Japanese and U.S. World War II Plunder and Intrigue

By Captain Rodney Stitch

This book describes Japanese and U.S. World War II plunder and intrigue that has been kept from the American people for decades. It is a documentary on Japanese atrocities during World War II; the Japanese plunder of a dozen nations from 1937 to 1945; the concealment of the plunder in the Philippines and Japan; the secret retrieval of portions of the plunder by covert U.S. government personnel and subsequent use for worldwide covert operations; and the complicity of banks worldwide.
Numerous insiders provide information and documentation on the Japanese plunder of a dozen nations from 1937 to 1945, and concealing that plunder in Japan and the Philippines. That was followed by the secret retrieval of a portion of the plunder by U.S. personnel for use in covert activities subverting numerous countries.
The story of wartime intrigue, the actions of people in various government entities secretly retrieving Japanese war plunder, and corruptly diverting the funds from the true owners to fund corrupt activities, subverting foreign governments, all with harmful blowback consequences for the security of the United States and the quality of life for the nation’s people. It is an insight into the culture that would gradually mutate throughout government and the society of the United States.
Sampling of issues detailed and documented in that book.
•Description of Japanese atrocities from 1937 to 1945, including the rape of Nanking.

•Japanese plunder of a dozen nations from 1937 to 1945, and its subsequent concealment in Japan and Philippines.

•Japanese stashing of tons of bullion in caves and tunnels throughout the Philippines, known as the Yamashita Treasure.

•U.S. protection of Japanese guilty of horrific war crimes again U.S. prisoners of war.

•The U.S. scheme required that the U.S.-Japan peace treaty falsely claim that there was no Japanese plunder; and required that the U.S. protect certain Japanese war criminals guilty of horrific crimes against prisoners of war; and much more.

•Discovery and secret retrieval of portions of the Japanese plunder by covert CIA and military personnel, and depositing the bullion in banks throughout the world.

•CIA assisting in hiding the plunder obtained by Philippine President Ferdinand Marcus.

•Effect of scheme upon the United States.


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Background on Rodney Stich:
* Navy Patrol Plane Commander in World War II and instructor in PBY Catalina aircraft. (Pictures at www.defraudingamerica.com/picture_list.html.)* International airline captain for many years after the end of World War II. Captain for Japan Airlines, sharing the cockpt with copilots that were Japanese war pilots a short time earlier.(See www.transoceanairlines.com)Also, flying planeloads of Muslim pilgrims from throutghoutd the Middle East to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina; caught in CIA revolution in Iran, and many other interesting experiences.

* Key federal airline safety inspector-investigator during period of seemingly endless series of preventable airline disasters. (See www.history of aviation disasters: 1950 to 9/11).

* Real estate investor. (www.defraudingamerica.com/real_estate_seized.html)

* Head of a coalition of former government agents and other insiders exposing half century of corruption in overt and covert government operations that caused or enabled to occur tragic, sometimes deadly, sometimes catastrophic, effects upon the American people. These insiders included former personnel in such government agencies as the FBI, CIA, ONI, INS, Secret Service, former drug smugglers carrying out drug operations for government personnel such as the CIA, and former Mafia figures.

* Guest and expert on hundreds of radio and TV shows since 1978.

* Author of over nearly two dozen books on government intrigue.

* Activist seeking to bring public attention to the systemic high-level corruption that is the greatest source of harm to the American people and the nation, attempting to generate the outrage required to bring about meaningful changes.

* Guest and expert on over 3,000 radio and TV shows since 1978.

* His books contain details and documentation on 60 years of serious corruption in government offices, discovered during 70 years of unique activities involving aviation, government intrigue, and foreign affairs, started in 1940, when he joined the U.S. Navy, a year before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He was the youngest Navy Patrol Plane Commander in World War II, an international airline captain, an unprecedented corruption fighter since the mid-1960s.

He has become the focal point for dozens of former professionals in covert and law enforcement operations. Decades of evidence of his credibility includes highly respected U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White. He has 70 years of exposure to corruption in government and the resulting tragedies.

His not-for-profit books on these matters can be obtained in print or eBook format, from www.amazon.com. At this writing, in 2014, he is still, foolishly, presenting sequestered information that led to 9/11, two brutal wars, and an explosive growth of people wanting to kill Americans.

Hopelessly, he presents this massive information to a generation focused on small hand-held devices that are hopelessly inadequate for understand the culture in government to generated and enabled these great tragedies.

* More information at www.rodneystich.com and www.defraudingamerica.com.


Rodney Stitch was a USAF airman, who became an airline investigator, who then got onto looking at all the airline crashes in the 1980s and saw that it was the U.S. Department of Justice getting all of its enemies onto planes to eliminate them — crashing them on purpose.

He put together a superhero’s Justice League collection of disgruntled spooks and began raising hell until 1982, when the bad lawyers figured out how to misuse the legal system, entrapping him for the next 23 years with fake cases and bankruptcy.

He’d been legally divorced for 16 years, but they put his ex-wife up to railroad him with absurd cases – how could he be sued in California for a divorce in Arizona, how could they go seek to attach his fortune that only came into being years after being divorced, when, through hard work and buying up local real estate, he turned $500 into $10 million; how could all of his legal pleas be thrown on deaf ears of deaf judges, every, single, time?

In the end, Stitch even had to spend time in jail for a fake contempt charge during which time a whole spate of DOJ sponsored plane crashes took place. (While inside, he met a new government source, also in for bogus crimes, that turned him onto info for later books.) And when that was all done, they went after the only thing he had left — the dozens of books he’d published — with another fake case that took away his ownership rights to all those texts. Only now that he’s dead are his books coming available online again.

One more point that you might find when reading about Stitch — who the world tried to ignore once they had silence him — is that he was an airman, his specialty later became investigating air crashes, and he felt personally guilty that his imprisonment cost the lives of all those he could have saved in plane crashes if his voice had been heard. By the time we get to 9-11, he’s already an old man, and his writing focusing on the details of the supposed plane hijackings left some truthers with a bad taste — that he was somehow a plant to keep the government’s case up. Obviously, reading his books, especially Defrauding America, which goes into Nugan Hand and BBRDW and so many more crimes, where he calls out every bad guy imaginable, you need to cut him some slack — he just saw that planes were involved and felt terrible that he couldn’t save everyone. 


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