Stolen Gold — from Germany, from Japan, from the Philippines, from Indonesia.

Whitewashed — through European financial institutions, 164 flim-flam CIA banks, the Federal Reserve of New York.

So many crimes — gold bartered for cash from the drugs of the CIA’s Black Eagle opium trade; gold for the cash to short the Ruble to wipe out the USSR; gold to finance the bonds to buy up all the Russian privatizations, same bonds due on Sept. 12, 2001, original paper destroyed in the basement vaults; the gold removed from the vaults the day before the towers came crashing down.




Gold — what can it not do, and undo? — William Shakespeare

We Spaniards know a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure. – Hernán Cortés

We have gold because we cannot trust governments. ― Herbert Hoover

Governments lie; bankers lie; even auditors sometimes lie. Gold tells the truth. — Lord Rees Mogg

The modern mind dislikes gold because it blurts out unpleasant truths. — Joseph Schumpeter



Today, Winter Solstice, December 21, 2018, we remember the death of General George S. Patton, 1945, 5:55 PM. They killed him because of the gold.

After helping to win the war, Patton’s troops, the U.S. Third Army, in the first week of April, 1945, discovered that the Nazis hid today’s equivalent of $1 trillion in gold, in an old mine, 200 miles outside Berlin.  The gold was moved from the Bundesbank and included what was robbed from the central banks of Germany’s neighbors. There was also famous art work and all the stolen silver and gold from the homes of the Nazi victims.

A week after taking control of the mine and the gold, Patton was promoted to Four-Star General.

Immediately, his bosses flew in to take control of the situation.

From the U.S. government archive: “On April 8 Patton learned that in addition to the paper money found the day before, his soldiers had found a significant quantity of gold, and he also learned that the press had found out about the Merkers mine and had published stories about the capture of the gold. Patton called Gen. Omar N. Bradley, commander of the U.S. Twelfth Army Group, and told him that owing to the amount of the seizure and the fact that it had been made public, he believed it was now a political question and requested that Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF), commanded by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, be asked to send somebody to take it over.(25 – Patton, War As I Knew It, pp. 272-273.)

The person who would take over the Merkers operation was Col. Bernard D. Bernstein, deputy chief, Financial Branch, G-5 Division of SHAEF. In October 1942, when he was commissioned a colonel, Bernstein was the assistant general counsel at the Department of the Treasury, handling foreign funds matters. Late on the morning of April 8, Bernstein, at SHAEF headquarters at Versailles, read a front-page story in the Paris edition of the New York Herald Tribune about the discovery of the gold and other treasures at Merkers. He immediately called Barrett to see if he had any information on the subject. He was advised that Barrett was forward at Third Army and would be telephoned immediately about the matter.(26 – 26. “Bernstein Report,” RG 331, NACP; “G-4 Functions in ETOUSA Operations,” RG 331, NACP; oral history interview of Bernard Bernstein by Richard D. McKinzie, July 23, 1975, New York, NY, p. 113, Harry S. Truman Library, Independence, MO. In this interview Bernstein reported he had read about the story in the Stars and Stripes.)

That night, at dinner, this anecdote is attributed to Patton, but was it really the plan of the other guys who laid it on his feet? Deflection much?

“Later that evening Bradley, Eisenhower, and Patton dined together. Among the things they discussed was that when word first reached Patton about the gold discovery, he had ordered a censorship stop on the discovery. ‘But why keep it a secret, George?’ Bradley asked. ‘What would do with all that money?’ Patton said that his soldiers were of two minds. One view was that the gold be cut into medallions, ‘one for every sonuvabitch in Third Army.’ The other view was that the Third Army hide the loot until peacetime when military appropriations were tight and then dig it up to buy new weapons. Eisenhower, looking at Bradley and laughing, said ‘He’s always got an answer.’ The evening did not end on a happy note. Just about midnight the three learned that President Roosevelt had died.” (47 – Bradley, A Soldier’s Story, p. 541.)

