pulling the strings.

If you’re still mad at New York taxi drivers with turbans named Osama, good news, that’s all misplaced fear they created, we can leave it behind now.

The “Osama” we know was a construct our CIA agent created, and he apparently died of kidney failure in 2000, anyway, not by Seal Team 6, all of whom 187 to keep their secret safe. Those box cutter terrorists on board were just decoys we set up as patsies — how could any of that have happened, who had a cellphone in 2001 that got a signal in mid-flight — no one today, either. Hello, Oswald. (Everyone who has been following Q knows it was McStain who was running ISIS to sew chaos, sell more guns, and protect the rat lines for the opium and the child sex slaves.)

Also, that means, the whole global Muslim migration phenomenon that crippled Europe has just been a tool for them to get us where they wanted us — internally divided, weak with unemployment, more dependent on the state every day, the state more dependent on credit, the credit generating a bigger interest payment for them, all spoils to those who control all, the very few of them against the will of all of us very many. But nothing about Allah.

This is all on those vile Globalist Commie Satanist Monsters who’ve plagued us since the beginning, and possibly even back to the lost tribe of Biblical rapists, tricksters and bloodsuckers called the Hivvites or even further back to the Egyptian death cults.

We’re on to you. The jig is up.


The whole Cabal is to blame, but, if you want, you can blame a New Yorker, in fact, a pair of New York brothers, same ones who donated the land under the United Nations, built the MoMA to form opinion and corrupt the artists, run our TV shows out of Rockefeller Center, et cetera, et cetera.

They did it to us. If you lost a firefighter, blame them. A family member, take it out on them. You got cancer from the asbestos dust, it was these guys and all their Cabal henchmen, white collar criminals and Satanic savages, worshipers of Moloch, this is thine enemy.


The miracle is the reins of government are firmly in control by King Cyrus aka King Josiah aka this is for real. All the chaos is distraction, the strongest army in the world is at the ready, the bad guys are purged, just the figureheads remain, and all their dirty, personal, closeted, sick secrets are going mainstream and the people are going to be really mad when they find this all out via what’s exposed by these tripcodes. This is the whole point of Q.

It is time for The Redemption; let us all rise to welcome The Great Awakening, recognize the Eternal Truth, all hail the Master of the Universe.

What God says to Noah about the Cabal (on the 27th day!!! of the second month) when it was safe to leave the ark:

“Never again will I curse the ground because of humans, even though every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood. And never again will I destroy all living creatures, as I have done.

“Whoever sheds human blood, by humans shall their blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made mankind.


Plus, praise Sir Paul; let’s hear what he’s going to sing next!

His book has lyrics to tons of new songs, apparently written by Billy not New Paul (or Original Paul), but we’ll probably have to wait til he/them’s out from under the Cabal’s thumb before we hear the new stuff at Madison Square Garden or in the middle of Grand Central Station where he performed unannounced the other day, and made the trains stop! — just kidding.

Paul’s show was 9/8/18 — Egypt (!!!) Station is the album — Billy’s second edition of the book came out on the next day, 9/9/18.

Today is 9/27/18. Nearly time for the October Surprise.

Fireworks. Soon. Hallelujah.

(Friends… notice the drum kit. How is it that Egypt Station, train in the tunnel, looks so much like the logo below? Listen to the lyrics — lots about Lucifer. Wake up.)

Links to the tripcodes via Google Books:



New documentary about Noah’s Ark, flyover starts half-way in.

(3,694 YT views currently, let’s see all humanity whose eyes flicker under false Illuminati movie magick, come check this out for a new frame of reference.)

Partial screenshots below – here for display purposes only –

Go to the original sources, that’s the point of the exercise. Read the books. Read Q. Knowledge is Power.



12 Thoughts on “Q Proof = Signs and Wonders – Paul McCartney is 3 = Dead, Alice in Wonderland and the New Jesus – Beatles vs. Rolling Stones = False Duality Satanic Psyop —- Noah’s Ark is Real – All Is Revealed”

  • Brilliant!!! The Paul stuff’s new to me although I’d heard he died previously somewhere in all my studies! I’ve known about the ark for a few years now a great documentary can’t remember for the life of me tho

  • I had been crushing on Paul for several years, and was 12 years old when Sgt. Pepper was released. I told people that Paul didn’t ‘look right’. There were some songs that I said that Paul didn’t ‘sound right’. Then a year or so later Paul is dead started. I was consumed by it for a while. Forgot about it until 3 or 4 yrs ago and really started digging, thanks to the internet. I truly believe that Paul was replaced. There is a compelling article about 2 Italian forensic pathologists who set out to prove that Paul is still James Paul McCartney. They used photos to examine facial structures. They ended up concluding that Paul and ‘Faul’ are 2 different people.

