Et Tu, Rupert? Fox is Fake

03/18/2019 m0ck

(originally published on — the site was hacked and erased by “Ukrainians” — but, here we are, all of it recovered, still working on the formatting, plus will add an updated ending once it’s all under control.)

If you always knew there was something wrong with Fox News, but couldn’t quite put your finger on it, you were right:

Fox is fake, Rupert is Cabal, since at least 1973, when he went to work overthrowing the government of Australia on behalf of our infamous #clown warmonger shadow-killer secret agent, the Blonde Ghost, CIA Deputy Director of Operations Ted Shackley.

Forget about Rupert imposing his personal viewpoint onto the world — within the right of any editor or publisher — no, his job is publishing their #clown propaganda and agitprop. Every decision of political sway made by Rupert’s publications was in the service to the Cabal. That #clown support is what enabled News Corp to grow and metastasize the way it has should be obvious.

And it was never some arm’s-length deal, where his opinions happen to coincide with theirs, nothing exchanged; no. The #clowns gave Rupert a cash-rich, drug-smuggling gangster to partner with who we know was Cabal because his was also the early money in the failed #clown Nugan Hand banking super-scam, in Australia.

Nugan Hand’s unraveling so bedeviled patriots down under that they needed a truth and reconciliation committee to figure out what the heck happened, when their intelligence service partnered with our #clowns against their nation.

So savage, we never spoke about it here again. The American kid who leaked the CIA cables that described what we did way back when was left rotting in jail til he was 50 – anyone remember his name? Christopher John Boyce, immortalized in the book and movie, The Falcon and the Snowman, but in those popular recountings, the actual #clown shenanigans he uncovered are obscured by all the exciting adventure narrative in the telling of his subsequent crime spree, capture and quarter century in jail.

Equally wild in these annals of American history is connecting the dots to the Deep State secret crack troops –  Task Force 157 – basically our Ian Fleming/James Bond crew, all the millionaire gentleman moonlighting as spies, with their eyes originally on controlling the lanes of the sea and doing shipping deals with the enemies and frenemies.

Task Force 157 were the actual #clowns who did the dirty tricks to flip the governments.

Who that story snares, the guy who writes the big obituary for this top secret group, our very own Bob Woodward, whose Navy Intelligence job, apparently, was as their flak; even more to the ergo, Watergate was a set up, him and Mr. Nora Ephron, just pawns on the board, leading Brahmin of American journalism, Ben Bradlee, their deep state handler.

What’s most insidious is that Rupert started his highly-remunerated #clown servitude in a fully-sanctioned overseas op.

It was legal when the #clowns signed him. But once they brought him over the pond, even transforming Rupert into an American citizen so he could buy and control our media directly, this #clown evil was let loose on our home soil.

The Smith-Mundt Act, the Church Committee, and their very own CIA charter prohibit running agents and ops within our country. Full stop. Rupert is a Trojan Horse. He was their agent back then in Australia, and their agent here, now, today.

If this is the first time you’re hearing any of this, kudos to #mockingbirdmedia Rupert for keeping us all in the dark for so long

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, because it’s complicated, so much history for one article, and all the popular stuff written seems to leave out the telling detail. But now, thanks to a documentary film about the deep state, “Counter-Intelligence” by Metanoia Films, clip is above, there’s lots of it in one spot for your perusal. The true story of Rupert is a well-kept secret lost to history, until now.

It’s also become too annoying not to address his elephantiasis in the room.

The line of questioning around — is Shephard “Pie” Smith #fakenews, but Hannity “the Manatee” is legit? — from MAGA-world is too dire to endure,  so onward we must. They are all fake, everyone is fake, because the boss is fake. Rupert’s mockingbirds getting paid gobs do as their told; they chirp #fakenews — chirp, chirp. If some truth gets out on-air once in a while, godblessem. That Jussie “Fake Noose” Smollett comes from FOX’s Empire should wake people up to the rouse, but it won’t. Everything FOX is a sham.

Now, before we get into the rest of it, I just have to say, that, yes — et tu, Rupert? — was a serious question.

As a fan of the the yellow-press baron in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, “Gail Wynand, (a Nietzschean egoist and misanthrope who has the potential for greatness, but chooses to squander his ability on trampling simply because he can) editor-in-chief at The New York Banner, a rag that revels in smut and scandal and all the while feigning moral indignation,” but, also, Wynand running it however he damned please, I always wanted to give Rupert credit.

While the homegrown mockingbirds are all the corporations and resulting mega-mergers and their affiliated subsidiaries — minions of slaves facing the blank stare illuminasti corporate eye of CBS or the distracting fakenews peacock tail at NBC —  Rupert looked like he was having all the fun himself, the big winner here, all the power and all the control while running around, enjoying fighting his tabloid wars.

Little did we know, he was just following #clown orders, too; it was the bad guys who had done all the work. Rupert is their PR company. Read all this, it will be obvious.

I know Rupert is out there this very morning, walking his little dog in the drizzle at the park on Watts St., in Tribeca. But, before, I thought he was the legend, who happened to be picking up the poop of the puppy. Now, we know he’s nothing but the lackey taking out the boss’s bitch in the rain — picking up its steaming turd, a fit finale for a fink who’s all wet.

Beside every journalist’s hatred for evil doers, the other thing I was trying to figure out before diving in here was if, in fact, Rupert had joined the Cabal even earlier, back in 1968 London, five years before Shackley got to Australia, but I couldn’t find hard corroboration. Except for in my gut.

The reason why media peeps don’t know this story at all is because its origins are foreign and a long time ago, and you have to follow the paper trail all the back to Australia, where the cat got out of the bag, one time, forty years ago.