This story comes from Bradley, not Patton. That it’s cited by the apparatchiks at Slate goes to show how convenient this lie became.

“Bradley and Eisenhower thought the idea was a joke. But Patton was deadly serious, and had already ordered a press blackout about the discovery and ringed the salt mine with tanks.”

Obviously, the tanks were to protect the assets until they were secured. The press blackout was obviously not true because Bernstein read about it in the newspaper before he flew over and Patton, himself, found out about the mine when the press did.

What we really have here, friends, is them sticking it to Patton. Future proves past.

What happened to all that money? Less than a month after Patton was dead, all of it was transferred to a Cabal technocratic and formal sounding entity, the Inter-Allied Reparation Agency (all of these, every, single international financial organization they hide behind to move the money were created for this very purpose — looting in plain sight.) A bunch also went to the Vatican (surprised?) via Croatia, subject to its own court case as last as 2010.

When Q says we have the gold — of course we do, we know exactly where the loot is.

Taken alone, of course, it could just be a one-off of history. But learn the rest of the story.



A German General revealed in his untranslated memoirs how the quid-pro-quo of German reconstruction came with three provisos — every elected government would be subject to American approval, deep state cover groups, NATO and the U.S. State Department’s Atlantic Council would be involved in all foreign affairs decisions, and where most of the Bundesbank’s gold would be sent to the New York Fed. Where it remains today.

As for Patton’s death, we have the official story — it was a car accident, where he broke his back, was paralyzed from the neck down and died of congestive heart failure in the hospital.


Looking closer, we have the ugly details version: the fact that the truck his Cadillac ran into was waiting on the side of the ride for Patton’s car to approach, before pulling out directly in front to cause the accident. Where no one else was injured.

Then we have the reported story of the CIA-sent assassin, a sharp shooter who was trailing the car, fooled with the window and set Patton up to be killed.

The offshoot of the story is that it wasn’t for the gold, but because Patton wanted war with Russia, which is usually Deep State code for make believe.

The other make believe corollary is that the whole “gold business” is just from a movie, based on two unrelated books by the same author, brought together for dramatic purposes, but nowhere based on reality. (Mm-hmm.) 

And then, where we go by following the money.

It was no accident. Patton wanted the gold dealt with correctly, his superiors wanted to build their off-balance black ops nest egg. He got in the way. End of story.



From Germany to Japan: Same time frame. End of the war, what comes out is that the Japanese emperor hid the literal Ali Baba’s cave of gold and gemstones, buried under ground in the Philippines. It was from his empire and from looting his neighbors.

Read all about how this treasure hunt came true. See pictures of the actual gold.

Who was in charge of this op?  A Filipino lawyer you may have heard of – Ferdinand Marcos. He got the job because he was the local working for a Vatican big.

Where was his fortune from to allow dictatorial control over the country? The gold.

What paid for Imelda’s shoes? The gold.

What’s happening with all that now? This is news now.

White hats closing in.


1999/2017 – “Marcos’s alleged gold hoard exceeded $35 billion estimate” 

2017 – “Imelda Marcos once wanted to return 7,000 tons of gold”

2017 – “Marcos gold can save the world — $987 billion in the Philippines” 

2018 – “Imelda Marcos convicted of graft in Philippines, ordered arrested”


Who controlled the Philippines during and after the war? We did. 

What did we do with the gold? Just like they accused Patton — we kept the gold off the books.

We set up 164 CIA-run sham banks around the world with these gold deposits.

Read about Nugan Hand, one of the famous fake banks that wound up exposed. Great book, great title — Crimes of Patriots.

With a bank full of stolen gold, you can write loans to yourself off it, pay for gun smuggling, wash money from drug smuggling, take out cash for human trafficking. Pay hush money to everyone to cover it all up. Kill those who threaten to expose.



How much money we taking here? Between taking over the worldwide opium, heroin and cocaine operation and these huge caches of gold, we are talking trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars.

