“It’s the economy, stupid,” is an old line.

Turns out, that’s true, but now we can be more specific: it’s the gold, the human trafficking and the opium.

The stupid is us.

The gold will be covered in full in the next story on the Federal Reserve. The human trafficking is the crime-before-the-crime, from the prior Crimes Against Children article, and you’ll sadly learn more about that in the gold story. Most important to remember here, the same “rat lines” enabled by the stolen gold, utilized for smuggling sex slaves, running guns around the world, are mostly for moving the drugs. It’s all one big racket.

This is the story of the opium.

For the big answer to what’s behind our eternal wars in far off places and how our population has been put to sleep:

It’s the opium, stupid.

Fighting Pashtuns and warlords in Afghanistan and Burmese farmers and Colombian narcotraficantes and the “War Against Drugs” is the cover story. The real deal about the Opium is it’s been the establishment whose always run it, the drug dealers we arrest are just the delivery boys.

There’s an alternate history that you don’t know — they’ve made sure of that.

In fact, for 2,500 years the power behind the drugs was actually just one family. Fast forward to the 1800s, when the British East India Company got into opium trading in China – resulting in 150 years of addiction, tens of millions of lives ruined, the entire Chinese court was laid to waste by the stuff. It turns out the British East India Company was the institutional cover for that one guy, the world’s supplier.

Meanwhile, all your favorite American Brahman families from the 1800s — the Astors, the Forbes, the Delanos, the Russells — all those people with dorms named after them at Harvard and Yale (and Wesleyan’s Honors College, former mansion of the first Mr. Russell!) The brass plaques outside those hallowed halls, where you were told they made their money through “Far East trading,” covered up the fact they got it from the opium. Then, all that went into funding the American railroads and buying up big city real estate, so it came out clean, their empires consolidated.

With the collapse of the British Empire after WWII, who took over the global opium trade was none other than us. Not American traffickers or the old families, but the Cabal via the American government.

It’s been the stolen gold, the human trafficking, and the opium that’s funded the American Deep State since inception. All this money is not billions, but trillions. Internal wars are fought over the interest payments from these secret deposits.

And, as we’ll show in the gold story, and outline below, this is the money the Cabal used to backstop the failing banks — how the 2009 global “financial crisis” was a laundering operation for $15 trillion of stolen money to enter the system from the secret accounts.

If that’s a lot to swallow, how do think Teddy Kennedy felt when he received the following report from the FBI in 1989?

This is the 25 pages you need to read — assembled from 15 years of secret files from the Department of Defense, the Army, Navy, Marines, the CIA, and it’s precursor, the OSS  — to confirm your very worst nightmares.

The good patriots leave out the human trafficking and the global “Illuminati” vision that inspires this crew, but their case is airtight as to who controls the global drug business, how they did it and who are the players still sitting on all the stolen gold.

Who are these criminals? We are.

By we, I mean GHWB, “Poppy” Bush, the worldwide opium kingpin for two generations now.

Every American invasion, military occupation, saber-rattling banana republic dictatorship sponsorship, was about running his drugs.

Don’t be fooled: they let us believe it was just small scale, some rogue elements in the CIA, a tit-for-tat, due to the dark nature of their work with the bad guys, or just dealing on the side.


It was the CIA who organized this around the world, ran all the drugs and all the money, bossed around the bad guys, then locked up or just killed their enemies and anyone who got in the way. Full stop.

We sell the drugs.

Read all of page 4, how we — the #CLOWNS aka Clowns In America — organized the Southeast Asia opium op:

Click on the poppies above for all the drugs books. If you want to get poetic about how maybe it’s the poppies who rule the world, and the Cabal just works for them, here’s something to ponder. In reality, of course, bad men control the poppy fields, and always have.

The following blurbs lay out the history better than I can; read these, and meet me below.

"The narcotics industry has a turnover estimated to be in excess of $1 trillion per annum. Put more simply, it is the largest industry in the world."



"In this tragic and powerful story, the two Opium Wars of 1839–1842 and 1856–1860 between Britain and China are recounted for the first time through the eyes of the Chinese as well as the Imperial West.

"Opium entered China during the Middle Ages when Arab traders brought it into China for medicinal purposes; Britain was also a nation addicted-to tea, grown in China, and paid for with profits made from the opium trade.

"When China tried to ban the use of the drug and bar its Western smugglers from it gates, England decided to fight to keep open China’s ports for its importation. England, the superpower of its time, managed to do so in two wars, resulting in a drug-induced devastation of the Chinese people that would last 150 years.

"As it took hold as a recreational drug, opium wrought havoc on Chinese society. By the early nineteenth century, 90 percent of the Emperor’s court and the majority of the army were opium addicts.

The Opium Wars: The Addiction of One Empire and the Corruption of Another by W. Travis Hanes, Frank Sanello


The first book to prove CIA and U.S. government complicity in global drug trafficking, The Politics of Heroin includes meticulous documentation of dishonesty and dirty dealings at the highest levels from the Cold War until today.

Maintaining a global perspective, this groundbreaking study details the mechanics of drug trafficking in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South and Central America.

New chapters detail U.S. involvement in the narcotics trade in Afghanistan and Pakistan before and after the fall of the Taliban, and how U.S. drug policy in Central America and Colombia has increased the global supply of illicit drugs.

 The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade by Professor Alfred W. McCoy


When the Tower Commission concluded that the Iran-Contra affair was an aberration, it was wrong. Those who doubt the existence of what David Wise and Thomas Ross in 1964 called the ” Invisible Government” should read Kwitny’s detailed, chilling expose of the network of current and former military men and intelligence operatives who conducted a far-reaching “covert” operation behind the cover of an Australian bank.

After the Nugan Hand bank collapsed in 1980, what emerged (according to this book, not the official investigation) is a web of crime, corruption, drugs, and CIA complicity in undermining a friendly nation’s politics and defrauding ordinary people that makes Watergate, if not Contra-gate, look like a Sunday school picnic. Wall Street Journal correspondent Kwitny is the author of Endless Enemies.

The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA by Jonathan Kwitny


In the spring of 1988, Coleman was on a mission for the world’s most secretive and well-funded espionage agency – the Defence Intelligence Agency.

Coleman had been ordered to spy on the DEA in Cyprus which, along with the CIA, was running a series of “controlled deliveries” of Lebanese heroin through the airports of Frankfurt and London en route to America.

Coleman discovered that security of this “sting” operation had been breached and warned the American Embassy that a disaster was waiting to happen. It was ignored. Seven months later, Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie. Among the dead was a DEA courier.

Trail of the Octopus: From Beirut to Lockerbie – Inside the DIA by Lester Knox Coleman, Donald Goddard


"How the CIA created La Corporacion, the 'General Motors of cocaine,' which led directly to the current cocaine/crack epidemic."

The Big White Lie: The Deep Cover Operation That Exposed the CIA Sabotage of the Drug War by Michael Levine, Laura Kavanau-Levine


The story of lifelong CIA agent Barry Seal, the most successful drug smuggler in American history, who died in a hail of bullets with George Bush's private phone number in his wallet.

Revealing Seal's active role in many of the nation s most notorious scandals including the Bay of Pigs, the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, and the Iran-Contra Affair and featuring primary documents previously unseen by the public, this unique history explores the Faustian bargains made by the U.S. government and the secret pasts of some of today s politicians.