Aborigines, koalas, Fosters, nice beaches, coral reefs, no one here knew that Australia was also a drug and gun-runner’s paradise, where, to this day, we’re the invisible hand behind the gangsters and money-launderers. And while we know they have a prime minister, no one here knows who that guy is, or which of them got pushed out, or really thought much about the place, beyond Crocodile Dundee’s Paul Hogan and Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Erwin, RIP.

It’s about to come out in the news that Australia’s political Cabal members turned out to be the American Cabal’s best mates — all the crimes we’re accusing our overlords of here, back in Oz, the same, or much worse. It got to be much worse because Rupert single-handedly provides them so much cover.

Did you know that Australia has the third-worst media concentration in the world, after China and Egypt? Rupert, alone, is 57% of the market, and the top two companies control 86% of the news, compared to 54% for the top two in the UK and 14% here. This is his evil power base that we’ve always ignored, until now.

Maybe not relevant to you, you might think, but certainly sad for Australians and Brits, he’s flipped all the big elections in both countries in favor of the Cabal-friendly candidates. Every. Single. Time.

And, he’s been doing the same here on our sovereign territory — where it’s verboten for #clowns to operate — since 1976.

I’ll run through the “Case Against Rupert” chronologically:

The backstory is lots of “success” to 1973; the Australian coup of 1973-75; the #clown gangsterism of the 1970s; to the USA for Carter, and then “collusion” in the takeover of FOX mid-1980s; his fake war with Cabal frenemy Ted Turner; the rapid-fire US acquisitions, expansion into book publishing, satellites, ultimately, king of global media for the Cabal.

We’ll conclude with his most recent crimes against readers of his published tripe; mainly, promoting Cabal villainy through the New York Post, keeping the lid on contrarian opinions of truth via the WSJ, being the controlled opposition bookend of the FOX-CNN #fakenews construct.

No matter how you look at it, Rupert’s a rook for the Deep State.

A lot of crimes, beaucoup evil, time to lock him up.

Rupert’s story is his daddy had a newspaper group, in Adelaide, Australia; Rupert thought he was better than that, but then took it over under his personal umbrella, News Corp, when he was 23 years old after the old man died, in 1953. (Here’s a timeline, FYI.)

He ran the Sunday Mail and The News as he learned from working as an editor at Lord Beaverbrook’s London Daily Express, lots of sensationalism and big headlines.

It worked, and he bought up newspapers in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane to which he applied the same strategy. His biggest buy then was A$4 million for the Sydney Daily Mirror in 1960.

Australia had three big newspaper families and their closest competitor was the family of billionaire Mariah Carey ex-boyfriend James Packer.

This is from a made-for-TV miniseries about their rivalry Power Games: The Packer-Murdoch War, broadcast on the Packer family’s Nine Network, in 2013:

In 1960, Frank Packer bids to acquire the Anglican Press, but he’s rebuffed and then goes down there with some friends to intimidate the owner into selling. The owner calls Rupert, who calls a boxer friend, and they go down there to punch up Frank. Rupert’s newspapers run hard with the story, public embarrassment ensues, the enmity deepens.

Murdoch and Packer eventually agree to disagree, settling on the classic newspaper duopoly solution of each focusing on different territories so as not to really compete.

1964, Rupert launches The Australian, a national broadsheet, but it’s nearly impossible to make it profitable because the place is actually so big, and the technology, or lack thereof requires flying the printing plates from one side of Oz to the other each night, but he so wants to beat the Packers and their Telegraph, so he lives with the losses. By then he had launched a TV channel in Adelaide, and, also a newspaper The Dominion, as his entry into New Zealand.

Up til that point, his empire was valued at about $50 million.

For some reason, in 1968, Rupert goes to London.

One set of biographers make it seem like Rupert appeared out of the blue as the white knight to rescue News of the World. The other – Michael Wolfe – has the better story, where Rupert went to London, called up every banker in the City to try to position himself as a serious buyer for whatever media property they could turn up.

Literally, begging anyone for a deal. Is this for ambition, or because someone told him to get into position to buy a British paper?

What turns up right away is clown-connected Robert Maxwell’s first big failure and whose demise opens up the door for his replacement.

Maxwell tried to buy the News of the World, the biggest selling English-language newspaper, a Sunday weekly, on the planet at the time, but the Carr family refused to sell — they didn’t want the largest circulation newspaper in the country going to a foreigner — Maxwell was born Czech — and, the undertone to that, he’s a Jew.

If you don’t remember larger-than-life Maxwell, it’s because he died in infamy, drowning off his yacht a few years later, after robbing his own company. He’s about to come back into the news, courtesy of his daughter Ghislaine Maxwell, who acted as a madame and procurer of underage women for the infamous billionaire pervert Jeffery who’s turned state’s evidence, with his own little black book with the names of all of his elite friends who flew his Lolita Express down to his private island Little James for some good old fashioned Moloch and Ashtarah worshiping. (If you have no idea of the meaning of any this — no worries, give it a couple of weeks, and you will!)

Old man Maxwell’s basic M.O. was not to focus much on running his businesses, but to get the takeover targets lined up so he could “grow” the old fashioned way — through M&A. Book publishing into newspapers, he used the bully pulpit for the political pushes of his patrons, everyone was happy, until he ran out of juice.

This is what Rupert has done, but much more effectively, because his media dominance makes gobs of money.

