Judgment Of The Nephilim

A Comprehensive Biblical Study of the Nephilim Giants – Prepare For Startling Revelations From The Pages of The Holy Bible

6,000 years ago a war began. A war to rule Heaven and Earth that dates all the way back to the Garden of Eden. In the Garden, God told Satan that one day a woman would give birth to a male child – the Messiah, who would redeem humanity and destroy him. In order to prevent this child’s birth, Satan instigated a fallen angelic rebellion. A group of angels broke off their allegiance to the Lord and entered the earthly realm to corrupt the human gene pool and prevent the Savior’s birth. These fallen angels (“sons of God”) took human wives (“daughters of men”) and had children with them. Their offspring – hybrid half-human, half-angelic beings, were superhuman giants known as the Nephilim. With human DNA corrupted and humanity hanging in the balance, The Lord unleashed a punishment against the Nephilim so severe, only Noah and his family would survive.

New Discoveries From Scripture Regarding The Nephilim And Their Fallen Angelic Ancestors

This is a comprehensive Biblical study of the Nephilim. Using a literal reading of Scripture, we are given a complete picture of the war between two bloodlines – the lineage of the Messiah and the seed of Satan. Exploring passages rarely connected to the giants, you will discover new revelations regarding the Nephilim including:

  • Why did Pharaoh order all male children to be thrown in the river and Herod execute all male children in Bethlehem?
  • The Biblical location of the heavenly portal used by angels to enter the earthly realm.
  • How were angels able to reproduce with human women?
  • Who was the first human woman to marry the fallen Sons of God and conceive a child?
  • Who was the fallen angel who ruled the preflood world?
  • The specific timing and description of God’s punishment of the rebel Sons of God and the Nephilim.
  • How did the Nephilim return after the Flood and are there still Nephilim among us?

All these questions will be answered and many, many more.
Citing dozens of ancient Christian and Jewish writings from the first century AD through the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, Judgment Of The Nephilim provides a thorough side-by-side comparison of the Bible and the extra-Biblical texts on this topic. It also details the connection between Genesis 6, Plato’s account of Atlantis and ancient mythology. This book is a must-read for those who want to learn more on the topic of the Nephilim giants.
This is the story of God’s enduring love for all people and His promise to bring redemption through the prophesied Savior. This is the Judgment of the Nephilim.

About the Author

RYAN PITTERSON is a Biblical researcher and writer with an emphasis in ancient Hebrew thought and theology. He received his B.A. from the University of Rochester and his JD from Columbia University Law School. He resides in the New York City area with his family. https://www.facebook.com/JudgmentOfTheNephilim/
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Amazon Reviews

Fascinating Reading

Over four hundred pages of fascinating facts. I have studied the Bible for several decades from several angles but I was uniquely impressed by this study of God’s word. This book is certainly a must read addition to any study of the spiritual nature of humans, angels and demons. Genesis clearly states that there is a battle between the seed of the woman and the seed of the Devil. This book is all about that battle and the reasons for it. The best part comes near the end when the reader sees the real-life implications of that conflict in the daily lives of the believer and also the future conclusion of that battle which is yet to come. The eternal question: Why do bad things happen to good people, is at least partially answered here along with the spiritual reasons for the harsh judgments of God toward some so-called innocent people, and entire civilizations who were regarded as the enemies of God. Why were they enemies? Sorry, but I won’t give it away here. Like a good mystery, the book needs to be read in order to see how the mystery unfolds. Good reading and excellent and vital information for the believer in Jesus Christ.


The Ultimate War-Explained

The author of this book has truly been inspired by God. I have followed the blog for several years and it is rare to find true biblical Christianity being exemplified and proclaimed. The book is an extensive presentation into the “how and why” the corruption of the world and mankind all got started. With the research done for this book as well as the author sticking to scripture and letting “scripture interpret scripture” instead of postulating, the reader gets a better understanding of Satan’s plan. This book also sheds light on the proclivities of fallen mankind toward certain forbidden practices. Mr. Pitterson has taken documented biblical sources and tied them all together so that the reader gets “the whole picture” of Satan’s well thought-out plan for decimating humanity. This book brings into focus just how badly Satan wanted and wants to destroy God’s creation and the immense love that God has for us to the point of becoming human and dying for our sins just so we can have eternal communion with Him.


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