This is where the story really got me.

Everyone on the planet who was alive in 1963 remembers where they were when they learned JFK had been shot. I have yet to meet even one person who couldn’t remember, not one.

So, when this elder statesman of our nation is giving an impromptu video interview, and while discussing all sorts of matters intelligibly, suddenly has no recollection of where he was that day…

I get worried.

Russ Baker wrote a book about this question Family of Secrets — it was old square-glasses Bush all along — go figure.

It’s not conjecture, but ugly facts — just look at the documents:


This newspaper ad that makes it pretty clear that GHWB would be speaking at the Sheraton Dallas the night before 11-22-1963, so, they knew where he was, in Dallas when it happened. So, there’s that… ugh.

His frenemy J. Edgar Hoover set him up for a doozey because hidden in papers that were getting released early were two official documents regarding GHWB that very same day.


Apparently, Bush actually called the FBI, got in the record that he was at a place a few hours away from Dallas for a political event, and that he definitely know who did it, he had heard — a local town nutjob — who had nothing to do with anything — was the most likely assassin. (How he got to that place that afternoon was in his own private plane and that pilot would grow up to be none other than Barry Seal, America’s favorite narco-aviator, who was ultimately killed by GHWB.) So, there’s that…


Then, he apparently hung up and called the CIA and said he knew who definitely didn’t do it — that would be the Cuban-American Bay of Pigs hit-squad gang — they definitely had nothing to do with this! And when they took the message and wrote down who it was from they put, George Bush, CIA Director in Charge of Cuban America Task Force. So, then there’s that, too.


What’s just as hilarious is there’s also a photo of a tall, receding hairline man with his foot up against the Book Depository, standing there whistling Dixie. Now we know the “other tramps” were all CIA plants working the area in Dallas. There was also a report that a man fitting GHWB’s description was arrested in the original sweep of the area, then released without being booked or charged.


Of course, he also named the CIA Bay of Pigs op after his cover business, Zapata, and the gunboat, just like two of his Air Force planes in WWII, the Barbara, after his wife.

(Yikes, but oh, how his spycraft would improve over the years…)

Watergate was more likely rescuing certain papers from the safe that tied GHWB to the job or to the overall blackmail operation — and the names of the pedos — that he inherited from Hoover’s files. The situation also changes once you realize Nixon only ever had one financial patron – Prescott Bush. That Watergate was to eliminate the papers they may have had. Then to eliminate Nixon and get their better programmed drones in for the top jobs.

America then gets really ugly. With JFK blown away, the crime wave goes on from 1963 until Jan 20, 2017.

The paper trail is long, there is so much evidence the American people deserve to see.

All in plain sight. So many crimes.






“Read my lips…” (MK Ultra mind control technique.)


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