Barry & ‘the Boys’: The CIA, the Mob and America’s Secret History by Daniel Hopsicker


"Beginning with Thailand in the 1950s, Americans have become inured to the CIA’s alliances with drug traffickers (and their bankers) to install and sustain right-wing governments. The pattern has repeated itself in Laos, Vietnam, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Nigeria, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Panama, Honduras, Turkey, Pakistan, and now Afghanistan—to name only those countries dealt with in this book.

"Scott shows that the relationship of U.S. intelligence operators and agencies to the global drug traffic, and to other international criminal networks, deserves greater attention in the debate over the U.S. presence in Afghanistan. To date, America’s government and policies have done more to foster than to curtail the drug trade. The so-called war on terror, and in particular the war in Afghanistan, constitutes only the latest chapter in this disturbing story.

American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan by Peter Dale Scott





To understand the crimes perpetrated by our government today, understand how it all worked and where this all started. The new part, then, is to see how it’s still going on, and understand what they did with all that money?

It’s about the Opium Wars, when China objected to the British dumping the stuff onto the peasants, and Britain kicked their ass — twice — to guarantee “free trade” of their original “black gold.”

These Opium Wars are briefly mentioned in our history classes, but glossed over to the point where our students think this was actually a trade war, about free markets and global enterprise.

Except the goods we’re talking about weren’t just tea and furs, but the millions of illegal “chests” of opium the Brits dumped on the banks of the Chinese rivers, addicting something like 20 million people, destroying families for five generations.

Here’s a classic newspaper cartoon from France ridiculing the whole situation.

Caption: “Taking advantage of the circumstances to get the Chinese to pay for two hundred million in opium…”

How this opium dealing all starts is a story evocative of today.

Yes, history books are right, it is a trade war, like nowadays, but about the drugs. 

In the 1800s, the British were filling their ships with Chinese tea that the Brits paid for with silver. It would be a waste to send those boats back empty, but the Chinese wanted absolutely nothing that British factories produced — frustrating Chinese trade imbalance, sound familiar?

The Brits had a meeting to figure out what the Chinaman might buy. The good gentleman in charge of textiles in India, who also happened to run an old side family business, in opium-producing Burma, had an idea…

To test the market, the British ships swung by Turkey, loaded up with a boatload of Turkish opium, then set sail for China. They moored the ship in the harbor and flung the opium chests overboard to be smuggled onto land.


Full-on, Chinese public health disaster, wide-spread opium addiction, from the peasants to the royals.

For 150 years.

Of course, the Chinese tried everything they could, banning opium, police, etc,. but the British didn’t care. At all.

China challenged Britain to a war, Opium War #1, 1839–1842, which they soundly lost. China even had to repay Britain $21 million, half from the value of confiscated opium and Chinese debts, and the rest for “war reparations” – the cost of the British imperial fleet that fought for the drug dealers.  

As part of the deal, on top of the payout, Britain awarded herself the independent Chinese port city of Hong Kong, making their opium trading even easier. With HK as the base, opium trading flourished. China was rightly pissed, and declared war again, Opium War #2, from 1856–1860, which they also lost, with Britain then winning the right to continue what they were up to, plus actually travel downstream on Chinese rivers to better “service” the inland peasants with their dirty drugs to more people.

Not only was HK a safe port for their dirty business, but the British city state was the perfect place to set up new banks to facilitate the business-end of the business. What all these original “offshore” banks are still doing today — keeping all this drug money away from prying eyes. That’s the entire point of the offshore banking system.

Have you heard of HSBC – Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation? Yes, created specifically for this in 1865. To this day, still run by the hoodlums of the Cabal.

Take a break from the “upstream” business of drugs — the growing, importing and selling — and pause for a moment to ponder the true “downstream” business — not the drug derivatives, but the whole secondary arm of the operation — laundering the tremendous amount of cash money generated by the stuff is a giant business, in itself.

Everyone remember’s Al Pacino’s Scarface, in the backroom with his counting machines in Miami, marveling at the 10% he was about to pay his bankers for it to disappear politely into society.

Of course, Scarface was just the local cutout. The real margins, and the real money, come from controlling as much of the vertically-integrated value chain as possible, including the white collar crime end of laundering it — those aren’t separate guys at the end, but really those who control the whole racket, including that “last mile.”

Turns out, this is the Bush family specialty.





The historical disconnect they’ve programmed us with just skips over our nation’s founders and leading families owing their fortunes to opium. This is big info just lost to history books.

Look up the old newspapers of the time — the debate was all there. When Americans first muscled in on some of the British trading business, the funniest thing was to read their virtue-signaling Op-Eds.

While they agreed the smoking of opium was the nastiest of habits, the American buccaneers felt proud that their shipping business was honest, they got the best prices and never dealt in fake merchandise. Hypocrites, always.

One family scion worth mentioning here was Warren Delano, as in the grandfather of FDR (woops, forgot to mention this, totally scrubbed from history and the FDR museum!). Warren left on a ship for Shanghai at 20 years old, and returned to New York, the city’s wealthiest and most eligible bachelor, at 26, having climbed the ranks of the most active opium cartel.

Another was Jacob Astor, as in the Astor Place subway stop, the richest man in America when he lived. Jacob got into the fur business as a young man in 1785; by 1800, he controlled the entire Canada-US-London fur trade. When the war of 1812 interrupted his usual routes, he got into opium. He was so rich that his family built the original Waldorf-Astoria, which was knocked down to become the Empire State Building. He also owned between 42nd and 46th St, from Broadway to the Hudson River, a giant swath of Manhattan.

Forbes family, also as in in John Forbes Kerry, all those Boston elites, the Cabots, Perkins, as in the Captain Perkins School for the Blind, etc, etc. It was the Opium.

One name you almost never hear – because this guy was obviously the kingpin – was Samuel Wadsworth Russell. His 1828 mansion, built to resemble a Greek temple, is now the Philosophy Department at Wesleyan, in Middletown, CT.

His whole family became so loaded by the time he retired, the cash and the house lasted for five generations. Russell’s nephew went on to create Yale’s Skull and Bones, and now that all makes more sense.

Russell owned the biggest shipping company, and the other family married into them were the Walkers, and those the ones who marry into the Bushes, they’re all still cousins. The old Cabal families like to keep it in the bloodlines.

Before the Bushes, back in the 1800s, there was a great British family doing lots of the trading; following them, you can see how rich and influential these people still are today.

To give you an idea of how much cash they generated that whole time, when HK was finally returned to China in 1997, there was lots of news about the other older banks and trading empires that started then and were finally sold off.

One famed HK investment bank was Jardine Fleming, a 1970 partnership from the old Jardine, Matheson & Co. opium traders and the Scottish Robert Fleming & Co., that sold to JP Morgan Chase for $7 billion.   

With the cession of Hong Kong under the 1842 Treaty of Nanking, the firm, by then named Jardine, Matheson & Co., set up its headquarters on the island and grew rapidly. Continuing its longstanding trade in smuggled opium, tea, and cotton, the firm diversified into other areas including insurance, shipping, and railways. By the mid-19th century, the company had become the largest of the hongs or foreign trading conglomerates with offices in all the important Chinese cities as well as Yokohama, Japan.  One of its branch agencies, Glover and Co., established in Nagasaki, was known in Japan as an arms dealer who contracted with then-rebel forces from Chōshū Domain who led the Meiji Restoration in 1868.

Jardine, Matheson still exists, still run by the Keswick family. The point is there was so much money from the opium, these giant holdings became some of the richest in the world – whether they are out of the opium biz or not, all that capital came from those horrible beginnings..

But the alternative history question that needs to be asked is who controlled these guys? Who was behind the Keswicks, and Cabots and Russells? 