How do we know? Following the thread of Nugan Hand, we come to the story of the Five Star Trust.

This started with $300 billion specifically earned by addicting U.S. soldiers in Vietnam on heroin. The group of five (hence the Five Start Trust) led by GHWB agreed to pay that out.

But they didn’t. What they did was stiff General Ferrera, the, perhaps, only semi-honest member of the five, with notes no bank would ever redeem, sending him on a 40-year journey to make that whole.

Read all about it here and see the only known photo of the fellow, below.


Where Black Eagle and Black Eagle II were the code names for the CIA-led opium export biz, the other Black Eagle, the Black Eagle Trust — and, yes, these are all Nazi allusions, wonder why? — was a tremendous scam based on the gold and what we did with it to screw Russia in the stock market.

Before the Black Eagle Trust, there was one more — the Black Swan scam. This was a currency ploy to suck out the rubles from Russia, making paying for Star Wars and all that jazz more difficult — and netting some $32 trillion in profit. It was led by an ambassador appointed by Ronald Reagan named Lee Wanta.

The sad part of the story is that, like General Ferrera, even when the bad guy government says you can have some of the icing you created on this fraudulent cake, they change their mind, and throw you in jail for one thing or the other.

In Wanta’s case, where Reagan was his protector, GHWB wanted him out, so he could keep the trillions within the Cabal. Quite simply, they found some lame Minnesota state tax violation for a few thousand dollars, and let him rot in jail for as long as they could get away with it. 

Again: the money is still there, Q knows where it is, time to bring it home. You can buy a lot of Mexican wall for $32 trillion — in fact, you could buy 6,400 of them at $5 billion each.


On to the Black Eagle Trust:

Here, we used our dodgy CIA banks in 1991 to lever the gold deposit by putting it down as the collateral for a $200 billion bond issue. We agreed to pay ourselves back the $200 billion in ten years, with interest, etc., and got a lot of cash to throw at the Russian energy monopoly privatizations. Yes, we simply bought those shares with this loot and ended up as the quiet shareholders behind all the oligarchs!

Quite ingenious, but then it gets ugly. The bonds had to be paid back ten years later, so that’s 2001. What date? September 12. The problem for our crooked bankers then became that it would be really suspicious if someone showed up to pay that off, because it was all off the books anyway, and people would start asking about the money, initially, and where the cash came from to pay it back. 

Well, the only way you can get around the technicalities of physically redeeming a bond is if you can prove the actual paper was lost — in a fire, usually. So, ya. We said the paper was in the vault at the bottom of the Twin Towers. 

Yes, same vaults where SecuraCom, that would the Bush-family security company with Marvin B. on the board and the WW, Wert Walker III, his cousin, at the helm, along with some odd ex-military people, including one guy who was an expert in demolitions. 

If you never heard this story, this was the crew who had the security contracts for the towers, as well as Dulles, and were the inside men, in the days leading up to 9-11, to place the explosives at the bottom of the elevator shafts, after making sure the gold was out safely.

(We’ll do a feature here on how the Bush Boys do their pump-and-dump white collar fraud, but the only thing to add now is this is how they dump these evil shell companies. This one was typical, changed the name to Stratesec, put a patsy up top, pile up some debt via the stock market, sell it or just walk away, leaving others holding the bag when the shares drop to nothing.)

This stuff has been reported, but is easily ignored if you don’t want to scratch below the surface. The one fellow who’s full account you find online under a fake name may be the only surviving member of the Navy Intel group that was investigating these crimes, from inside the Pentagon, all of them dead the morning of 9-11. This possible survivor has now become a bit of a kook, turning out e-books on health issues and other topics, safely from Arizona. Is it real, a crazy psyop, who knows, but, really, why would the bad guys want to lay all this truth out for us to read?