Maxwell was very much a “spy” or “asset” or how ever you want to call it, involved with Britain’s MI-6, which loaned him the £13,000 to buy his first publishing company, and later in cahoots with MI-5 within the UK, where he was elected to Parliament, and then later relating to his visits to Moscow, where he was either working for the KGB or MI-6, depending who you asked, publishing translations of their Russian books.

And, ultimately and most awkwardly, when he owned the Mirror Group newspapers, working in coordination with Israel’s Mossad to shut down Seymour Hersh’s story about Dimona nuclear plant whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, which became Hersh’s book, The Samson Option.

The inverse of momentum and power is stalling out, Maxwell’s downfall. Once the Carrs had refused to sell to him, he lost his usefulness to the Cabal, and he had to hustle on his own to get some other deals going to keep up his velocity, and he failed. Rather than MI-6, he moved on to working for the foreign powers in the big game.

In the 1970s, Maxwell was mostly at work for the KGB, publishing their books, and in that great year of 1984, he actually publishes their classic Soviet story for the ages, Dezinformatsia: The Strategy of Soviet Disinformation, all about propaganda.

With Maxwell pushed to the other side, this is a good argument no one has every written that it’s only because Rupert so successfully takes his place. I was hoping to find the smoking gun, just none of the biographers ever asked him, and we’ll have to settle with circumstantial. We don’t get the real dirty deed til 1973, and there’s a few more maybes before that.

Right after he buys News of the World for $20 million, Rupert’s offered The Sun tabloid for £50,000, which he picks up, dumbs it down, and within a year puts the “Page 3 Girl” to work, and is on his way to tabloid super stardom. The Sun has gone on to become the biggest selling UK daily today.

Did Rupert need help to get the cash for all this – probably, but who knows? I loved him for it for the moxie – we shall see.

Back home, 1972, a miracle. After two generations of feuding with the Packers, they suddenly decide to sell him their crown jewel, The Telegraph.

The story goes that newspaper printers went on strike, but Packer may have pushed them to it, with the idea that a shutdown would bankrupt Rupert, but Rupert convinced him that he was flush, none of it a bother, really, even, though, of course he was broke because he was spread so thin with all the UK deals.

That was the point of view of old man Packer, who had just been made a Knight of the British Empire, (and on display at the National Portrait Gallery) but up til the day he died, two years later, he regretted the sale. The more nuanced telling is that the next generation of Packers were sick of newsprint (and fighting Rupert) and wanted to go all-in on TV. So, the Packers just gave up, threw in the towel, and then Rupert, with no one’s help, pays retail for his biggest competitor? Maybe.

It’s all just too convenient for what happens next: Rupert flexes his muscle for a #clown putsch in Australia; it’s just too easy. And you’ve never even heard about it.

Enter Task Force 157.

This is the top secret Kissinger scheme to create an autonomous cell that functions outside the chain of command, but has all the resources in one place to be fast and lethal.

This is the crew that gets rid of Allende and brings on Pinochet, in Chile, runs the Phoenix Program, in Vietnam, removing whomever deemed to be in their way. In these operations on the ground, when we talk about black ops from that era, 1966 to 1977, we really mean Task Force 157.

What’s neat about this op is that it’s self-financing. Not through the drug and gun dealing we see later, but via associated Navy business.

Basically, TF157 starts as a network of ex-pat millionaires whose original role was to watch the shipping lanes for sight of the enemy, but ends up being they are running these surveillance contracts and other no-bid deals, making them huge fortunes, while doing their civic duty on instructions from Naval Intelligence.

(The best example I can think of from fiction is how Yossarian’s friend Milo Minderbinder, who runs the kitchen becomes rich in Catch-22 by winning all the supply contracts for the Army’s food then controls the black market. And plays as a superspy.)

The real wizard here is Edwin P. Wilson. He’s the accountant setting up all the fake little foreign companies for them and later to facilitate shipping guns, moving the money and then creating banks for bigger scams. His trick is not just setting up an empty shell company, but attaching cash flows that facilitate the business end of what he needs — coming up with the cover business and the profitable side hustle.

What’s also hilarious about Wilson is that, after the Church Committee, in 1975 — when the #clowns have it come down hard on them by the good politicians who are gobsmacked at the mess these guys made behind all of our backs — he tells his superior: Hey, never mind all that bad stuff they’re pissed off at us for, I can just spin out Task Force 157 into a totally private, totally secret, non-clown, non-Navy-affiliated group, that way we can do whatever we want! And the superior – who inherited this mess – is like, you’re an idiot! For the exact reasons the politicians want this shut down, so do I, and you’re oblivious!

The official reason is that the millionaires can be very effective, but too hard for the superiors to control. Ultimately, all the Task Force 157 operatives and operations move over to the #clowns. And the end up cutting Wilson down to size by throwing him in jail after a torturous public trial for selling guns to Libya, though his point of view was the government had told him to.

When Woodward worked there, probably in 1970-1, he was in “Navy Intelligence.” If doing the communications on this was really his job, it’s like meeting a guy named Charlie at a party and he offers you a delicious chocolate, but then learning from someone else, after he left, that his full name is Charlie Bucket and he’s the guy who inherited Willy Wonka’s factory. (Sorry, stretching it, we have a kid.)

Don’t believe me, here’s Bobby W., in his own words, with the only authorized-not-authorized post-mortem on Task Force 157, after the secret group was disbanded by decree in 1977. The man wrote this from memory. You tell me.

Here’s an earlier Navy report on”The [spy] Activity” and the “substantially increased production of intelligence reports,” as they worked to keep up the charade based on volume.

Gotta love declas files — you can also read the report that went into taking TF157 down and the declassified decision to do so. Equally hilarious, all the employees of the secret group had to sue the government — because if Task Force 157 never existed, neither did their pensions.

