If you haven’t been following the political situation too closely, it’s about to get wild. I’ve been spending a lot of time reading political and military intelligence and with a hedge fund investor who has been watching this saga simmer for a long time… the short of it is the bull run is going to end next Monday, June 11, and here is why.

Here is the short version that could be valuable before the markets start to tank. We’re expecting a crash/correction like 2009, until it pulls up ahead of the midterms, five months from now in November, and there will be a Republican sweep.

There will be a major political crisis (mostly Democrats and some Supreme Courters) and the Fed is also going to be finally taken apart via this and the plan is to somehow unwind (let the “air out of”) our $20 trillion of debt. Upshot is the government is safe, military is all on board and all the big US allies are going along for the ride (many of their top pols are also compromised),so this is going to be the big fix.



The bad guys have now been “neutralized,” which is also why I’m more comfortable putting this out there, and the good guys are getting ready for the big show — aka “the event” and the “great awakening” starting next week.

I can just begin to explain it to you, but the short of it is, the news yet to be reported is that Jullian Assange, formerly of Wikileaks, has been smuggled back here to testify on Monday.

The famous “Russian hack” is going to be that they really did murder Seth Rich, who gave all the info to Assange on a thumb drive. That opens the can of worms that first snares Wasserman Shultz — who paid the MS-13 gang for the hit, though they bungled it and he was actually killed while already in the hospital. (The other scandal she’s in are the Pakistani IT team she hired that datamined all of Congress’s emails to run a blackmail ring.)

Coming down the next day — Tuesday, June 12 — Kim of NK is going to give evidence that Pelosi broke our arms embargo, selling black market weapons herself to NK. Kim also has the goods on Iran, because NK was being paid for nuke technology and test out the bombs for everyone.



And… to keep the party going here… on June 12… the government is going to open the conversation re: “aliens” — yup — which are going to be of the New Age Pleiadian natural Earth variety (not Martians) — we’ve been told to expect giant crystals to emerge from the deserts of Sedona, Az. and lots of flying crafts buzzing in a “sky event”… Recent public disclosures from NASA have been to warm people up for this. Another reading: these are part of what Nikolai Telsa found — and why he was ruined — that the Earth can provide us with free electricity.



The government — really, the military — has been plotting revenge on the bad guys since the mid-1980s, waiting for a president who wasn’t connected to them — basically, our man Trumpy is the first since Kennedy. There has been a full-scale “psyop” underway since the election led by a group of 10 military guys called Q Team or #QAnon — they’ve been leaking clues about all this skulduggery via online fora, letting people do the research to put all this stuff together own their own, so we get a popular outcry — think French Revolution and guillotines powered by social media.

(My contribution has been websites and social media feeds that try to explain it from 40,000 feet and links to history books and primary sources that tell the story if you want piece it all together. This is my first attempt at the executive summary…)

The point here is, probably less than 100k-250k commoners/patriots know this is afoot, though it’s basically the cornerstone of all the conspiracy talk here for a century. The date had been talked about but not confirmed til last week. The kicker for me was to find out that Assange is the secret witness on the domestic front, plus the Kim deal in NK to close out the old “Axis of Evil” countries involved abroad.



The top of the food chain are the good ole Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s, and this is going to start their fall to end the central banks which they control to manipulate the stock market (all bank panics and the Great Depression are engineered by them) plus earn huge amounts of interest payments on our gigantic debts which they have been growing for that purpose for 40 years.

Every President who tried to close the Fed have been assassinated or attempted — Jackson, Lincoln, McKinley, Kennedy, Reagan — all of this is why the government is bringing USA back to the gold standard. This won’t be immediate, but going to hang over on the market for a long til it’s taken care of. The positive is that central banks around the world are aware of what’s happening, and ready to accept the “deflation” of the markets — short term pain to get this all fixed.



The Bushes still control the Walker/Russell (formerly Forbes/Delano/Astor/Perkins) family opium empire from the 19th century, which is why we were at war in Burma, Laos, Afghanistan all this time — as that’s where it’s produced, plus the cocaine business via Escobar and Panama’s Noriega, etc.. Basically, there is no drug war — Bushes are money launderers (also, with Brown Bros Harriman, all the money behind the Nazi party…)  and drug importers — most of it going through offshore oil rigs.