The obvious answer you need to realize is that it’s the Queen of England, which is why the British fought China. There was just so much money to be made, still is today. The Queen is still in the game.

The other question is who had their finger on the supply that whole time? Apparently, the very same family who had the business in Babylonian times. The Sassoons. Never heard of them?

Well, the Right Honourable Lord Sassoon is still alive and kicking at the very top of the British hierarchy:

James Meyer Sassoon, Baron Sassoon, FCA (born 11 September 1955) is a British businessman and politician.

After a career in the financial sector (SG Warburg & Co. and UBS Warburg) he served in various roles in the Her Majesty’s Treasury, the UK’s finance ministry, from 2002 to 2008, at which point he began advising David Cameron on financial issues. From May 2010 to January 2013, Sassoon was the first Commercial Secretary to the Treasury and was appointed to the House of Lords as a Conservative. In January 2013, he became an executive Director of Jardine Matheson Holdings and of Matheson & Co.. He is also a director of Hongkong Land, Dairy Farm and Mandarin Oriental and Chairman of the China-Britain Business Council.

In November 2017, he was mentioned in the Paradise Papers as one of the beneficiaries of a tax exempt Cayman Island trust fund worth 236 million$ in 2007 and defended it as being of non UK origin. Sassoon was President of the international Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering 2007–2008.

When it came time to deal with the $15 trillion of off the books gold to rescue the banks, who they brought it to in the leadership to figure out what to do next was Lord Sassoon. Why? Because: “He is the Treasury.”





By World War I, with the international system shaking up, Britain finally getting booted from the Chinese opium business — as the start growing it themselves! — who controlled the global opium business is soon up for grabs.

What gives it the biggest boost is the formal prohibition of the stuff in the U.S. — the Cabal had an international treaty set up to make opium illegal for everyone. The upshot of that treaty was that smuggling the stuff became more profitable (prohibition profits, anyone?) and consumption skyrocketed by a factor of 10 X in one year to the next in 1920.

Subject for another article, but worth mentioning is how the US Congress helped/hurt the collateral issue of opium addiction. So many great medical journals from the day are published online (once we get ahead here, I’ll add some links) but the gist was either this was a scourge limited to the Chinese, that addiction centers could be opened to keep addicts off the streets or that none of it was real, just #fakenews. 

One American traveler went abroad and was so gobsmacked at both the extent of addiction Asia and the unsettling realization that it was the local governments profiting from it, she had a write a book about it in 1920.

That “Golden Triangle” is up for grabs; as Britain gets out of Burma, so we walk in; he French leave Indochina, we take over Vietnam. For the longest time the Russians were in Afghanistan, until we pushed them out, only to have the Taliban, who we couldn’t control, to now where it’s a “we broke it, we own it” kinda place, and we guard the poppies with our Armies.

Our CIA has fully transformed into just the muscle to help the politicians and generals who lead “The Enterprise,” another euphemism for how they run this whole scam on We The People.

This brings it back to Teddy Kennedy’s secret memo from the FBI. Read it here. This is Eagle II.



If you always knew your government was nefarious and CORRUPT, here’s the proof.

But if you’ve also thought our leaders are buffoons and Keystone Cops who couldn’t organize a bake sale, let alone the global opium racket, you’d be right, and wrong.

They definitely organized it and the A-Team launched it and profited wildly from the op, but by time the B-Team got in there, along with all the other buffoonery we expect from our government officials and their feckless friends… ya, it spiraled out of everyone’s control. This has been the tail wagging the dog ever since. 

This declassified document explains how five of our most esteemed patriots took it takeover the Far East opium biz then the world drugs market in its totality.

This came together in the 1960s, was running well through the mid-1970s, and then, with all the growth and all of the hard work — hiding the money — the cracks were event throughout the 1980s, as this was written in 1989.

The money laundering covers kept getting blown and there’s fights over the loot. Meanwhile, screw-ups to do with the planes ferrying the stuff into the country (Barry Seal and Mena, AR) and getting shot down while dropping off guns in exchange (Eugene Hasenfus, in Nicaragua, kicking off Iran-Contra) threaten to expose the whole operation.

But despite the gory you’ll see details here, the drug business is so big, and can’t be stopped, despite the tomfoolery.

Thanks to the Cabal’s Hollywood movies — “Miami Vice,” anyone? — cocaine goes mainstream, and the Latin American arm of the business fuels growth through the 1990s.  A whole new business line, today with record production, 1,500 metric tons!

At $100 a gram, 1,000 grams in a kilo, 1,000 kilos in metric ton, for 1,500 tons, that’s a tidy top line sales figure of $150 billion. Go Cabal! 

(Of course, there’s lots of ancillary business, too, what with weapon sales to protect your rat lines, the associated transport, bribery, prostitution, etc.)

The Cabal steps it up with 9-11, that brings us back in strength to Afghanistan, where the Taliban had six months earlier reported to the UN that they’d cut production from 500 tonnes of opium to close to zero by telling the farmers it was against Islamic Law. The NY Times is profiling their success, At Heroin’s Source, Taliban Do What ‘Just Say No’ Could Not and how the street price for smack is skyrocketing without Afghani supply. Taliban leaders are begging the international organizations to make good on promises to increase aid to the country in exchange for doing what they were asked.

Guess what? In the 17 (!!!) years, since we took over from the Taliban in 2001, annual production is up 15-fold, from 500 tons to ~7,000. (Read all the production stats yourself in this handy U.S. government report.)

A hit of heroin costs $20 for 0.1 grams. 10 hits in a gram, 1,000 grams in a kilo, 1,000 kilos in a metric ton, 74 tons of heroin on U.S. streets equals $14.8 billion.

Opium goes for an average $34 per gram here. Do the same math, that’s $238 billion. No tax, obviously.


With that bumper crop — and with the new-fangled internet threatening the Cabal, “the age of information” eventually reaching a point today where all of their crimes are there for anyone to see, in original documents and books, all in the public domain — Big Pharma was told to put us all to sleep with their Oxy pills.

They enslaved another generation to the poppy, just like in the old days in China!



In the beginning of the op, in 1966, the CIA’s pre-text of this opium grab was to come up with a way to have as much money as needed for more covert ops without reporting to a budget or seeking Congressional approval.

The end of it, though, was a government-sanctioned plan to take over the worldwide narco business in perpetuity, aka “Eagle II”. 

GHWB, “Poppy” Bush, got himself put in charge of a new airline, “Overseas National Airline,” that magically was awarded all the government contracts to Vietnam, to be used with fake invoices to smuggle the drugs; General Edward Landsdale was utilizing the Army to get all the drugs to the planes; CIA boss William Colby was put in charge of the vertical distribution, runners, dealers, etc., ending up killing 20,000 people and 2,500 Americans in the “Operation Phoenix” program to dispatch of his enemies; the mysterious Lieutenant Colonel Robert Ferrera — who, apparently, never existed on the books and is still alive and part of this with an assumed name — was put in charge with drumming up Latin America production of opium, cocaine, marijuana and LSD;  Bush’s defense expert and “gopher,” in the FBI’s words, also still alive, Richard Armitrage, put in charge of helping on the ground with getting the opium for his eternal boss, Poppy Bush.

This all comes together under Richard Helms as Director of CIA, from 1966 to 1973.

Helms decides to step down because he figures it will be easier to run the giant opium cabal without having to worry about “normal” CIA business anymore. By the time GHWB gets to be CIA Director in 1976, after Colby had the next turn, the plan is moving fast ahead and his appointment is to, in the words of the FBI report, “increase the operation ten-fold.”

