F. D. R. My Exploited Father in Law

Another book lost to history, here read the 1968 memoir of FDR’s son-in-law, Curtis B. Dall, a stockbroker during the 1929 Crash and a witness to all the crimes that took place in his father-in-law’s presidency.
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  • Publisher: Christian Crusade Publicat; 2nd Edition edition (1968)



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My Exploited Father-In-Law

Curtis B. Dall, the author, was a White House Insider while F.D.R. was President. This is a book that every American should read and is the only source I have ever found on many important events of that time period. Those events have repercussions down to the present day. Mr. Dall was an excellent observer and reporter plus he was a man of experience with the world “as it is”. He is a good writer, is clear and understandable and the events themselves are fascinating. I lent or lost my original copy and am now looking for another one for my permanent reference library. I think it was one of the best and most important books I’ve ever read.


Americans: The Exploited People

The book started off with a slow start, but finished with ” all cannons blazing”. Curtis Dall was married to F.D.R.’s daughter and was a stockbroker on the floor during the 1929 crash. It was after the crash that the author started to ” see the truth”. After conversations with various individuals he begins to learn the 1929 crash was a manipulated event. The author states,” I had not yet learned that the largest and quickest profits which can accrue to powerful bankers and credit manipulators is selling just before they create a disaster to shake confidence throughout the world– specifically, war”. This is exactly what happened prior to the 9/11 attacks. Similarly, when the economy sank in late 2008 prior to the election, banks receieved a bailout, and “bankers” bought commodities at dirt cheap prices. Not much has changed.

The author also describes the money power that is behind politics and war, and also the ultimate goal of this money power of achieving a world government on the basis of promoting peace. Curtis Dall describes how these people continually use the the innocuous term “peace” to achieve their goal. That interested me because in the book of Daniel we read…and by peace shall destroy many.(Daniel 8:25)

The downside of the book is the events described involve alot of hearsay. For example, the author writes about Harry Hopkins giving money plates to the Soviet Union to print our currency. I haven’t seen this documented anywhere, so we have to take the author on his word alone. This is a good book nevertheless; and one can gain more insight into the truth from Curtis Dall’s personal experience.


“Naturally, it was not an accident.”

Being a former Wall Street man himself, and FDR’s former son-in-law, it was amazingly courageous for Mr. Dall to put these revelations into public print. He names names and takes names, in a real “no hold’s barred” way. The behind-the-scenes influences, and their results, are revealed in stark clarity, with details of times and places.

Dall exposes the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), the Federal Reserve, the NAACP, with details on their backgrounds and then how they really operate. You’ll find Bernard Baruch in these pages. Also Harry Hopkins, “a completely dedicated agent for the top internationalists.” Also Felix Frankfurter, Henry Morgenthau, and Louis Brandeis.

“I had no idea then … what great impact the World Zionist movement exerts upon the Foreign Policy of the United States.” [p. 83]

“It appears to me that the term, Brain Trust [for those around FDR], was a colorful one. It was quite theatrical, a clever and picturesque ‘Red Herring’ designed to divert public attention from some powerful C.F.R. pro-Zionist advisors who were operating effectively from behind the scenes.” [p. 91]

Mr. Dall spills the beans on the true story behind the Pearl Harbor attack, which he calls a “planned incident,” and the real reason that Hitler was targeted for take-down by “the world money power group.” [p. 120]

This is a book that should be re-read from time to time, because none of this background material will be found in mainstream media today.

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