1973, Australia. After Shackley kicks Commie-ass in Chile, onto the next hit-man job. One fact that is hard to find officially, as his record is conveniently smudged during these years, is that right after the Chile job, Shackley is destined to Oz.

Why Shackley goes there is because once Prime Minister Gough Whitlam is elected, he pulls the usual Socialist minimum wage hikes, free university for all, healthcare, etc., etc, and then his real crime: threatening to reevaluate the American base at Pine Gap, which, turns out, is where we do all of our Asian eavesdropping. This is the move that angers the Task Force 157 brass.

Shackley is the best at working the media. The scam is to set a trap by luring Whitlam cabinet members, who are having trouble financing their Great Society-style improvements, to seek financing from a private source, who will turn out to be a “con artist” with supposed access to mysterious $4 billion (AUS) to privately balance the budget.

The role of this cut-out, the Pakistani Tirath Khemlani, in mid-1974, is to involve the cabinet ministers deeply in doing something they’re specifically told not to pursue, then embarrassing them by not being able to ever close the deal, and make it smell a lot like a fraud, though nothing untoward is ever on the table, and nothing even happens, but, once the plan is exposed, the people will kick Whitlam out of office.

It was just a game of telephone. The Labor Minister is introduced to the fellow by a Greek emigre builder, from Adelaide, Rupert’s original stronghold. The Greek learns about the money suddenly available by the son-in-law of his own financing family, who ask if there’s anyone he knows who might need a giant, mega loan? The original number is that $200 million available, but it then it balloons to up to $8 billion as the reel in the mark. As for Khemlani, he’s working for a foreign commodities bank, so it all seems on the up and up, and the trap is set.

Of course, the only real fraud is that forged documents about the deal are created, and leaked to the press.

Rupert runs hard with the story, embarrassing everyone, and pushing the government into a no-confidence situation, leading to a new, more US-friendly PM in 1975. Point-set-match.

Why we know this wasn’t just an unfortunate coincidence and the bungling of over-eager government ministers is because of the Falcon, Christopher John Bryce.

With the nickname from his childhood love of falconry, young Bryce, as the son of the Director of Security at McDonnell Douglas, gets a plumb job as an analyst for aerospace firm TRW, where he’s soon promoted to a classified communications center, and is in charge of routing secret cables.

The cables from US ambassador to Oz Marshall Green describe everyone’s consternation over the threats to close Pine Gap, their plot to remove Whitlam, that Australian labor unions have been motivated to move against Whitlam, and that “our man Kerr,” John Kerr, the crown-appointed Royal Governor, has moved into position to kick out Whitlam — and all this comes to pass, before the Falcon is first busted in 1977.

He’s arrested for selling an old file of secrets — they went with information about a satellite that was never deployed — to the Russian embassy in Mexico City. But the Falcon escapes from prison, and while on the lamb, to make money, he robs a string of banks, before being captured again.

His true motives come out in the few interviews where he was allowed to be candid. Rather than just to make some money with his top-level security access, in cahoots with his local drug dealer, the Snowman, selling old files to Russia, what Bryce says — and this part, along with the content of the cables, lost to history — is that it was not about the cash or treason, but just how gobsmacked he was to see the US role in overthrowing the Chilean government being reprised to do the same — now upending the internal politics of an ally — in Australia.

An in-depth discussion on this comes via an Australian Public Radio News radio report, broadcast in 1986, and thankfully transcribed and online. Read it.

As for the Falcon, he languishes in prison until 2002 — and no one ever again mentions the impetus for his crimes — when he moves out to Oregon, and can get back to his childhood love of falconry. But a lifetime wasted on the inside of a jail cell.

That Rupert’s support in the 1973 election got Whitlam into power, and when the winds changed, Rupert pushed him out — if that was the only charge against Rupert, who cares even if the evidence was dodgy, just the usual press baron stuff.

But his long term success revolves around his new friendship with Shackley born from the Whitlam caper, and this is where the clown gangsterism comes in.

This is the RICO case against Rupert. Follow the money.

This will sound familiar to Americans today: to get Whitlam out, as well as the union support that Bryce learns about, a whole group of angry non-profits emerge to cause civic havoc around the scandal that Rupert foments. Not volunteers, but paid “activists.” #Resist

The cash to do all this is from a slush fund administered by Nugan Hand, an international Australian merchant bank, with all sorts of former US Admirals as directors and CIA retired boss Bill Casey as its general counsel.

There are two main facemen at Nugan Hand. Frank Nugan, an Australian financier, who, when the bank is nearing its implosion, suicides himself with a gun in his car, and the only thing the cops find on him is Bill Casey’s business card.

After he’s dead, Michael Jon Hand, another special ops guy from Vietnam who’s sent over to direct the most nefarious parts of the business, dons a hilarious fake beard and flees the country, never to be seen again.

Until he turns up, 40 years later, selling commando knives in Iowa at gun shows, as Michael Jon Fuller, and is exposed, remorseless and apparently never expects to be punished for the bank failure or his role in its wide-ranging crimes.

In 1970s Australia, the most colorful part is all that these ex-pat #clown assassins, drug importers, gun runners, money launders, and the like, all hang out in the same pub.

This is the Bourbon and Beefsteak, on Darlinghurst Road, run by the “mysterious” Texan Bernie Houghton, ex #clown assassin, who goes to Australia in the middle of the Vietnam War, once it’s approved to be an R&R destination for the troops. He comes over right before to take over the strip for our GIs.