This is after an amazing decade — except for the mounting dead from Colby, it all goes according to plan. Of course, this is also the point when the scam begins to buckle under its own weight and the A-Team having to deal with less professional operatives, to say the least, gets messy. 

The first crisis is in Japan. Back in 1955, GHWB literally took over the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party, eventually funding it with 318 billion yen ($2.5 billion, in 1989 dollars) over two decades until the party finally came to power with Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka. This was similar to what happened in Germany — after breaking these two countries, the CIA’s plan was to rebuild them as political colonies while profiting off the Marshall Funds for reconstruction and setting up stooges in the best posts.

The FBI report has it that it’s Lt. Col, Ferrera’s personal friendship with the Japanese royal family that helps the relationship and leads to Tanaka becoming PM.

But in 1976, Tanaka gets his hand caught in the cookie jar via a bribe over a huge Lockheed deal that is becoming public, for which the Cabal makes him resign.

As this Japan farce is imploding, Helms, who continues to run the whole op from outside the CIA, decides on a new strategy. He partners with another Ferrera chum, a banker we’re told is from Rothschilds named Baron Phillipe du Daphne, who Ferrera had rescued from the Nazis in WWII and later takes control of the OECD in Paris, through which the Cabal can use all the global development projects as cover for CIA agents.

(This is one of the few points in the record where I’m skeptical, because there’s no other record of this Rothschild banker anywhere, his name only exists in the report and on related documents about the money laundering, and letterhead he uses list some “alternative” address, other than the real OECD, which is in a famous old mansion in central Paris. For some funny reason, I feel this might also be the nom de guerre for Baron Guy de Rothschild, who’s later involved here with his real name. This is not to deny at all that the global financial institutions — which we’ll see in the gold article — are wound up in this from the beginning and do make great cover for spies, outside of traditional embassies and de novo front companies.)

Bush is then instructed by coordinator Helms to wind-down Eagle II and destroy all the evidence of the project within the CIA during the year he’s director. As part of that, he also has to “repatriate” the $2.5 billion put into Japan, which is where it all goes to pieces.





The real interesting character to come out of this report is the mysterious army man called Ferrera.

This is written in 1989 when the FBI describes him as the very top “free agent” CIA clandestine ops fixer and assassin they have. He exists nowhere in Army records, but after refusing another star after becoming a Major General, because he doesn’t want to take on a new assignment, he’s cut from the secret CIA payroll.

What happened was he felt he had to stand down, on principal, for three principled reasons.

When it was decided to return the $2.5 billion that secretly propped up the Japanese government, a fake development project to build an imaginary chain of hotels across Japan called Studebaker was set up, and Ferrera chose a patriotic patsy to be the front man, but he was never given the money.

The summary of the deal was that Japan issued notes that the crew try to cash out in Singapore, but when they did, the powers that be cried foul, and froze the operation. Meanwhile, the bankers who saw the docs all ended up dead.

To this day, Marion (J.P.) Horn, a good-ole-boy from Kentucky, insists he’s owed all that money. Plus the 5% annual interest, compounded, thank you very much. He has a full docket of cases and letters to presidents to unseal this information, which would allow him to cash out. As he tells Obama, in a 2009 letter, a third of the money to be paid out to Five Star Trust is for him, a third for the Rothschild family for setting it up and a third to Helms.

Much more to come about these characters involved in the Five Start Trust — the “five stars” being the original five hatchers of Eagle II — when we get to the gold story.

Here’s Horn (green jacket) with what seems to be the only known photo of Ferrera, on Horn’s left, tan jacket.

The second reason for Ferrera to turn away from the project was that the actual money being fought over was generated from the sale of drugs to military personnel, something abhorrent to him that he would never allow.

Ferrera also balked at the next stage of the drug business — just like Mario Puzo’s Godfather — he thought it disgraceful that hard drugs should be imported and sold widely across America. 

But, basically, Ferrera refuses to work until his “godson” is paid out. And if you think the $2.5 billion is big money, the FBI report also has it that Richard Armitrage walked with $100 billion in offshore account drug money.

With Ferrera out of the game, GHWB in the White House as VP and soon to be POTUS, Eagle II, as far as the formal part of the CIA is concerned, is shut down, and the B-Team takes the field. 





Helms is still the master of the off-the-books operation, but William Casey, who is the new Director of CIA, wants in on the action, so he sets up his own crew and his own op code, Black Eagle.

Casey brings on Don Gregg (still alive) and Oliver North (still alive), who brings on Felix Rodriguez as the de-facto operations chief, he brings in the Israeli former Mossad operative Micha Harare in Panama (who took out the perpetrators of the 1972 Munich Games terror attacks, but says the only man he’s afraid of in the world is Ferrera).

That leads to getting Noriega on board — with a $500k bribe, 1% of the drug revenues, back-end points for the money laundering in Panama, plus a $20 million arms contract for Israel and uzis for Noriega’s personal guard. 

The Medellin cartel ends up making so much money that they come up with ever more ingenious ways to hide it and make it grow. One triangular caper — not in the FBI report but read in one of these books — involved Carlos Escobar depositing $2 billion in the Bank of Panama, which would send a wire to the Bank of Iran for that amount of money, but not actually send the money. Rather, they shipped printing plates for $100 bills, and Iran was just printing that amount in fake paper. Then, the actual money deposited in Panama was profit for the criminals.

Carlos Lehder, AP photo.

Noriega’s main job was set up and protect the air strip for infamous Medellin Cartel co-founder Carlos Lehder and they put Barry Seal to work flying the drugs from Central America into the US.

The report mentions that two states were involved in the drug flights, but redacts which — from “Barry & the boys”, I can tell you it was Louisiana, where Seal had a farm that his crew would fly over to drop off bushels of cocaine mid-flight, and Arkansas, where the charismatic young governor there was pleased to help out by offering up the remote state police runway in Mena, AR.

But it also turns out that Ferrera hates Seal, going back to them being on the same black ops team in 1972 trying to overthrow Cuba.

Ferrera phones Casey — all these conversations are bugged and listened to by the FBI when writing the report, though all since lost, of course — and demands to know if they have restarted Eagle II and were they importing into the U.S. and if Seal was in charge of the planes.

Casey denies all. Thirty seconds later, he phones Helms and asks what to do. Helms tells him to clean up the mess.

The thing with Seal was that he was in operation because of the Cabal — supposedly, the richest “civilian” drug dealer in the country at the time, and this is what they run with in the Tom Cruise movie version, “American Made.” But he’s also very dangerous to the Cabal because they can’t control him and if he gets caught and spills the beans, everyone is donezo. (Lots has been written about this character and his fly boys.)

What he’s been doing is flashing the business card of the GHWB, United States Vice President, and telling everyone this is the get out of jail free card.

(Not in this report, but what was written by Al Martin in “The Conspirators”: Seal had blackmail against JEB and Dubya. One day, the DEA crew is looking for a lead to make some busts, so they call Seal who tells them he knows of a prop plane coming into Miami to do a cocaine deal that night. The next day, they get Seal on the phone, again, call him an S.O.B., why he done get them mixed up in that level of problem? It turned out the plane belonged to the Bushes, with JEB and Dubya flying to pick up a kilo of coke for a party in Houston that weekend.)

The bosses like to blackmail, not be blackmailed. By this time, the powerful levers of government have had Seal arrested and he’s being tried, after which he’s sentenced to live in a half-way house, without bodyguard or weapons of his own, and he realizes his goose will soon be cooked.

He goes out to dinner that night, and as he parks in the driveway of his favorite restaurant, a crew sent by Ferrera whacks him.