The “war on drugs” is just against their enemies! How they do it all is via the CIA — Iran/Contra being one of the few times it’s been exposed, but then it gets written off as a once-off problem, when it’s really just the one time the truth came out. Not clear yet to me if all drugs get fully nationalized after this, but they should be. The weed legalization is seen as the first step, also depriving bad guys of cash.

The “opiod crisis,” of course, is because, as we’ve increased Afghan’s crop from 500 tons to 6500 tons, we have lots of the component need for making pills. The opium game has been going on since Britain invented it to flood China 250 years ago, when we took it over 150 years ago, that money ended up in railroads. The history of all this was conveniently left out of the history books by the powerful.



It gets much worse.

The NXIVM sex cult — which snares NY AG Schneiderman, who covered for them, and also the famous Stormy Daniels, a cult member (with their brand on her crotch, now under a tattoo) trying to take down Trumpy… The bad pedophile financier Jeffery Epstein avoided jail by giving up evidence on every single important person who visited his sex island. Lots and lots of Hollywood people are ensnared, some have tried to flee the country already, and I’m expecting real suicides, they are all terrified.

At the core of that is occult child sex (Jon Benet Ramsey etc.) and huge corporations being used to cover human trafficking (Mexico’s CEMEX is one of the main fronts). This all ensnares the “cabal” — focused on the sex magick — and the “deep state” — focused on the government corruption and black markets. Basically, they’ve been using photos of all the big people doing the former (Kerry, Trudeau, Pope, etc.) has blackmailed them all, as well as also held over the thousands of civil servants photographed as pedos or closet homosexuals since the days of Hoover.

Missing kids from around the country and from foreign countries (especially war zones) are sold into this sexual slavery, most end up dead. Some get groomed and become major TV stars, rich entrepreneurs, etc., but all of their “power” is dependent on these bad guys, so they are all just trapped.



More fun stuff about to come out about the Demon-crat elites: Obama is gay (and his real dad was an alcoholic, pedophile chief propagandist for the Chicago communist party who sexually abused him — the Kenyan was an aristocratic “beard” for the mom who was CIA), Michelle is really Michael, their kids actually belong to their friends in Chicago, and Hillary has something called kuru, like mad cow disease, from eating baby brains with Soros, who actually farmed a kid from his own freaky DNA (with weird Coloboma eye defect) — Madeleine McCann, the Podesta brothers were last seen with her in Portugal — to sacrifice and eat.

No worries if you also hate Republi-cants because, while the Q drops tend to ignore most of them, with the exception of John McCain, referred to derisively as NO NAME, there is already lots of existing literature, books having been published since the 1980s about their sick romps. GHWB was actually witnessed to be at a pedophile party in the 1980s, GWB used his first official White House state visit, oddly, to Poland, to visit his long-boyfriend, our Ambassador there, a former mayor. A male escort and former child slave visited his White House after midnight dozens of times, got ensnared in one of the original fake news outlets, circa 2005, and became the trigger that led to the assassination of journalist Hunter S. Thompson. HST died three months after “CIA brought the crack to LA” journo Gary Webb shot himself “twice” in the head.



This is all Moloch from the old testament — idol worshiping and child sacrifice…. 9-11 was an “inside job” to take over the Afghan drugs business, excuse for military industrial complex to sell weapons — also, offshore gold stolen from Japan in WWII was used for an offshore bond issue to fund Russia privatizations buyouts and about to come due was destroyed in the WTC vaults in the collapse. But also ritual sacrifice. The Las Vegas gun rampage was also a sacrifice and assassination attempts of VIPs at the hotel.

As for school shootings: some were crazy kids, most were MK Ultra brain programmed zombies and other tragedies just plain old military-style commando storm troopers shooting kids in the hallways, all of this organized and covered up via FEMA drills — the same way 9-11 happened —  a way to terrorize the population to get further government control.

As for the famous Pizzagate… the guy who shot up the pizza parlor was a paid TV actor on IMDB, and the only thing he actually “shot” was the hard drive with all the dirty pics and evidence. The worst things that have ever been said are true and the details are coming out.