Who’s also hanging out at the B&B is crooked nightclub owner and gangster Abe Saffron, known corrupt New South Wales Premier Robert Askin, who helped whitewash lots of sins cooked up over long lunches there, and the leader of this pack of rats, Sir Peter Abelles.

Abelles is a Hungarian immigrant who starts a moving company in 1950; in 1967 merges that with another one, TNT, which becomes a world leader, with $1.5 billion in revenues, also operating 18 subsidiaries in the US, and gets in trouble for having to partner with our mafia — including Sinatra’s cousin — though he says he quit them once he found out. The more accurate story is he had to hand over 20% of his local operation to the US dons — and would never visit here to avoid having to answer any more uncomfortable questions.

The underlying story is the Australian “moving business” is the cover for wholesale drug shipment. Oh, and Abelles is the big local investor in Nugan Hand. We have to thank Shackley for all this — and who does Abelle partner with for all sorts of new lucrative schemes to run for the next few decades? None other than Rupert.

A deep dive into Nugan Hand is the Rosetta Stone for understanding how all these #clown banks operate, which ultimately leads to how this all worked for so long and why you never heard of it. Because Nugan Hand’s demise was so spectacular, dead CEO-shocking, and it’s riddled with so much US Navy brass, the poor Australians were terribly spooked and had to investigate the whole thing.

Much more about this bank is written in this article, about its role in the global opium smuggling led by the #clowns, and about it’s role in the stolen gold caches, what was used to create all these fake #clown banks to begin with.

A second-installment of the gold caper that’s still waiting to be written turns out to be how some of the Nugan Hand money was repatriated, or how Canada’s Barrack Gold was used to write future contracts that allowed them to monetize this hoard of yellow stuff. If you don’t remember Barrack Gold, it was the operation that had arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi on its board, when he used his shares in the company as the collateral to get hold of the guns he sold for us in Iran-Contra.

Who tells the story of Nugan Hand and its spiderweb of malfeasance masterfully is Jonathan Kwitny.

He was the WSJ’s man on the case. He told the story in a feature in Mother Jones (starts on page 7) and the book The Crimes of Patriots. You can feel his excitement in telling this story — it’s just so bizarre and none of his colleagues had ever heard of it. Again, the importance here is that once you see how it all worked via his reporting of this weird bank’s demise, all of the cards the bad guys played, all the characters, all the institutional blindness to their crime and chaos, the truth becomes clear as crystal.

Kwitny seemed to be the only man alive who could explain this mess correctly. He had a New York City cable talk show (The Kwitny Report, you can watch a few episodes on YouTube) where he addressed many of the crimes of the Cabal, though doesn’t come up against it as an entity, like we are today, 30 years later.

What happened to Jonathan Kwitny is that he died at 57 from a mysterious and fast-moving stomach cancer. Tellingly, his New York Times obit forgets to mention this book. And no one here’s ever talked about Nugan Hand since.

Like the accidents and coincides of life, you can just chalk that up there, too. Or, maybe not.

We’ve since learned that Bob Marley died from a cancer they injected with a tack in his shoe and Andrew Breitbart from an ice chip gun blast to trigger a lethal heart attack. That Aaron Schwartz died because his SecureDrop, meant to protect identities of whistleblowers, was taken over by the #clowns to find out the identities of the whistleblowers, and he was suicided. That Gary Webb, our journo-at-arms all over the drugs story in the 1990s, suicided himself in the head — with two bullets.

This list goes on, and you get the idea — there are (almost) no accidents.

Moral is, if you can put together the true story, we’re gonna kill you.

Why even dare to write this now is because the Deep State is toast and Patriots are in control, and we’re just waiting for the evil ones to hang themselves in public with all the rope left behind for that task, with the #mockingbirdmedia helping shortly with lots of own-goals to hammer home their corruption.

And, as for me, I know the good people in Military Intelligence have figured out who I am and are keeping a close eye because of all the helicopters buzzing over the roof. That, and I got Archangel St. Raguel, he of the sword and the book, guarding the door, which is triple-quadruple-double-time locked. And my Danish hunting knife, by the keyboard, always at the ready.

Stay away from this truth teller! F-U, Cabal!

Time to expose the bastards.

Onward and downward, to Rupert and his forgotten crimes and dodgy deals.

His first big scam with Cabal drug mover Abelles is a concept that becomes a Rupert favorite – the government-enforced duopoly.

The first thing you do is take de-facto control of the government via your newspapers, become the hidden threat in every cabinet meeting, controlling elections, unseating prime ministers, putting up your own man, being consulted for what the newspaper’s editorial line would be on every decision, before it’s made.

Then, you stick your thumb into a regulated business.

Rupert’s “Page 3 Girl” approach to airline advertising. 1/2

In this case, the pair takes over Ansett Air. This is Australia’s second carrier, resulting from a merger of numbers two and three, plus it controls its own bus company and freight company (gravy for Abelles). The scam is that the governments was convinced by prior ownership that they need a strong duopoly, in case the biggest carrier were to go bust, so they their chums to make it so, and for fair competition, every air route by the first carrier needs to be matched by the second. To make it super-duper extra fair, they even need to run at the exact same times. And because that might not make any economic sense at all, a government subsidy will be granted to keep the planes running, in the interests of the people and fair competition. Ugh.

Rupert and Abelles take over this cash cow in 1979 and rake in a fortune over the next two decades.

Another point mentioning here is — again, it’s not that News Corp. was an arms-length partner here. Obviously, the newspapers were great places to run Ansett ads, but the ads, themselves, were classic Rupert.

Just like he did with The Sun, Rupert injected low morals Cabal skin wherever he could.  More on this later, but what people couldn’t figure out about his politics, how could a “conservative” publisher be so brazen with near-nudity and sexual innuendo?

