“Conspiracy theory: British imperial history, in its entirety, is the result of a dark and ancient plot on the part of the poppies; a Papaveraceaen pact ranged against humanity.

“For centuries they schemed in their hedgerows and pastures, dreaming up strange and cruel ideas in those ugly flaring heads of theirs, communicating their vegetable conspiracies through codes carried on unwitting bees (while the rest of us just innocently assumed them to be having sex), until the time came to strike.

“Wherever empire goes, poppies seem to follow: maybe we’ve got it the wrong way round. Our ruling classes have had their alliance with these plants for a long time now; in a state of opiate suggestion, it’s very possible that the flowers could do whatever they wanted with them.



“The poppies wanted China: we took them there, and forced millions into somniferous slavery. The poppies wanted to grow undisturbed, and our artillery obediently churned up the fields of Europe for them. Even this century they’ve reclaimed Afghanistan with British helicopter support.

“Now the poppies, and their puppeted politicians, are so sure of their angiospermic power over us that they can demand we peons each wear their plastic sigil every November, to remind us who we belong to….”

“This post is dedicated to the memory of those 10,000 soldiers who were killed in the six hours between the signing of the Armistice and its taking effect 99 years ago, who gave their lives so that schoolchildren could easily learn that the war ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.”

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One Thought on “The Poppy Conspiracy”

  • Ain’t that the truth, Ruth… All this time, it wasn’t the Cabal or the Deep State, but the damn poppies that have done us in… Off with their heads!

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