This is the original. When it dropped in 1972, 4 million copies were sold. Then National Review Editor William Buckley, who represented the CFR-CIA-Opium-Skull & Bones combination that Allen rails against, besmirched its thesis and the John Birch Society.  The book went underground and the political party was banished to the fringe. Funny thing is, this book was totally accurate and the JBS will be soon be vindicated — they’ve had it right all these years. Expect their resurgence. This is an easy book to read and also available now via free download.


None Dare Call it Conspiracy

By Gary Allen

The story you are about to read is true. The names have not been changed to protect the guilty. This book may have the effect of changing your life. After reading this book, you will never look at national and world events in the same way again. None Dare Call It Conspiracy will be a very controversial book. At first it will receive little publicity and those whose plans are exposed in it will try to kill it by the silent treatment. For reasons that become obvious as you read this book, it will not be reviewed in all the “proper” places or be available on your local book stand. However, there is nothing these people can do to stop a grass roots book distributing system. Eventually it will be necessary for the people and organizations named in this book to try to blunt its effect by attacking it or the author. They have a tremendous vested interest in keeping you from discovering what they are doing. And they have the big guns of the mass media at their disposal to fire the barrages at None Dare Call It Conspiracy.

By sheer volume, the “experts” will try to ridicule you out of investigating for yourself as to whether or not the information in this book is true. They will ignore the fact that the author is about to conjecture. They will find a typographical error or argue some point that is open to debate. If necessary, they will lie in order to protect themselves by smearing this book. Psychologically many people would prefer to believe those who pooh-pooh the information herein, because we all like to ignore bad news. We do so at our own peril!

About the Author

“In 1971, Allen wrote with Larry Abraham a book titled None Dare Call It Conspiracy (prefaced by U.S. Representative John G. Schmitz of California’s 35th congressional district and the nominee of the American Independent Party in the 1972 U.S. presidential election). It sold more than four million copies during the 1972 presidential campaign opposing Nixon and U.S. Senator George S. McGovern.
  • Mass Market Paperback: 141 pages
  • Publisher: Concord Press (1972)


Amazon Reviews:

The Rosetta Stone of Contemporary American Politics


It’s all here

Well, I know this book was written over 30 years ago. I knew this when I purchased it. Regardless, it is as brilliant and prophetic today as it was then. This book gives an excellent insight into the hidden hands that control the United States. The Council of Foreign Relations; the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderburger’s. It’s all there. This book should be mandatory reading in every political science class in the country. If you have wondered why our newest president acts in conformity with the old ones; you’ll get your answer here. As the writer duly notes; the united states has been hijacked by a cabal of internationalists/globalists who seek to repeal the Bill of Rights and create a one world, communist government. A despotic oligarchy where only the most elite families live in luxury while the rest are enslaved. Highly recommended.


Review of Conspiracy

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry – When I saw this best seller at a Paper Back Bookstore, I said to myself, “WTF?” ‘Conspiracy – who, what, where, when, why?’ went through my head. I bought the worn-down paperback for $2.

These gentlemen outlined a plausible takeover of the world by members of The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Rooted in World Banking, they perpetuated the concept of Socialism and controlling the world population with their oligopoly pulling strings.

This conspiracy started with names of men you know – Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller, and their families’ hand-picked wealthy cohorts over the centuries. Their banks and ancestors bankrolled warring parties, sometimes both sides of the battle, and presently control the world’s currency movement.

They unscrupulously manipulated politicos and news around the world to keep them as the Established Elite. Allen and Abraham’s short discourse is up to and including the Nixon Administration.

The author of this review has done some precursory study of present-day politics (2010 -2016), and has found that CFR was active in the Obama Administration, but not so in the new Trump government. This will be discussed at another time on my new Website.

What I will say is that this book filled the gaps in my understanding of what happening in the world and to me via Vietnam and college where I read CFR’s quarterly Foreign Affairs at our campus library. At the time, 1970 –’75, I could not understand their interpretation of the affairs of the world. I know now – it was propaganda to perpetuate CFR’s cause to rule the world – A CONSPIRACY?



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