JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters

by James W. Douglass  (Author)

The acclaimed book Oliver Stone called “the best account I have read of this tragedy and its significance,” JFK and the Unspeakable details not just how the conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy was carried out, but WHY it was done…and why it still matters today.

At the height of the Cold War, JFK risked committing the greatest crime in human history: starting a nuclear war. Horrified by the specter of nuclear annihilation, Kennedy gradually turned away from his long-held Cold Warrior beliefs and toward a policy of lasting peace. But to the military and intelligence agencies in the United States, who were committed to winning the Cold War at any cost, Kennedy’s change of heart was a direct threat to their power and influence. Once these dark “Unspeakable” forces recognized that Kennedy’s interests were in direct opposition to their own, they tagged him as a dangerous traitor, plotted his assassination, and orchestrated the subsequent cover-up.

Douglass takes readers into the Oval Office during the tense days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, along on the strange journey of Lee Harvey Oswald and his shadowy handlers, and to the winding road in Dallas where an ambush awaited the President’s motorcade. As Douglass convincingly documents, at every step along the way these forces of the Unspeakable were present, moving people like pawns on a chessboard to promote a dangerous and deadly agenda.

JFK and the Unspeakable shot up to the top of the bestseller charts when Oliver Stone first brought it to the world’s attention on Bill Maher’s show. Since then, it has been lauded by Mark Lane (author of Rush to Judgment, who calls it “an exciting work with the drama of a first-rate thriller”), John Perkins (author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, who proclaims it is “arguably the most important book yet written about an American president), and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who calls it “a very well-documented and convincing portrait…I urge all Americans to read this book and come to their own conclusions.”


Product details
Paperback: 560 pages
Publisher: Touchstone; Original edition (October 19, 2010)


Amazon Review:

… for they shall be murdered.

JFK and the Unspeakable is well-researched, well-documented, well-written, and very persuasive. Its central thesis: facing the horror of nuclear war, Pres. John F. Kennedy had turned from global war to peace, which put him at odds with the cold-warriors of the CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the military-industrial complex, so the CIA, viewing him as a traitor, coordinated and carried out his murder, and other parts of the Government, including LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, the military, and the Warren Commission, helped cover up and suppress the ugly truth. Interestingly, even if the author, James W. Douglass, is viewed as overstating JFK’s turn from cold-warrior to peace seeker that is of little consequence to his argument that the CIA thought him less a cold-warrior than a traitor who coddled communists and threatened national security, and therefore assassinated him on November 22, 1963.

The book’s descriptions of the Kennedy/Khrushchev/ Pope John XXIII interaction in the interest of peace stand out, but the author’s reliance on a May 1, 1962 twenty minute meeting between a group of Quakers and JFK is overblown, with even the author conceding he has “no evidence” JFK “ever even referred again” to that meeting (p. 326 in 50th Anniversary Ed.). The book leaves you contemplating how the Viet Nam War and the Cold War could have been resolved more quickly had JFK lived and, implicitly, how America would be different from what it is today.

JFK and the Unspeakable can’t but help improve one’s view of and estimation of JFK and rue both the ever-increasing and secret power of the national security state and the constant war-footing this country now is on. The Kennedy assassination was a horrible event in American history, even more horrific than most people suspect.

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