Wishful thinking isn’t how you’re supposed to report the news.

To all the reporters who went to her rallies in nearly empty gymnasiums, then got their cameramen to get up close, filling the frame with enough people to make it believable, shame on you.

To all the reporters who didn’t act like foreign correspondents on their own soil: the cynical rule of thumb is one party is usually the crooks, the other is usually the fascists, both are barely worthy of the citizen’s vote. Journalists shouldn’t vote, the same way athletes shouldn’t bet on their own games — not because it’s indefensible, but because you pull for the team you put money on, even when you know it’s the wrong team. Shameful.

(NB: This is a partisan blog – we bet money on the bad guys going down and we’re disclosing our position.)

To all the reporters who covered the election from a desk in New York or LA, shame on you because the real truth is always in the heartland; that’s where the heart is. And if you only want to remember Trumpy as being a TV jerk or a bankrupt casino huckster, you miss the real story. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington only after shaking thousands and thousands of hands of real Americans, listening to their stories, shedding the real tears on learning of their real tragedies. These are the people who tune into your TV channels and buy (read for free) your newspapers. Shame on you for ignoring them.

But the journalists are cool, they really do mean well. Who doesn’t at all are their bosses, and their bosses’ boss, and that guy’s board of directors, and those bastards who own the debt and the ultimate bastards who own the debt of those guys.

They were just following orders.

We have 15,500 newspapers, radio stations and TV channels here, all owned by 6 companies. For shame. And they spend all their time talking nonsense and ridiculing the real journalists trying to do good work. It’s called Operation Mockingbird — sounds like the real thing but really just white noise — there’s a whole site about it, see below.

The dirty henchman in this charade are the Clowns, as in Clowns In America, as in the CIA. These are our own brownshirts, running around the world to carry out the murder and mayhem on behalf of The Cabal and the Deep State. And, guess what? All this election-influencing, fake-non-profit-running, fake-news accusations that bedeviled us in 2016 are exactly what they do in every country in the rest of the world. Rather than the “crimes of patriots,” these are just crimes.  Close it down.

The only question that remains at the time of this writing — how long will the mockingbird media protest this true version of events because they’d rather defend the current paradigm.

I’m guessing, once the BOOMS drop, there will be two intense weeks — we can’t wait to watch the Sunday morning interview shows that first weekend!

Then, they will get their heads out of the sand, trying to catch up on the story over its long reckoning this summer – the Witch Trials! They will be writing a lot of obituaries.


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  • Great site, excellent post! Thank you for doing this, and thank you for making this so clear. The old newspaper men are so out of their league!!!

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