The big news was Trumpy authorizing the US Space Fleet because this is about to become the Summer of the UFOs.

North Korea is tied into the question of UFOs and the Deep State. North Korea went down as expected, with the idea that the leaders had already met; NK would be our ally against the former Axis of Evil.

But one thing that came out and was unexpected and ties into the UFOs was what happened in Hawaii. Apparently, this was no mistake — it takes five affirmative commands and two keys eight feet apart to trigger the warning system — ie. it was not one employee’s mistake.

Rather, the Deep State, which has illegally been selling arms to North Korea and helping it achieve nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, was about to set NK for a frame-job. Their goal was to launch a ballistic missile at Hawaii and blame NK.

Questions about the sub: to carry a ballistic missile, the Dolphin subs Mossad has are too small by half, but a sub the DEA ordered would work; plus the whole idea is the Deep State has built its own army off the books so they easily could have ordered their own super sub.

But its missile wasn’t caught by our Air Force.



Rather, the UFOs stepped in to neutralize the weapon mid-flight. A week later, the same mystery sub apparently launched a similar thwarted ballistic missile attempt on Japan to frame NK. Both the missile and the sub were destroyed. This attempted frame job is what made NK decide its best option was to do the deal with Trumpy.

Another other point made about the cooperation of the UFOs is that only their technology would enable the US to pre-emptively strke NK before they could attack South Korea. It could also be that factor is irrelevant if there had never really been any intention of either side to use nukes.

So, the UFOs. The main photo is from the White House in 1952. This is really the decade of the UFOs and you’ll soon see why. (This image was even on MSNBC when the Obama administration denied there was anything more to say about aliens after thousands pushed the subject by signing online petitions for disclosure.)


These are not alien ships, but man-made “flying saucers” and footage exists of one first being tested in 1939.    

The Haunebu III was a circular flying vehicle that used super magnets, advanced physics or harnessed ancient technologies we’re unaware of, to make something we’d call a UFO. 

Haunebu III was a giant flying saucer . It was 71 feet in diameter , could accommodate 32 people and had an estimated speed of between 7,000 and 40,000 km / h.

“The body of this vessel consisted first of a three-layer Victalen . The vessel would teoetisk could fly up to 7-8 weeks at a time. 19 test flights were conducted with this vessel.




Here you can watch a little film where all these documents are featured and here you can watch a leaked 1939 test flight of the machine.



This was the work of the special Nazi space fleet.

Either they liked the remote location or, indeed, their is some energy force or technology they are protecting under the ice — we still don’t know — but the Nazis created Base 211 in Antarctica for the UFOs.

During the war, their hope was to perfect these machines to then use in battle. But when it seemed Germany was about to lose, cooler heads stepped in to execute a Plan B.

The UFO engineers may have also feared that too much of the war would be dependent on their technology, and they may have had disagreements with the main leadership about its use. But the decision was taken to keep their work aside and secret, meanwhile, the business leadership and capital reorganized to function in exile.

So, apparently, the Nazis continue in Antarctica to this day.



After the war, the appearances of the UFOs began everywhere, including these shots of them buzzing Washington, DC, in 1952.

British secret services attempted to engage the Nazi UFOs in battle, and lost quickly because of the supremacy of their craft. Admiral Byrd’s famous trip to Antarctica was for the same purpose and they frightened him off, too.

Then, apparently, the US accepted their demands, as there was an international treaty regulating Antarctica and what’s understood now is that the black / unreported part of the missing trillions of defense budget spending has been to support a space fleet already in existence.

Basically, you guys — the Nazis — have the technology or access to certain materials, we have computers and the biggest war budget in the world — let’s work together! Now, since this is all secret, it would make sense the relationship and whatever operation had been run by the Deep State. If the idea is to assert control and go public with this, then the Deep State would be out here, too.



But there is much more to the Nazi story here.

Hitler faked his death, shooting the body doubles for him and Eva Braun, then escaping to eventually board a U-boat with final destination Argentina. A group of former Nazis were living in German cities, built like the Alps, in Patagonia – Barilochi is the center of it — where they operate as the Nazi shadow government and administrate what’s happening in Antarctica. 

Groups of politicians and businessmen have been visiting both Patagonia and Antarctica, with Rex Tillerson of US State Dept and Jeff Bezos of Amazon – who is launching his own space travel company – to the former and John Kerry to the latter. It ties back to old technology, lost inventions of Tesla, and the answer to the why of defense budget black holes. More deeply for America, it also ties back to Wall Street financing the Nazis, the Operation Paperclip for them to join the US govt and  in the CIA which brings it all back to the Deep State today.

The remaining question is about the Antarctica Nazis now. One account is they already into their third generation and feel themselves to be more scientists than soldiers, so they’re looking to go public in a coordinated fashion. Since we’ve already been paying for it for years, America wants to show off our foreign colonies and share our other advances, and probably make money there, ferrying other countries to and fro. Plus, disclosure takes it from the secret realm to ordinary government business, adios deep state.



The author of the most scholarly book on this question made his fight public with Amazon about this jacket and blurb. Basically, he had to drop the swastika cuff links from the cover and drop the word Nazi from the text — even though he could cite many books that featured both. I guess the idea being at least they can control that final aspect before someone decides to buys a book.

All in the same week as Trumpy announces the Space Fleet, out of apparently nowhere, the German toy company Revell pulls a plastic model of the Haunebu II.

They provide a mea culpa that they should have included that this was a make believe craft, that it had not been produced in Germany from the late 1930s to 1943, and they have no idea whose idea it was or when the decision was taken to create the model that has been on sale for years and years.

Anyway; the Deep State is safe — the toy is totally off the shelf now.

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