What’s really interesting to me is that in the whole cover-up, who the media blames are hitmen from the Medellin cartel.

But, go up to 30,000 feet here, the Colombians are our partners in the business — we control the whole op; they’re just supply, we’re doing most of the transit, local delivery is for our street gangs, and then the WASPy people wash the money in their banks.

I’m also going with the narrative of the FBI — to Ferrera, this is a personal vendetta. But, also to Bush, dead men tell no tales. The other big loser is Casey, and it gets much worse for him. 

Without Seal on the planes, there’s more mistakes, including the Hasenfus crash in Nicaragua. 

When it turns out Casey is going to have to testify, Casey gets a brain tumor and dies in 6 days.

Noriega is out of control – I read in one of the books that he was earning $10 million a month, and thought he deserved more – so he gets taken out, too. Thrown in a U.S. jail for life.

Before that happens, Ferrera goes all Godfather again. Remember that scene when Corleone severs the head of the prized race horse and delivers it to the antagonist’s bed while he slept?

From the report — this is so twisted:

The Spadafora here is Dr. Hugo, the Panamanian Health Minister involved in supporting the Contras — here’s a link to the internal CIA case file about him. 

What’s even more amazing than Ferrera’s one-man army war against Noriega, is the FBI says in this report they tried to kill Ferrera twice in two years, and had him followed by two dozen agents, and he just laughs at them!



What’s also instructive here is that they understand his code of honor. Correct that Ferrera won’t squeal, but also correct that he won’t back down from supporting the Horn claims and trying any which way to access the money (this is classic screenwriting stuff here, man pulled by opposing conflicts, etc…. Hollywood agents call me!) 

The FBI report is in 1989, and we see that in the next few years it all plays out as they expect, and also true to character as to how the CIA puts these people on the top of holding companies and giant schemes, and then pulls the rug out once it looks like the CIA is about to found out.

Easy to do this when all the “official records” of your project are “top secret” — no one will confirm anything. 

The classic move — throughout the whole gold saga and in the final act of all the CIA front businesses before they shutdown — every insider-turned-outsider is labeled a con man; whatever they’re selling is #fakenews, thanks to the clown helpers inside the #mockingbirdmedia.

What’s true to form here is that Ferrera doesn’t fight whatever charges they throw it him, but the civilians at his side plead innocent and then appeal after appeal. When you read the appeal, turns out there’s a sleight of hand. The headline charges — that they were trying to cash $11 billion in Mexican paper issued on the back of the Five Start Trust portfolio — what got the grand jury indictment — were struck entirely from the case.

The billions of dollar notes were real, and the Cabal certainly didn’t want people blathering about it on the record.

Ferrera’s associates end up guilty of sitting on a $125,000 deposit paid to them for a real estate deal by somebody who looks like he could’ve been another gangster — possibly a stooge — trying to swindle them. 


Matt O’Connor, Tribune Staff Writer

Jan 25, 1996

Robert Ferrera was a career con artist who could be so convincing that authorities covertly listening in on one of his sales pitches second-guessed themselves on whether he had connections to the president of Mexico as he claimed.

Ferrera, a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Mexico and is fluent in Spanish and English, often posed as a retired major general of the U.S. or Mexican Army, a CIA operative, or a member of Mexico’s ruling party.

On Wednesday, Ferrera, 70, his shock of white hair in stark contrast to his bright orange prison jumpsuit, was sentenced to almost 6 years in prison for trying to use his assumed identities to peddle $11 billion in counterfeit Mexican notes.

“I can’t picture him as a Mexican general, even if you sat him on a white horse,” declared U.S. District Judge George Marovich before imposing the 71-month prison term.

Ferrera was arrested in November 1993 at New York’s Plaza Hotel after he tried to transfer $400 million of the bogus Mexican promissory notes to an undercover FBI agent.

Ferrera pleaded guilty last summer to his role in the scheme and three other frauds, but three co-defendants, including Paul Graffia of Mt. Prospect, have pleaded innocent and are scheduled to go to trial in April.

Ferrera’s fondness for posing as high-ranking military officials has a long-standing history, according to Assistant U.S. Attorneys Robert Kent and Joshua Buchman.

Almost 45 years ago, he received a less-than-honorable discharge from the U.S. Army after he was caught wearing World War II battle commendations that he hadn’t earned.

But his scams didn’t stop there. In a purported resume that Ferrera gave one of his associates in the late 1980s, he claimed to be a sort of Forrest Gump of the CIA.

Name a famous CIA entanglement over the last four decades, including the Bay of Pigs and Chilean President Salvador Allende’s coup, and Ferrera said he was there.

The Mexican notes, perhaps Ferrera’s most ambitious fraud, failed before he could market them in $10 million increments to victim brokers. But he and colleagues were able to pocket more than $2 million in three similar fraud schemes in 1990 and 1991, prosecutors said.

In those cases, Ferrera and his co-conspirators allegedly enticed municipal officials from at least two rural Mexican towns to sign the notes to give the appearance they had the backing of the Mexican government.






How we’re exposing the Deep State here is by showing that the Opium and greater drug trade we run is the real deal, and that it generates beaucoup bucks. Where there’s dirty cash, there’s dirty banks, and, where the rubber hits the road, when the money has to re-enter the system or be spent to cover up tracks, is where we can catch the bad guys.

Ultimately, when you own a fake bank, you have to interact with the real banks, and that’s where evidence happens.

Hello, Nugan Hand.

To the dismay of the bad guys and surprising accomplices from this one op who are still in business to this day, the demise of Australian CIA bank Nugan Hand will be remembered as the gift that keeps on giving — for the truth tellers, that is. 

The complex bits will be told in the gold story, but the short of it is, the same crew of top generals and CIA honchos — even former CIA Director William Colby is in on this one directly, as the bank’s General Counsel — went to Australia to set up this fake bank to launder the drug money and enable gun running.

In total, the original gold heist — so much more to tell you about this — was used to set up 164 fake CIA banks around the world for these kind of operations.

And while our #mockingbirdmedia tried desperately to keep the full extent of this story out of American newspapers, the Australians had to set up full-on truth and reconciliation committees to get to the bottom of the bank’s crimes.

The upshot of that is the Nugan Hand file, uploaded in full as #INSIGNIAGATE by an Australian patriot and whistleblower, Twitter codename @ENSIN17, which is where we got the FBI drugs memo. 

That file also has copies of the actual bank transfers and all the correspondence around $15 trillion in stolen gold used to backstop the banks after the last crisis. This is all the Five Star Trust, now called Pureheart Investments LTD, sometimes referred to in the British House of Lords as Foundation X, still being run to this day by Ferrera, with a new identity, Lorin Rosier, and apparently living in a Norwegian CIA safe house. Same scam, different day.

The best book about Nugan Hand is Crimes of Patriots, whose title was also the shitty argument I always heard about this overarching tale of drugs and deception — if someone has to run the drugs, isn’t it better that it’s us?

The answer is no. The crimes of patriots are still crimes. The worst part is that once the government starts lying about the drugs business, every patriot they suck in to aid the mission ends up dead or branded a liar when they can’t defend themselves with the whole truth. The other aspect of that is the rest of the law enforcement institutions end up corrupted, too, by refusing to deliver fair trials, or much worse, as you’ll soon see with the DOJ.

What we need to do is simple.  Wind it all down, bring what’s left into the light, take the money out of the black markets, eliminate the bootlegger profit margins, end the violence and return the entire world back to sanity.