Plane crashes, surprise heart attacks (CIA ice gun with shellfish poison for that, how Justice Scalia and Andrew Breitbart were killed), and hundreds more names to be unveiled were all murder victims. It’s going to be that every journalist who died mysteriously or by suicide (Gary Webb, Hunter Thompson, Michael Hastings) were killed; politicians and officials who died in plane crashes (JFK Jr., Paul Wellstone, etc.) were killed; whistleblowers about to testify killed, all of them.

A huge spate of major corporate CEO retirements are also tied in here — what we’re seeing is all the powerful being ensnared and taken down. A lot of people are going to jail, but many expect to be killed, including Obama and Hillary. Everyone who has touched this is jeopardy, so big companies that have this risk are trying to isolate them so employees and operations continue.

An upshot is a new law called FOSTA: if they get you for human trafficking (euphemism for child sex ring) the government can confiscate your fortune.



What’s amazing is that none of this has been published in the mainstream aka the m0ckingbird media… where we have 15,500 newspapers, radio stations and TV channels all owned by 6 mega corporations, all of those bosses insiders to this bad news, thus no one gets to talk about the truth… Understanding how media works (or doesn’t) in this country is the first step in seeing how all this crime has been hidden for so long.

(If you watch NBC’s The Blacklist, you know James Spader’s Raymond Reddington tries to beat the Cabal by bringing the Fulcrum — news clippings of all these murders he ties together — to the press and the people… of course, they have no idea what to do with this… it doesn’t work for him, the Cabal lives on… and that’s what the bad guys want you to think! NBC/MSNBC is the worst kind of propaganda… The good part now is that this real, the traps all the bad guys have fallen into have been sprung and the military has done lots of work to take everyone down!)

The fact Assange is the star witness has yet to been written anywhere, even by media close to the White House, though he’s been communicating directly to all these people anonymously via social and in coded messages in popular music, etc.. Even Wikileaks was compromised by the CIA — the staff there apparently have no idea he is no longer in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.



So, what’s gonna happen is the Assange hearing pulls the thread, the NK stuff adds to it and the “aliens” make it really special, and it all crashes down on the bad guys, this starting next Monday!

What the military is afraid of is panic, which seems inevitable to me, especially with aliens on the agenda, though maybe that’s reassuring for some people… It’s been pointed out that’s why they’ve been focused on announcing great economy fundamentals — record unemployment, job growth, etc., so people around the world have some confidence the country will keep spinning.

Get out of equities and into gold, ASAP, though markets will recover once all the shock and awe clears.

Other than that, just be ready for “The Storm” — what Trump called it when it had a big White House dinner for all the military running the operation.

Look up any of these terms, especially on Twitter, and you’ll see tens of thousands of patriots pushing to get this evil from our midst, so that’s something positive to hold on to if this note is leaving you terrified — lots of us are already onboard.

The outcome will be a free America, what we haven’t had for nearly all of our life as a nation.

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  • Ok, so here we are on June 12, and we’re asking, where’s the pain?

    1. The JA-SR Senate hearing testimony was postponed, according to their website, til next week, 6/18.

    2. NK went off as expected, but there was a downed plane near Japan, a shootout at the DOJ and lots of police presence — we saw 10 paddy wagons stop a car on a NY bridge — Air Force buzzed close to Columbus, OH, and Stamford, CT. Also, NYPost reported two nice white people jumped from Midtown windows. So, this seems serious.

    3. Also, Q report that Rosenstein is in Canada (seeking to flee there?) and is about to be killed. (For real: they also posted a giant black and white skull.)

    4. Seems to be this is like the poker game Hi-Low. You have the final hand, but you can switch the order you reveal your cards until the final bet where you try for the highest hand or the lowest hand — it’s all about the element of surprise.

    5. We shall see. Still expecting fireworks and the perp walks!

    It’s only Tuesday.

  • Gosh, I haven’t reread this one until now… Mostly accurate with the exception of the timing being all wrong. The markets did fall, the short made money. But, if you’re just tuning in today, you’ll see from the chatter on Twitter now the frequencies are rising and the movie is starting to get really weird. For me, this has been a wild ride and I hope you can review lots more of the later articles (got better at writing about all this as we went) and please look forward to some new, very devastating posts, very SOON.

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