Mental Liberation in the Age of Thought Control: Deprogramming Satanic Ritual Abuse, MK Ultra, Monarch & Illuminati Mind Control

The Mechanical Universe Imagine a world where a majority of the people on the planet have been hypnotized. Imagine that virtually all the important world leaders have been hypnotized. In their hypnotized state they still do have a degree of functionality. They are not totally out of touch with reality, but their perception of the world is slightly amiss. They can still walk and talk. They still enjoy human relationships. They breathe, eat and drink. But their distorted perception causes them to act in ways that are destructive. Their distorted perception causes them to feel less joy in life. They are harming themselves, other people and the environment because of their distorted perception. And the basis of this distorted perception is that on a subconscious level of mind they have been programmed to believe themselves to be in a mechanical universe. Subconsciously they believe that they are surrounded by a giant machine. Subconsciously they believe that they are a machine within a machine. And these subconscious distortions are always there. On a conscious level of mind they are not aware of how they have been hypnotized. They have no conscious awareness of the fact that they are in a persistent hypnotic state. This is the nature of subconscious programming – the hypnotized person is simply not aware of the programming. This book is about deprogramming this mechanical universe. This book is unique, you won’t find any other book on deprogramming that is quite like this one. I describe a system of mind control that was developed by other persons. These persons were former MK Ultra researchers who had become disillusioned with the CIA and the MK Ultra research program. So they began to covertly help those persons who were the victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse and MK Ultra. I’m the only person who is willing to publicly describe their system of therapy. I don’t give advice on how to perform therapy, I only share information. In some cases the information comes from therapists who have treated MK Ultra and Monarch mind control. In this book I tell stories and share unique insights. I’m am a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse and some MK Ultra techniques. I want to give hope to other survivors who are trying to recover. And I want to give some new viewpoints for therapy to those who are trying to help recovering survivors. This book was written as a sequel of sorts to my two previous books: Angelic Defenders and Demonic Abusers – Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor, and Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High Adept Satanism.
Kerth Barker: I wrote a personal memoir of my experiences of abuse in a secret Luciferian cult. That book contained graphic descriptions of sexual child abuse, perverse sex, Satanic Ritual Abuse, MK ULTRA mind control and torture. I felt that it was necessary to describe these experiences graphically to depict the wrongness of these child prostitution rings which are becoming so wide spread in our modern world. Most people who get as close to the inner circle as I was don’t live to tell the tale or they never escape the cult. My experiences may not be typical, but I do allow the reader to understand the emotional landscape of a child who is being brainwashed and sexually abused. I exposed insider information about how child prostitution is involved with political and financial corruption. Persons who have read this story have told me that they have been moved by my honesty. This was a very difficult book to write. And threats have been made against me because I have published this. However it’s my belief that ultimately the reader will find this to be a book that inspires hope rather than fear. I also talk about the courageous persons who helped me to escape the cult and become deprogrammed. And I talk some about the resistance movement that is working to undermine the satanic NWO. My intention in writing this book is that it be experienced as a story of spiritual redemption and liberation. More about Kerth Barker is available here and here.
  • Paperback: 176 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 23, 2014)


Amazon Reviews

Excellent expose of the nature of our political-economic overlords and some wonderful effective therapy methods.

This well written book is useful for a wide range of people other than those who have endured traumatic mind control programming while young. Those with post traumatic stress disorder would benefit from the therapy methods in the book. People who’ve had ordinary child abuse as children would benefit from the therapeutic methods in this book. The psychiatrists who devised these healing methods were unfortunately killed by agents of the Illuminati before they could train the author in their most advanced methods which probably included meditation. The author got into that on his own. The author is very courageous to write this book since the cabal of super rich bankster/industrialist overlords don’t want their dark practices exposed. Evil triumphs because of good people ignoring it. I would add that the use of insight mindfulness meditation, vipassana would be very useful for these same issues of psychological trauma. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) methods are used in medical clinics around the world for people with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, etc. These mindfulness methods have strong supported by scientific and medical research. There are various styles of insight mindfulness meditation available at secular centers and Buddhist meditation centers around the world. This book is important for those researching the root causes of the economic and political chaos in the world now.


Wonderful Book

Much needed book for these dark times. Thank you Kathy/Kerth for being our guide. It’s a wonderful explanation of what is hidden, and how to discover ways to combat the darkness that surrounds us.

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