The short story here is that Nazis fashioned early UFOs using ancient technologies with new ideas of physics, magnetism and gravity. Rather than kill himself and Eva Braun, Hitler shot his body double, fled to eventually catch a U-boat submarine. The story goes they stopped in Argentina, where Hitler went on to live. But the part they don’t mention is Argentina was after going to Antarctica where he checked in on a group sent at the start of the war. They were working with the ancient technologies identified there and trying to set up a fleet of the UFOs, a recorded test from Berlin below.


When Hitler arrived in Antarctica — apparently in 1947 — the new residents were either told all of Germany was destroyed, so they should just stay in the ice; or, that they should continue working on their secret space program. Admiral Byrd’s trip to Antarctica in 1956 came after a British force was defeated by the UFO Nazis. Apparently, Byrd’s men panicked at the UFO avionics, and recognized they could not be defeated. The next year, a treaty is agreed for the Ice Nazis to maintain their independence, while the US would steal from black  budgets to pay for further space development technologies, all of that leading into a sizable existing Space Fleet that will soon be made public.

Meanwhile, the thinking that recognized Germany would lose the war, came up with the idea of sending the R&D team abroad and then worked to create what would have been their fascist corporate system, anyway, via private markets and the top Nazi business thinkers in exile from their rightful government. But the idea of an EU built around Germany at the center, with one currency based on the value of the DM, where people work very hard to generate profits and power.

So, after funding this secret operation with trillions of budget dollars, hopefully we’ll see what the fuss has been all about. I read about colonies on Mars and the Moon and the decades of development based on what initially powered their UFO craft.

There are other versions of this story: one book we post is the story of the same Base 211 team, but where they were instructed to mothball (literally”deep freeze”) the UFO projects until Hitler got in touch again.

But if it emerges that this Nazi force is leading space travel, then the other stories may also be relevant: that they are willing to let their presence known as ties to their original “Nazi ideology” has weakened after two generations in Antarctica. They consider themselves more research scientists descended from Germans.

Other stories to emerge about their present-day influence is around the Korea/Hawaii false flag missile attempt which was thwarted by the UFOs, but also guaranteed by their technology — meaning, that the US has access to these weapons that could destroy NK in the minutes before Kim could respond by destroying SD. The threat to use the UFOs power to stop NK’s nuclear program, while the Deep State used one of their black op large submarines to launch the missile at Hawaii. Rather than a mistake by one operator, their alert launch sequence has five trip-wires and requires two keys eight-feet apart to be turned at once. The Cabal, which clandestinely helped NK develop its weapons to encourage its other military clients to consonantly re-arm and upgrade their capabilities, tried to stab NK in the back.  The idea was to hit Hawaii and make it seem like it was an NK strike. When they failed, days later, they tried the same pirate maneuver by firing a missile at Japan, an attack that was also thwarted. In this case, the controllers of the UFOs also don’t want to see an accidental nuclear war at this point, so are stepping in to block the Deep State as it gets more desperate and news of their coming demise totally circumscribes their ability to control the agenda.

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