Mind Controlled Sex Slaves And The CIA

UNIMAGINABLE RAPE, TORTURE AND BLOODY RITUALS. . . LEADING POLITICIANS INVOLVED IN CHILD ABUSE RINGS. . . U.S. PRESIDENTS AND VICE PRESIDENTS COMPLICIT. . . USE OF OCCULT AND ‘SATANISM’ AS TRAUMA BASE . . . ANTI-CHRISTIAN NIGHT SERVICES AT CHRISTIAN CHURCHES. . . Plus Exposing The Mind Controlled “Stepford Whores,” as well as Human Sacrifices at Bohemian Grove Retreat . . . Indeed, what do Satanism, human trafficking, mind control experiments and child sex abuse have to do with the U.S. government? According to the testimony of experts and survivors, the CIA utilized all of these elements and more for their Top Secret Project Monarch, part of the MK-ULTRA mind control program. For reasons of National Security, dozens if not hundreds of people, many of them children, were allegedly subjected to unimaginable rape, torture, and bloody satanic rituals, with the aim of fracturing the human mind through trauma. This created multiple personalities that could then be programmed to perform specific tasks . . . Many of the purported victims say they were used to satisfy the sexual urges of the rich and powerful, even U.S. presidents. . . For these purposes, the CIA is said to have sought help from intergenerational cults, as well as child pornography and snuff film networks.As thousands of people were bought and sold on the underground sex market, our government supposedly looked the other way, seing it not as an atrocity, but as an opportunity. CONTAINS INTERVIEWS WITH: CATHY O’ BRIEN — MARK PHILLIPS — JOHN DECAMP — TED GUNDERSON, NOREEN GOSCH — AND PAMELA FREYD

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Every American citizen needs to know about these atrocities going on in our country.

It is a tremendous disgrace and it has to be stopped.

The only way to do that is to expose the truth.


Very believable. It was difficult to put the book down. Reliable sources were used. What a shame to be governed by many corrupt leaders.

maybe NOT so unbelievable

Interesting and scary info – and if only a portion of it is true, then we should all be alarmed regarding the underground activities of our government and politicians. Some of the info written about in this book was shockingly corroborated unsolicited by someone I know who was within some of the same locales of said incidents, people or locations. I went into the reading of this book with some skepticism, but finished it believing it more than not

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