When Nugan Hand Bank fell apart — once co-founder Frank Nugan was found shot to death in his car in 1980 before he could face fraud charges — the CIA pushed up other fake banks it was running to fill its shoes. 

In 1978, the clowns had help an American in Hawaii, Ronald Rewald and a partner, Sunlin L.S. Wong, create a flim-flam investment bank they called Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham and Wong (Bishop Baldwin), with all but the real founders being famous old-line Honolulu families.

The clowns set him up as the front man for a wide-ranging operation to move all their money around, plus gave him working capital to buy a Polo team and everything else to help entrap foreign officials in blackmail schemes.

Of course it fell apart, starting with a local TV news reporter investigating the bank in 1983, then Rewald trying to kill himself in 1984, before ultimately being convicted in 1985 — what’s important to realize is this is how the CIA leaves all their associates out to dry.

By refusing to permit any of the evidence of how he was just fronting for them, just following orders, Sir, etc. — see the appeal in 1989 — all you’re left with is the story of another defrocked con-man.



By Andrew Gomes


Mar 18, 2018

Hawaii’s most notorious branded conman, a Wisconsin native who claimed to be a CIA agent but swindled money from hundreds of island residents and served barely 10 years of an 80-year prison sentence, has died.

Ronald Rewald was 76 and died in California in December after living 23 years as a free man out of the limelight.

That limelight was bright and ultimately scorching during the nine years Rewald lived in Hawaii in the 1970s and 1980s, a time during which he hobnobbed with celebrities, collected fancy cars, hosted royalty at polo matches and ran a purportedly venerable investment firm called Bishop Baldwin Rewald Dillingham & Wong where lofty financial gains were guaranteed.

Rewald was convicted in 1985 of 94 counts of fraud, tax evasion and perjury for running what a federal judge deemed a Ponzi scheme that sucked in $22 million from roughly 400 investors, including friends, widows and a blind man.

The scheme’s size was grand ($22 million would be about $55 million today) and produced a saga that attracted a national media frenzy, embarrassed the Central Intelligence Agency and publicized Rewald’s dealings with celebrities, politicians and the spy agency.

“It was massive publicity,” recalled former federal public defender Michael Levine, who helped represent Rewald at trial and had to get a security clearance to see classified evidence. “That was a very traumatic trial.”

Former mayor Peter Carlisle, who was a deputy city prosecutor involved in Rewald bail issues before trial, said Rewald created a scandal for the decades.

“He is the poster boy of despicably mind-numbing greed,” Carlisle said…

A suicide note he left for his wife, Nancy, and quoted in a Honolulu Star-Bulletin story said: “I know how bad everything must look to all of you and everyone else. I want you to know I never did anything to hurt anyone. Someday I pray the truth will be known. I started out working for our country and was abandoned when others feared for their jobs. It never dawned on me that I would be left alone and unprotected.”

CIA officials testified, according to a Star-Bulletin report, that dealings with Rewald were limited to him providing a business, phone and telex service available to agents needing “light cover.”

The only financial deal between the CIA and Rewald was the agency reimbursing Rewald $2,900 for telephone and telex expenses, the agency testified.





Patriots caught onto all this and tried to stop the Cabal, but the Cabal has ways to silence everyone, even, when done politely, just making it so no one else will listen, no matter how loud you scream.

As above, they rip out all the facts, leave you holding the empty bag as the “con man.” Or, as in the following three books, whistleblowers are then made to suffer by their own government for speaking the truth.

The first was ridiculed out of the public eye, but his story was recently taken in a sympathetic documentary; the second was doing so well at breaking the Cabal, they realized the best they could do, was make him lose his self-made fortune, so he wouldn’t have the free time or wherewithal to be a superhero; and the third was eviscerated by a flip-flopping #mockingbird journalist, who won his trust and then ran him over the coals in TIME Magazine. The media has its own special hell reserved inconvenient whistleblowers against the Cabal — their America is a place where they ban articles, the fourth, and ban journalists, the fifth.

A Nation Betrayed is the story of a tough Army guy who went back to Vietnam to look for lost American POW camps. The Hannibal Smith character on the A-Team, and Sylvester Stallone’s character in the original Rambo movie “First Blood” are based on this guy named Bo Gritz.

On his POW rescue mission, he ran into Kuhn Sa, the local drug warlord who controlled the Golden Triangle. He didn’t know anything about POWs, but told Gritz that we’re the biggest customer of his merchandise and, while he wouldn’t say who his current contact in the government is, he’d throw out the prior one: a former Naval Officer and then Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitrage. This being the multi-lingual officer stationed all over Vietnam for the length of the conflict, Poppy Bush’s “gopher.” 

Gritz ran home with the video, and our warlord was punished by being served international warrants for his arrest, until he decided it would be safer to turn himself over to his own government rather than face American wrath.

Meanwhile, Gritz tried to denounce US involvement in the heroin business, was blackballed, made a pariah, pushed out of the public eye, until a new documentary — Erase and Forget — resuscitated his case. There was a great video, the actual footage of him interviewing drug baron Khun Sa, now since deleted from YouTube. A shorter clip has just now been reposted, watch the truth with your own eyes!

Rodney Stitch was a USAF airman, who became an airline investigator, who then got onto looking at all the airline crashes in the 1980s and saw that it was the U.S. Department of Justice getting all of its enemies onto planes to eliminate them — crashing them on purpose.

He put together a superhero’s Justice League collection of disgruntled spooks and began raising hell until 1982, when the bad lawyers figured out how to misuse the legal system, entrapping him for the next 23 years with fake cases and bankruptcy.

He’d been legally divorced for 16 years, but they put his ex-wife up to railroad him with absurd cases – how could he be sued in California for a divorce in Arizona, how could they go seek to attach his fortune that only came into being years after being divorced, when, through hard work and buying up local real estate, he turned $500 into $10 million; how could all of his legal pleas be thrown on deaf ears of deaf judges, every, single, time?

In the end, Stitch even had to spend time in jail for a fake contempt charge during which time a whole spate of DOJ sponsored plane crashes took place. (While inside, he met a new government source, also in for bogus crimes, that turned him onto info for later books.) And when that was all done, they went after the only thing he had left — the dozens of books he’d published — with another fake case that took away his ownership rights to all those texts. Only now that he’s dead are his books coming available online again.

One more point that you might find when reading about Stitch — who the world tried to ignore once they had silenced him — is that he was an airman, his specialty later became investigating air crashes, and he felt personally guilty that his imprisonment cost the lives of all those he could have saved in plane crashes if his voice had been heard. By the time we get to 9-11, he’s already an old man, and his writing focusing on the details of the supposed plane hijackings left some truthers with a bad taste — that he was somehow a plant to keep the government’s case up. Obviously, reading his books, especially Defrauding America, which goes into Nugan Hand and BBRDW and so many more crimes, where he calls out every bad guy imaginable, you need to cut him some slack — he just saw that planes were involved and felt terrible that he couldn’t save everyone. 

Terry Reed was an Air Force man who later got in with the CIA and then objected to the operation once it became clear the purpose was to flood the U.S. with drugs.

Compromised is about Bill Clinton’s involvement with GHWB — he permitted the clowns to use Arkansas factories to produce untraceable weapons and then allowed the CIA to train Contra pilots on rural Arkansas airstrips in support of the war in Nicaragua – evading the Congressional ban on military aid to the Contras and leading to the real drug epidemic.