Rupert’s “Page 3 Girl” approach to airline advertising. 2/2

What will see, of course, is the Cabal mindset is only “Conservative” for whichever government supports the global Cabal plans, “Liberal” (Tony Blair, anyone?) when that government is going along for their ride.

And low morals, all the time, because part of their gambit is to weaken the classic family structure through sex (every Cabal ad), drugs (the #clowns were the ones who brought the LSD to the Monterrey Pop Festival) and rock & roll (hello, Britain’s EMI, and the story of how they corrupted all British rockers since the Beatles to be pitchmen for Satan), creating more problems for their state to step in to pretend to solve, increasing its reach into society and, enlarging government deficits because the Cabal makes money on the interest from our debt.

Back to the airline biz, which grows fat in duopoly and is able to expand into New Zealand, where the government there wanted to buy into Qantas’s privatization, but wasn’t allowed to, so they have to buy into Ansett.

Short of it is, at the end of their run, in 2000, the pair create a bidding war between Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand, walking away with A$680 million, before it comes out the airline is losing A$1.3 million per day.

Within 18 months, Ansett is declared bankrupt, ending 16,000 direct jobs, jeopardizing a $500 million pension liability and leaving an endless list of banks and suppliers with nada.

For a more, here’s a great read from the former CEO of Qantas, still sore over the duo’s unfair influence with Australia’s Hawke government at the time. This is the real collusion.

Where Rupert does this again is with the satellite business in the UK, getting his clutches into what became BSkyB in a way that everyone is convinced they need to help him keep the sector and the ruse going.

Another side deal anecdote from the partnership with Abelles, just to mention it now, is what happens years later in the UK newspaper union buster truck strike, in the move to the Docklands in 1986. Ultimately, it’s Abelles, himself, who’s on hand manning the whole new operation; its his moving truck drivers who are delivering Rupert’s newspapers!

So, for new investments, Rupert has all of Abelles’ spare cash flow, from the moving biz and the drugs, plus all the #clown budget from Shackley and the minions who replace him, the airline scam, the newspapers in Oz and a good chunk of the UK, and the best thing is, he’s still offshore to us.

And by the time Nugan Hand has gone bust in 1981, Rupert’s already in the USA.

The end of the story is FOX News, but Rupert’s strategy didn’t seem so grand when he started this American foray, though, of course, it shaped up exactly as the Cabal would have wanted. Even in the nascent stage, he was doing a great job for his masters.

In 1973, fresh off the plane, Rupert bought the San Antonio Express and the San Antonio News, two mid-sized city papers from Harte-Hanks for $18 million cash.

H-H just had an IPO and was moving into smaller markets where it could be the monopoly player, as well as expanding into TV and direct mail, which eventually became the bulk of its business.

Legend is that Rupert made the deal in a one-day fly-in, signing the contract as he was about to depart from the airport, with the basic instructions to turn one of the two papers into “a real screamer.”

Of course, the question is why? — just like with News of the World, this seems to come out of the blue. How Rupert even heard it was up for sale still mystifies, and the only conjecture I’d dare to make is that a Cabal bank got a hold of H-H shares and an analyst report from its IPO and passed up the message to the Cabal bigs that, if someone wanted to make a media play, here was an opportunity.

Yes, Rupert paid $18 million cash, a year after buying out Parker’s Telegraph and in the same year he starts being in close cahoots with #clown boss Shackley. And, thus, out of the blue he flies from Sydney, Australia, to San Antonio, Texas, for one day, to buy his first America newspaper.

As for what we did with it, it was the usual story. Ultimately, he merged the two papers into the Express-News, and, yes, initially, the Express morning daily was “staid” and the News evening daily adopted his usual tabloid wildness, with neither focused at all on real political coverage, just local informatzia, sports and, at the News, titillating stories that had gone unreported under previous ownership. The editorial strategy was the same as in the UK — sensationalism, big headlines, sports, sex scandals, wherever he could find some “news” to grab an eyeball — but this time in San Antonio.

“Weirdo Paper Plagues S.A.,” was a lampooning headline from Texas Monthly in 1976.

“…Readers of the News are learning things that five years ago they never dreamed they might be privileged to know: ‘Nude Principal Dead in Motel,’ for example, or ‘Armies of Insects Marching on S.A.’.  The front pages regularly impart disconcerting information:  ‘Handless Body Found.’  Or, ‘Screaming Mom Slain.’  Or, ‘Uncle Tortures Tots with Hot Fork.’ …The columns of the paper are populated by an unforgettable (and recyclable) cast of characters: tots, oldsters, thugs, nudies, grannies, moms.”

(A lot of the color here is from some great reportage by Jack Doyle at his Pop Culture Dig website.)

Rupert soon went national in 1974 with a new tabloid weekly, The National Star, to be known as the Star, which competed for supermarket tabloid stardom against the National Enquirer, and which he initially inserted into the Sunday edition of the Express-News and also used their printing press. That was also the year he took the plunge and became a legal resident, though he doesn’t become a citizen until a decade later, when it’s expedient for owning major media assets.

(As for the Express-News, Rupert held onto it for two decades, until 1992, when he sold out to Hearst, owner of the Houston Chronicle, for $185 million, a 10x return, although the paper finally died on the vine in 2018, and is now no more.)

His first really big move, now, a year after his Whitlam coup success, is in 1976, when he buys the New York Post.