How the bond story ends is that when the stock market is closed in the chaos for the week of 9-11, there’s actually no chaos on the technical side. The only thing people eventually notice is that a huge inter-bank transfer of the $200 billion crosses between banks. Meanwhile, the biggest bond trading companies in the world get destroyed in the attack and any other records from the FBI office also burn in the flames.

Mission accomplished. 



Then there’s Indonesia.

We know about the Five Start Trust from an Australian patriot, Eliahi Priest, who compiled a massive drop called #InsigniaGate with all of its gory details.

In addition to the investment notes linked to the opium trade, there’s the story of an Indonesian man in 2009 representing a similarly giant cache of old empire gold — $5 trillion worth —  for which he even has a receipt, after entrusting it to the Federal Reserve of New York, where he places it on deposit, because where else would you put 750,000 tonnes of gold?

(The details are a little trickier — according to these spooks, he started with 700 tonnes, which then became gold certificates representing the 750,000 tonnes, before landing at the Fed, where it became $23 trillion cash, conveniently used to buy up the fallen equity market after the Lehman Brothers collapse.)

To keep with our general practice of not being fair to people when the man wanted to take some cash out — he was willing to settle with them for just $500 million —  they told him to pound sand.

The generic answer, as it was for General Ferrera: sorry, your documents must be fake, we have no idea what you’re talking about. (Second item on link.) Wrong number, never call here again!


(Click here to review all the receipts yourself!)



The thing with the gold is it doesn’t go away. The money just gets bigger. In fact, part of the allure of the yellow stuff is once you do own it, it is such a big, valuable number, you drop it in the bank, and the bank lends off it, it’s a cash machine of interest and payouts. The accounts just grow.

So it was that General Ferrera, via our fine Australian patriot, who was working in advanced space projects in London, fell under the tutelage of Lord Blackwell, who brought it up, in the very House of Lords, that he had been approached by a group he called Foundation X to solve the 2008 world financial crisis with just the right amount of off-the-books gold.

The exact amount needed to refloat all the UK banks and all the American banks  — $16 trillion — that were robbed by their masters who left the people holding those infamous toxic mortgages.

Because the problem with all the off-the-books money is you can’t touch it unless you can bring it into the light. If the Deep State doesn’t want you to, because every time you get close, they call financial fraud on you, those General Ferreras holding the strings become more and more brazen on how to get civil society to force the question.



The avenue to the answer for this conundrum comes from the reaction to Lord Blackwell from his own richie-rich peers. Number one of that being Lord Sassoon — the Sassoons were the family that ran the East India Company’s opium business, as they had been the world trader in the stuff going all the way back to the Babylon.

That Lord Sassoon has so much money, when Lord Blackwell started to ask around for help, he was told to go straight to him. Why? Because Lord Sassoon IS the Treasury.

And his answer revealed it. Why, of course this is crazy, there’s not that much gold in the whole world! The number they sometimes use is 165,000 tons ever mined, Sassoon thought even lower.

Our Australian whistleblower has been pressing to have this become public debate for ten years.

His argument is that of course we want this money to come back on the books, because look what it could pay for — all of the space travel, science magic, technological developments — everything his team was working on, just like how the Deep State uses its stolen trillions to fund its own secret armies, this money is so massive that it could do so much good in the world.



But what really happened is that it doesn’t work that way. At least until today. How it works is actually the very same people in charge of the money supply — the central banks — these are not owned by the governments, but owned by the bankers, who make their money on interest for writing loans to the government, which we pay back in those nasty income taxes.

The real optimal situation is what they’ve achieved in the United States, where we have $20 trillion of debt. The interest alone is equal to all of the money brought in every year by the IRS. We never pay down the principal, they just issue us more loans. Why? Because that’s how they make their money.

How much is this, my financially weary friend? Well, round numbers: 10% of $20 trillion is $2 trillion per year; 5% would be $1 trillion, 2.5% would be $500 billion in interest every year.