  • i have to disagee with the Paul aspects of this post. Paul was a twin as is often tge case in these psyops. He was repkaced by his twin in 1966. Both twins were used up until the late 1990s. Check out PeiceofMidful blog for an update on this. be sure to read the comments too. Lots of info in the whole blog.
    your site is amazing. check out aim4truth for some insight on Q. it may change soe of your thinking.

  • as a fellow reader, it is a delight to see you reference some books I have also read. I agree with you about MMathis being Tavistck but don’t throw the baby out with bathwater. I have checked a lot of his claims and some of them don’t hold up. However so much has been true that I read it but i am giving it a side eye the whole time. I am 100 percent behind your calling the Miles committee out on their constant po pooing of Satanism. I find it very nteresting what subjects they tackle and what they leave alone. That to me is the most telling. I think there is something to the JFK psyop. Check out JFKTV book by Tyler. You can get it on POM .by reading both JFKTV and Miles’ version there is a lot of truth in each and the distraction and industry built up by the psyop as well as all the folks with their time and emotional investments in the psyop means there is little chance that people will be convinced otherwise. I have come around to the thinking that it didn’t happen.
    yours is one of the few sites that is giving a big picture overview of what’s going on . People will not connect the dots and the truth is too scary for them to face. If you don’t know about the site you should take a look. Geopolitical strategies and the moves that every nation will make is laid out and is usually correct.
    Please do the Hunter S Thompson article.I am trying to figure it out. I know Paul B from the Franklin NE abuse case testified that Hunter filmed him and another dude having sex and killing a boy. He may have helped Johnny Depp with the disapperance of Johnny’s partner in the Viper room too. Definitely up to no good .

    again your site is great and I am learning a lot. Thanks

    • Right on! I am doubly excited to see your comment because all of these I’ve had to approve manually and you are now going right to the page on auto — love it!

      The thing with Miles is as you say. Thinking they have all the Tavistock-CIA files, so lots of evidence is real, but the conclusions and implications they draw, often because of one piece of false evidence, are false. His MLK stuff very eye-opening, as is his treatment of John Lennon, who they say is alive in Toronto making documentaries about an unknown singer who happens to sound and looks a lot like an older John Lennon.

      You hit the nail on the head with connecting the dots and the view from 30,000 ft — exactly the idea here.

      For upcoming stories — why not, I’ll tell you.

      Sitting on a gordo that we’ll cross-post at about a certain somebody in Cabal media, just need to double-check again and again because that’s a very accurate site dealing with known and alive people, takes extra concentration to hit 100%. Been drowning in this one for weeks.

      Next is going to be the logical conclusion of what we started with Saturn, but way more compelling and terrifying, plus something new, special and separate dealing with that ugly issue and truth — lots more to come.

      Also Gold II — that story is actually missing the penultimate chapter — where the money went, how it got out of the Nugan Hands — I found it, and you’ll want to know where. Maybe also a Babylon II, but not right away — lots skipped in jumping over the Babylonian Exile that people online are asking lots about — eventually.

      Big one missing here is the Rockefellers — have it all, but kinda lazy to retell it. Hoping for that special piece of new info that really ties the room together — I did find one string no one’s ever pulled, live Rockefeller doing the dirty deed to this day, under our noses. What follows that logically is the Fed — lots of people have done a nice job on this — maybe just as easy now to drop in an exceptional Twitter thread on the subject — important to understand fully the how and why, so people grasp what’s afoot. If so, I’ll do those same time.

      Then, my friend, we get to the juicy bits. Patron saint of journalists, HST, you’re on the path, as that is the evidence, but missing the context, so the conclusion people drawing is wrong. Gonna come out (cuz I’m writing it) that he was one of the good guys, obviously. Tho, the extent of the Depp corruption and their friendship definitely clouds him, though fair to say, it could just have been a friendship based on working hard to make the movie in the 1990s. Short of it though, HST was whacked by the Cabal. Lots of evidence, no one’s ever mentioned. You’ll read it here first.

      Thanks for sticking with us. Gonna be a great ride!

  • “The miracle is the reins of government are firmly in control by King Cyrus aka King Josiah aka this is for real. ”
    I know who this is! Biblical prophecy, even in the Koran too. He’s here. It is a miracle to have a leader with such integrity have such worldly power. i can’t wait to see more recognize it, follow the example, and have peace on earth. I am so elated to see this. Every word he says, it is so clear it is coming from God. I thank Him every day for sending us such a beautiful soul to lead us. Pity I can’t even mention his name for the entire western world has been so programmed to think he is the boogeyman. Woe unto them who call good evil, and evil good.

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