From the book jacket: “While helping the CIA set up its secret “black” operations, he unwittingly compromised his family’s safety, ultimately forcing them to become fugitives. Realizing that Reed witnessed the making of a counterfeit President and knew too much about its drug operations, the Agency set out to destroy him and his family.” The book was co-written by John Cummings, a great New York Newsday journalist who recently passed away — he actually reported on the JFK assassination and later profiled the mob — and the book on the site has links to other interviews the pair gave trying to get the truth out there. 

Ultimately, it was the same DOJ game, entrapping Reed with a bogus case, but he was eventually found innocent. But as the Clinton presidential campaign geared up in 1992 (running against GHWB, his actual partner-in-crime), Reed was then convicted in the public eye by TIME Magazine, whose reporter (still alive) won his confidence and then destroyed him in print to the point where no one would listen to his “debunked” story.

Sound familiar? SNOPES, anyone? Same tactics, different day.

Also from the same mid-1990s, here’s another story they didn’t want you to read:

The Crimes of Mena” by Sally Denton and Roger Morris, published July 1995 in Penthouse, billed on the cover as “the Story the Washington Post Refused to Print,” this is “an investigative report into events that haunt the activities of three presidents: Reagan, Bush, and Clinton.” Included in the PDF is “Arkansas Drug Exposé Misses The Post” by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, in The London Sunday Telegraph, 1/29/95.

Indeed, the article was commissioned and written for the Washington Post, but after clearing the legal department for inaccurate statements and scheduled for press, Managing Editor Bob Kaiser killed it without explanation. Too much truth.  

Time will soon be up for our friends in the #mockingbirdmedia. Too many of their lies and cover-ups are now being exposed.

Perhaps the worst story — because it was one of the first and also the most devastating, in terms of what we learned and what happened to the whistleblower — is the Dark Alliance by Gary Webb.

Webb was a “Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist” for the San Jose Mercury News who spent a year investigating the LA crack epidemic. This is at the dawn of the internet in 1996, but his report was such a blockbuster it was generating 1.3 million hits daily. The short of it was he connected crack to the local gangs to the cocaine drops of the Barry Seal-contingent that was the core of the guns-for-drugs Iran Contra scam.

I would say the only flaw was that, because it was a California-focused newspaper, his report narrowed in on the Bay Area dealers who got the cocaine, who sold it to the LA gangs, which sold the crack in the inner cities, when the bigger, national story was simply there’s the ongoing cocaine for guns Cabal. Either way, what happened was his newspaper editors came under pressure from the powers that be for running the story and the national media, especially the New York Times, ripped into Webb and his sources, using the old fashioned debunking technique of casting doubt on one source (in his case, some of the local gang leader dealers) to then come around to the conclusion that the whole story must be made up. End result is Webb was forced to quit and then blackballed from “serious journalism.”

The lie is that he was depressed and killed himself. We know this is a lie because a journalist with a good story never kills himself — in fact, I cannot think of even one. We also know he wasn’t “depressed,” because while blackballed from the big newspapers, he did have a job, for the “Sacramento News & Review,” where he just published a stellar expose on the Army’s $10 million investment in first-person shooter games to find drone pilots, “The Killing Game,” in October 2004, and another local doozy about the legal cabal that makes fighting speeding tickets impossible, at Thanksgiving. But, apparently, he was so sad he had to kill himself two weeks later. And, as for killing yourself, the other mathematical impossibility is that he shot himself in the head — twice. Pretty much near impossible for a suicider braining himself with a .38 to get off two bullets.

Webb’s demise is right after Dubya’s re-election, when it might make sense to go around to clean up any loose ends. Open the Pandora’s Box of who else was suicided around then, leads you to the great one, HST, Hunter S. Thompson, who supposedly offed himself in February 2005. Again — journalists love to see their name in print and to show the world how smart they are — HST more than anyone. Lemme finish up the historical pieces pending and I’ll blow your minds with the truth of Dr. Gonzo, who was offed because he pieced together the whole kit and kaboodle, tying the “crimes against children” that he witnessed — and which haunted him for 20 years — to the money to the drugs and ultimately to 9-11. Don’t believe the hype.





If you were following Q this Summer, you learned all about No Name McStain, U.S. Senator John S. McCain, III.

If you weren’t, and you thought he was a valiant USAF Airman, POW, fighter for Veteran’s rights and a real #Maverick, this is gonna break your little bubble. If you watched his state funeral, after a year of bravely suffering from terrible brain cancer, and listened to the compelling eulogies and fawned at the collection of past presidents who gathered to mourn this great patriot, you will definitely be surprised by the following true sentence:

John McCain was the guy who ran this whole opium smuggling, gun-running, child-trafficking enterprise via rogue, corrupt or former admirals in the US NAVY’s “Pacific Command” — aka DELTA SIX — and was put to death by lethal injection after a military tribunal ruled him guilty as charged.

The rest of it was all just a show  — hope you didn’t choke on your popcorn.

An enterprising young patriot from Arizona complied an extensive dark file on the late senator, who had persecuted multiple generations of his family. It’s uploaded here.

Some highlights:

GENERAL MODUS OPERANDI OF D6: Addict colonized populations to opium. Then sew/cultivate hateful conquesting pathologies amongst various ethnic factions in order to centralize and maximize power/control (divide and conquer). Usually takes the form of aggressive identity politics, and/or virulent religious extremism.

D6 has it’s tentacles spread throughout many powerful national governments, militaries, media & telecom companies, hedge funds (like Bridgewater, Cerberus, Madoff & Soros), etc. It also (directly & indirectly) controls vast armies of both left wing AND right wing extremist Parties / Movements / NGOs. (ISIS, Al Qaeda, AQIM, AQAP, Taliban, LRA, Abu Sayyaf, Hamas, MoveOn.org, NPR, FactCheck.org, KKK, Open Society Foundation (and affiliated political parties worldwide), FARC, Media Matters for America, Snopes, Politifact, Boko Haram, Al Shaabab, NXIVM, Jewish Voice, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Cheney Foundation, Ford Foundation, Rothschild Foundation(s), American Bridge PAC, Heritage Foundation, Sandler Foundation, ANC [S.A.], Golden Dawn, IRA, SPLC, WHCA, Medellin Cartel, CAIR, Carter Center, Weather Underground, Podesta Group, ANTIFA, McCain Institute, Bush Institute, Clinton Global Initiative, Obama Foundation, Center for American Progress, Black Lives Matter.)

As for Arizona, where this young man’s family had to deal with the unruly McStain for many decades, the biggest local crime is that the state was left open to the narcos, with the Sinaloa Cartel’s distribution hub.

What I got a chuckle from is the infamous Sinaloa never-before-seen kingpin we think is named Juarito, but they’re actually saying Guerito, local Sonoran Spanish for “white blond” — this is also the general nickname for American Navy pilots.

What he’s saying here is the Senator was also the Kingpin.

(This is sort of like how the high school chemistry teacher and brother-in-law to the FBI agent in charge of the drug task force is also the country’s biggest meth dealer, thank you “Breaking Bad.”)

His other big accusation is that McStain turned southern Arizona into the gateway for drugs, but also for trafficking children. The best evidence of that is his own foundation, dedicated to fighting trafficking, or, more accurately, fighting the fighters of trafficking to enable and profit from it!

What I especially liked about this whistleblower is that his knowledge was from the books, his family’s travails but also through his own undercover work. He runs a tech support company that handles all the point-of-sale machines for everyone, so he had ample opportunity to check all the details while upgrading their kit.

More bad stuff in Arizona, located in McStain’s local district, beyond the Sinaloa Cartel distribution hub, include the offices of backpage.com, which was shut down as a human trafficking hub, the headquarters of Big Pharma Baddie Purdue, and he points out the very worst VA hospital in the country — 4 miles from McStain’s office — and the nation’s second-worst school system.