That would go to the schnooks holding the debt — China and lots of rich people — and a big cut goes to the bankers. Would it be fair to say the bankers earn a round 0.5% — that’s $100 billion. And they’re not even lending the money — they just set it up for us to borrow it from ourselves.

Are there 10 big banks in on the scheme? That’s $10 billion in pure profit, each. Easy money.



The back story of the Fed gets its own profile here — it’s still pending, sorry.

The short of it is Hamilton — of the musical fame — was the one who brought the central bank concept over from Europe. Andrew Jackson fought tooth and nail for the contract to expire and not be renewed. Look it up — he said his biggest achievement was keeping them out. Then it came back.

Lincoln needed to borrow money to pay for the Civil War. He asked these bankers for a loan — they said, sure, at 30% interest. He balked. Lincoln looked up the rules and saw — plain as day — that the federal government was rightly set up to be able to issue its own money backed by the people. So he did. And they killed him.

Sorry — but every American president who was killed in office, died because he stood up to the bankers. The most famous of the dead presidents being JFK.

He had approved executive orders to take that back just before Dallas. One of the very first decisions of LBJ — maybe even on the airplane back to DC — was to reverse that EO.



End the Fed. The Great Awakening is about how this Cabal has survived millennia through trickery, deceit and control. This is how they control the money; we saw how they control the drugs, using it for raising cash and for squashing dissent, keeping the sheeple numb.

We also saw their secret — the bottom of the rabbit hole. I’m going to give you the high level review in case you missed this. It’s not unrelated, but the very core of why they need to control all the world’s money.

This is about the kids they use for SRA — Satanic Ritual Abuse (watchout, as I’m reading now that certain groups led by the “mainstream” Satanists are going for the PC parry of not allowing you to call it that anymore) Ok — the Sexual Ritual Abuse — which serves two purposes:

The first is helping our masters regain their youth and vitality by drinking the blood of children. Yes. It’s true. Read about it here or listen to Bob Marley, who they killed for signing about it, here.

The second is to capture their minions in blackmail-able offenses through raping those same children — guaranteeing they will not turn against them — and, in exchange, offering up all the worldly gifts at their fingertips.

Yes. Every bad politician, every rich CEO, every famous newsman, every Hollywood starlet, every pop singer is on this. Why? Because they don’t let you get to the top unless you’re on their team.

This is what Q is warning the world about, what Trump and the US Military are trying to wind down, and what the 66,000 sealed indictments portend.

It’s not about the stolen gold. It’s about our stolen world.

It’s time: dark to light.

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  • Editor’s Note:

    One eagle-eyed military expert wrote in to say Patton was promoted to General in August, 1944, though he was unable to provide anything more than his own personal conviction that was case.

    The fact from the history books differs, and we stand by our version as being correct:

    “On April 14, 1945, Patton was promoted to general, a promotion long advocated by Stimson in recognition of Patton’s battle accomplishments during 1944.”

    Blumenson, Martin (1972), The Patton Papers: 1885–1940, Boston, Massachusetts: Houghton Mifflin, ISBN 978-0-395-18498-1

    According to this authoritative book based on Patton’s own papers, the promotion, indeed, was based on his battles the year before, but came down a week after the discovery of the gold.

    For what it’s worth, this is also how it’s been cited at Wikipedia and

  • May the Lord continue to protect all involved in the Q movement and expose with light this disgusting Kabal. May they be held accountable to man and then their Creator for their crimes against humanity. In Jesus name I pray

  • UNREAL..A MUST READ….long but ever so informative….You will be amazed!!!!!! God Bless our POTUS for taking this on

  • So what are your thoughts on how to protect our savings/retirement when this all goes down?? I watch all the YT goldbugs say to sell off your stocks and any dollar denominated assets and buy as much precious metals as possible (which they are happy to sell you, of course). But then I read these types of stories that says there is much more gold than commonly accepted. I don’t like putting all my eggs in one basket but I am concerned about a market correction, a bank closure, deflation/hyper-inflation of the dollar, so what is one to do?

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