Rupert paid $30 million, though the oldest continuously publishing daily newspaper in the country would never turned a profit for him. And made the deal after just three weeks of talks, the 44-year-old Rupert buying it from the 73-year-old Dorothy Schiff, who had owned it since 1939 and was the granddaughter of Cabal Big banker Jacob H. Schiff.

Under her ownership, one of the Post‘s most famous series — in 17-parts — was “Smear, Inc.: Joe McCarthy’s One-Man Mob.” Readers of our Cabal 101 history lessons will remember that Senator McCarthy’s biggest crime, and what soured his whole campaign, wasn’t outing any real communists, but for having finally turned his eye onto the #clowns and the Cabal, itself, the true Communist menace, for which he was severely punished into alcoholic obscurity by the secret powers that be.

The joke is that people think the Post is a populist rag, while you’ll see in a moment here that it’s just Cabal agitprop.

Rupert’s first order of political business at the Post was to go all in for Jimmy Carter — yes, the Democrat, but also a Cabal stooge — and he would always be supported in his pages, until the very second he wasn’t, when the #clown regime directed him to support their October Surprise and the non-freeing of the Iran hostages, leading into Ronald Reagan’s election.

(If you’re just tuning in, from LBJ to Obama, every president in the line have been Cabal puppets, with the exception of the two bookends, JFK and DJT, who fought to rip it down.)

The mistake we make when evaluating Rupert and his newsprint excesses is our own excessive focus on “culture” versus his actual worldview, which is evident in these early deals.

His news strategy is focusing on the wildly mundane, knee-jerking on the human interest side, ignoring the prosaic — town halls or city zoning meetings, for example — while going long for sports — the true opiate of the masses — wading into the political question only when he can score a point for his team, or alert his readers to an own-goal from the other side.

The culture part he doesn’t really care about, plus he is defining it all different than we do.

The best example is what he did the next year, in 1977, Rupert double-tripled down, buying New York Magazine Co — publisher of the magazines New York, The Village Voice, and LA’s New West — from Clay Felker, who, at his East Hampton beach house, had actually introduced Rupert to Dorothy Schiff. Rupert was invited to take a board seat, which didn’t work out, and he ultimately turned on Felker, buying the company out from under him via a hostile bid to its board for $7.6 million. An additional point here about the power of money — it was the original publisher of the Voice who was the first on the board to tender his shares in the holding company to Rupert.

Despite all the post-deal hoopla, with resigning writers and grandstanding editors galore, Rupert left them all alone, and just took their profits. Ultimately, all he wanted was the Post, and when you added up New York and The Village Voice (New West, whose losses were what alienated Felker from his board, was immediately closed), Rupert’s whole New York footprint was actually a profit center, plus the Post had all the political sway that his bosses needed.

As for the culture question, everyone was fooled.

Where New York was originally famous for the New Journalism of Tom Wolfe and the merry pranksters, and the Voice, created by Norman Mailer, was an icon of downtown living and the hard-living rock & roll lifestyle, Rupert was first seen by all when he arrived as some “arch conservative” or “populist” threat to their stated beliefs.

Little did we understand then that his Cabal wasn’t left or right, but its interest, is as described above: basically, whatever the Cabal-run president of the United States is told to say he wants to achieve, plus to make all the money and weaken all the dissent.

Today this means supporting the corporate USA elite — buying Big Macs, Apple iPhones, Nike sneakers — and supporting the status quo. That includes our masters of war, selling their kit in endless global conflagrations for American companies to control resources and our own bad guys to run the black markets for drugs, guns and human slaves. And, at the same time, encouraging pervasive sex, drugs and rock & roll, to break down all the old institutions. Oddly enough, what we thought was rebellion and revolution is just what they wanted us to think.

Ergo, New York was about pushing conspicuous consumption to the chattering classes and the Voice was about pushing Satanic rock to the kids.

Indeed, New York became even more entwined with Hollywood and the culture being sold to us when he bought the original Time Out — a 50-year-old listings magazine called Cue, folding it into his new title to add whichever entertainment listings that felt up to snuff, plus to kill a competitor. As for the movies, the big phrase of 1985 was coined by New York — the “Brat Pack” — defining a new generation of Hollywood glitterati:

Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, Tom Cruise, C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, Charlie Sheen, and James Spader.

Think about all those movies they were in — but understand that none of that gang’s recklessness or liberation was about what we perceived from those screenplays, all just destined to a higher derivative of slavery: weaker families, more addicts, more regulation, more abortions, new support programs, bigger government, all for bigger debts! Their enslavement of us is the untold morale of every story.

The meme above is the best and most terrifying I’ve ever seen for this illuminasti status quo that Rupert’s ultimately pushing on all of us.

Just to take a moment here, to elucidate how much I loathe the Cabal and to explain why you should, too:

If you always wondered why the odd Republican administration never actually reduced the size of the government, it was because these guys never wanted them to. The model more akin to the Cabal has always been what’s called for by the Democrats, bigger government, lots of public services. But, when you stripped out their stated rationale — what people deserve, their rights, their fair share, the social justice — all that jazz — it all means the same thing for the Cabal’s bottom line — bigger government debt, more interest to be paid by us, more money to the Cabal.

This is the problem today when people call for Socialism — we forget that’s just the brand of Communism that you vote for, rather than imposed upon you by dictator du jour. And the ultimate aim of Communism is not about raising up the working class, but to have everything so organized, final decisions left up to a committee, where one person is ultimately the chairman of the board, but he’s beholden to the gentlemen who’ve lent him the money to afford all that power. So, in exchange for him steering the tiller, we end up with no rights at all.