I also love his “alternative” bio for the late-Senator, basically being the true one, what they told you in his multi-page obituaries was just more #fakenews, thank you #mockingbirdmedia.


John S. McCain III was born and raised in the Panama Canal Zone in the early 1930’s. Yet he publicly pretends not to know Spanish. He was born into a family considered by most to be “US Navy Royalty.” Throughout his formative years, he had a long and well-documented track record of dishonesty, substance abuse, and insubordination.

He also has a long track record of extreme disloyalty and unchallenged impunity.
As a young pilot, he would routinely take US military aircraft on “weekend joyrides” to visit his “lady friends” in other states. He routinely displayed wanton disregard for established protocols and taxpayer resources. During flight training, he crashed (3) separate US military aircraft costing US taxpayers untold tens of millions in damages and repairs.

He was then deployed to the USS Forrestal where he proceeded to intentionally detonate explosive ordinance on the main deck killing hundreds of his fellow sailors. From that point on, the entire story of his military career is falsified propaganda that should be forcefully and publicly reexamined as soon as possible.

McCain’s “levers” render him politically and legally “untouchable” in the State of Arizona.

1.) Glenn Canyon Dam Authority (all water to Arizona, Vegas, Southern Cali)
2.) Federal Prison Bureau & Contracting Process
3.) US Marshalls (with full access to NSA SIGINTEL)
4.) Navy Flight Training Ops & Ranges (controls all airspace over SW AZ)
5.) AT&T Fiber Optic Internet Backbone (Union Shakedown)
6.) Primary Int’l Data Center of First Data Corp (45% of all US card transactions)
7.) McCain Institute(s) (Curious Locations?)
8.) Federal & State Land Contracts for Mining
9.) Wildland FireFighter Budgets
10.) Indian Tribes (close associate of Jack Abramoff)

1.) Collude with “D6” partners in opposing party (Clintons) to confuse, intimidate, and conquer.
2.) Stack Government Agencies (local/state/federal) with political (hack) allies.
3.) Stack “Big Media” Companies (like Turner, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, Viacom, & Disney) with political (hack) allies.
4.) Stack “Big Tech” Companies (like Google, Facebook, & Netflix) with political (hack) allies.
5.) Stack “Defense Contractors” (like Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, Northrop, Honeywell, General Dynamics, HB Gary, United Technologies,etc.) with political (hack) allies.
6.) Illegally retain unfettered access to NSA SIGINTEL and use vigorously against political opponents.
7.) Use the regulatory regime to shake down/expropriate business interests of political opponents.
8.) Sabotage IT upgrades for the Navy, for the IRS, for the FAA, and for corporate hotel chains such as Hyatt, Marriot, Embassy Suites, Hilton, etc.
9.) Flood Major Western cities with foreign migrants to use as low wage slaves, prostitutes, and drug mules.
10.) Use Street Gangs and Social Media “Rage Mobs” to harass and intimidate opponents and/or naysayers.
11.) Bribe and Intimidate Mainstream Media into Silent Submission.

This was a very bad hombre, patriots everywhere rejoiced that he was gone from this Earth.

Sad, how so many people were fed the lie.

Even sadder how the Armed Forces have had to wage war for profit for so long.

No wonder the Q team was fed up.




This is the real crime, dead children; a generation of young people — those with the “biggest heart” — fallen into the deep dreams of opium’s black elixir.

This young man, being memorialized on Twitter, dead at 28, and so many more, and so much younger. Gone.

Children who escape into the poppy’s embrace end up addicted, lose their old lives and they endure the harshest ways to pay for the habit, then they’re dead, taken from their cousins so young.

And this child, Carmello, was a U.S. Marine.


Who’s left behind are all the brokenhearted families – there is nothing worse.

The lie about the #OpiodEpidemic is that it’s an epidemic, at all.

Just collateral damage of the not-talked-about trillion dollar opium economy.

This is not the modern age phenomena they make it out to be — the result of closed mill towns and loss of the manufacturing jobs, and factory town blight, oversubscribing doctors, pill mills and Big Pharma, chemical solace in the face of bleak prospects, suicide from hopelessness.


That’s the human interest story, what we omit here is the grand opium lie our world is built upon.

Opium is the scourge from which the rest of our world of destruction was built.

The only epidemic is that the criminals have been successful for so long. 

End it now.

6 Thoughts on “It’s the Opium, Stupid”

  • My shipmate and friend watched as “cargo” was loaded on a U.S. Navy supply ship as the gangsters in limos and black suits watched on the pier — this was in Sicily early 1980s.

    My best friend was a Boatswains Mate on an oiler. He was very observant and watched the whole thing go down.

    (He was also a pot smoker and hid his weed in bags in the paint buckets. My brother-in-law was a Fire Control Tech — they hid their weed in the radar on the mast.)

    Mission of the Navy — Keeps the Sea Lanes open for commerce ! Once the crates, etc. were loaded… the guys got in the car and left the pier.

    This was U.S. Navy supply ship, and this was about 1984. I have a pretty good memory and AOR-4 sticks in my mind. That was about 30 years ago… but I have a good memory. That would be USS Savannah AOR-4.

    I don’t know the mechanics of how it is done, but I am quite sure that the agencies can move anything they want. I was a SCI courier, nothing gets checked through those shipping channels. Couriers can’t be stopped by police, local or federal. They must escort the courier to their destination if asked to do so by the courier.

    I’ve done some deep shit, but never ran across anything like that. We did the first U.S. Navy Counter Narcotics Special Operation and didn’t catch a single boat in the whole Caribbean.

  • Exactly what Barry seal was doing..seal had 2 C123k, a black one and a green one..the green one is the one that got shot down in Central America that hasenfaus Jumped out of..piloted by Johnson from southern air transport, CIA front out of hileah fl..Iran contra
    That movie with Tom cruise was funny but it didn’t tell seals story..his confrontation with George h w bush about drug running in Florida..they say that is what got him killed..not the Noriega thing..seal thought he had an ace in the hole..get out of jail fee card..he was wrong..

    Books History Movies Bach Beethoven veteran United States Navy radioman USS Virginia CGN 38 BVOA retired Werner enterprises Omaha Nebraska
    Meridian, MS

  • UPDATE – UPDATE – UPDATE – UPDATE – UPDATE – here is some bad news, those in the know finally calling into question the FBI document, because the source in Australia has got into more trouble and the locals there are now picking through his data drop and coming to conclusions that our friend here was also a bad guy, an his info no good. My gut feeling was that it was probably too good to be true, but not like any of the good guys could confirm it, or any other bad guys, either, so into the soup it went… This latest accusation could be described as an anti-Deep State deep state “cointelpro” project — basically, one arm of the bad guys against the other, both united in their hatred against us sheep, but also dead set against their opposites gaining the advantage. So, this one may be from the Templars side (the source cited above) against the Jesuits side (Vatican), sacrificing details they both knew about the US political baddies, so that the Five Star Trust characters their side is rooting for gain the advantage…. Of course, all the historical bits do line up, which is why it makes sense, but if it’s not going to be an internal memo from the FBI to Teddy K., just a big ole data dump from their files, at least we can see what they had on everyone. Here’s the link, read it, but know that it’s gonna be fan fiction: https://cabal101.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/fbi-eagle-kennedy-compressed.pdf This deserves a retelling of the whole story here, so we’ll come back to this. Sorry, frens. For a look at the Tavistock COINTELPRO operation, see the post on the right about JFK and “Merlin’s Cave.”

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