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An investigation of connections between the Mafia, the CIA, a small group of powerful Texas businessmen and politicians, and the $500 billion savings and loan scandal.

Amazon Review:
I bought my first copy of Pete Brewton’s “The Mafia, CIA & George Bush” in the election season of 1992 from the author at a folding table set up in front of the Harris County Courthouse. Retail sales of this accurate history were deemed ‘inflammatory’ and barred from major booksellers inventory. I was a newly registered engineer in the eighties and had direct, personal knowledge of at least a dozen individuals and over fifty of the fraudulent real estate transactions that are documented by Mr. Brewton.

I was introduced to the concepts of “other peoples money” and “creative bankruptcy” by these very players, years before these terms were part of the popular vernacular. I was a first-hand witness to these intentional crimes and am very knowledgeable of the processes involved. So endemic was this condition in Houston that it was near impossible to avoid contact with these dirty players.

The “S & L Robbery” was the model for the Enron, Dot Com and 2008 Banking TARP frauds that were to follow. I have bought a second copy from Amazon to share with those who are recently awakened to this criminal syndicate presuming to rule the entire world.

I would state under oath that “As to all of the persons and events in this book that I have PERSONAL FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE, I verify that every statement presented in this book is 100% correct and well documented”.

The Mafia, CIA & George Bush by Pete Brewton 





The real scandal here is USA led to believe these were all one-off crimes, rogue agents, etc. But the truth is it was is the same MO…

govt airplanes, sometimes sold to loyalists and then leased back, flying with guns, returning with drugs, dropping them off in Louisiana farm, landing in Mena, AK.

This all raises the stakes, where there are drugs there are assassins, and we have the whistleblowers to tell their stories…..

This story also has all those videos on youtube…..



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