In the lens of Joseph McCarthy, this is a really weird thing. The Communists are not the Russians, but actually our elite here, not because of the “share the wealth” part we drone on about — the #fakenews part — but because of the real news — it’s how they can best centralize control and have the whole operation run in a way that’s most beholden to them. It’s how we’ve been enslaved, and don’t even know it, like in the meme.

The biggest Communists we ever had in this country were the Rockefellers who were the big American money, management who built the medical and intellectual infrastructure behind the Cabal; the media, in particular, via the long arms of group think preferred by their Council of Foreign Relations; and the secret hand behind Russia, created by loans from American financiers a hundred years ago to be our perennial paper tiger and boogeyman to scare the taxpayers into paying for more guns.

And when they declassify all the files, finally, who’s going to turn out to have killed JFK isn’t LBJ, but Nelson Rockefeller, with a team of Mafiosi, Cuban dissidents and co-opted paytriots, all led by George H.W. Bush, who would drive the Cabal’s expansion for half a century, controlling the world’s illegal drugs business, piggybacking on the Rockefeller oil and pharmaceutical dominance, and culminating in the destruction of the World Trade Center, both built up and taken down by Nelson and David R., who looted the gold underneath, while GHWB liquidated the dirty bond issue he had used to buy up all the 1990s Russian privatizations, leading us all into the new millennium of endless global war. It was our elite of the elite, all this time, the richies screwing the plebes — that’s Communism.

This is the Communism you never read about because the only political party that did it justice since McCarthy was the John Birch Society, long since blackballed. In 1972, they gained so much momentum with the 4 million copies sold of Gary Allen’s None Dare Call it a Conspiracy, that the combination’s CFR-Opium-Skull & Bones intellectual faction, led by William F. Buckley at the National Review, moved to shut them down, exiling the Birchers to the fringe of the conservative movement, which now finally comes around to being against the New World Order, today called Globalism.

What’s actually been the shadow battle of the past two centuries is going to come into the open for the first time. If I could simplify it for you into one equation — follow the money — think about all the trillions generated through international drugs business, 10% paid out to our white shoe bankers for laundering, the cash sent to the offshore money centers — actually, designed for this purpose — that money then invested into the hedge funds, that goes back into the stock markets, leveraged via derivatives, pushing up every market into a bubble; the Federal Reserve is supposed to be watching out for that type of inflation, but the bad guys own and run that, too, so all they need to do is, after their team takes out all the shorts in the market, prick each bubble and then they win. Or worse, convince the government to borrow money from them to do a bailout, where they win again from the new debt. Who wrote about all this eloquently was Lyndon LaRouche, dead last month, another American voice vilified for explaining it all so clearly; for speaking the truth.  This is so fundamental and important that hardly anyone outside of the hardcore Patriots on social media have any idea what we’re talking about here.

Just how Rupert likes it. You wouldn’t know a word this from the supersized font on his newspapers. The big headlines are just for us sheep. Meanwhile, the powerful laugh.

Rupert’s foothold was so strong after taking New York that he could do anything. He became our kingmaker.

Just like in Australia, politicians scurried to win his favor. He provided media cover for Jimmy Carter, to keep Ted Kennedy out of the race, then ran with the October Surprise to help elect Reagan. He propelled New York Congressman Ed Koch into the Mayor’s office.

Koch, on the phone call from Rupert that he received in 1977:

…When the phone rang, the voice on the other end said something like, “Congressman Koch, please.”

I said, “Speaking.”

He said, “Congressman, this is Rupert,” and I guess I was still a little sleepy maybe.

I said to myself, “Rupert? Rupert? Rupert’s not a Jewish name. Who could be calling me at 7:00 o’clock in the morning named Rupert?”

And then suddenly, because he was speaking, I realized it was Rupert, the Australian. I mean, the voice came through.

And I said, “Yes, Rupert?”

He said, “Congressman, we’re going to endorse you today on the front page of the New York Post and I hope it helps.”

I said, “Rupert, you’ve elected me.”

The power of the Post was unstoppable, but Rupert new the game was changing.

The media heft was moving from print to terrestrial television and that would give way to the vast money making and mind melding power of cable television. He got into both.

Here, Rupert is took America further by storm, tying together an empire from the bits passed on to him from the prior generation of titans. And he does so in parallel with the other Cabal media maker cowboy, the once great Ted Turner, known today as the largest independent landowner in the country, who has told us he has dementia now for what reason other than not to be culpable for his crimes.

First Rupert, then Ted. Before them both, John Kluge.

Rupert became a US citizen in 1985, a decade after he became a resident, and just in time to become an owner of this television assets that required his citizenship, making the super deal that creates Fox.

The deal is a six-year saga that’s huge for him, with equally giant ramifications for us, but also fascinating, because it’s the prior generation of corporate titan he closes out to capture this jewel.

Here we have John Kluge (“Clue-gay”), philanthropic billionaire of Palm Beach, with a secret past you’ll probably read about here first, and Rupert also engages with Marc Rich, outlaw of Zurich, from where he trades with Iran against the embargo and is eventually pardoned by Clinton, but, before then, eager to unload his shares.

Rupert Murdoch and John Kluge, Waldorf Astoria Hotel’s Cerebral Palsy Humanitarian Awards Dinner, December 16, 1986

Kluge is a lot like Maxwell. He’s an immigrant who plays a small role in WWII, then gets into his mind — on his own, supposedly — that he wants to own media companies — where Maxwell starts with books, Kluge goes for radio — and that blossoms into making a bid for a mismanaged player — Maxwell does this in newspapers, Kluge does it by buying his first handful of independent television channels. Where Maxwell gets burned in the final flips, Kluge mostly doesn’t, compiling Metromedia which he sells to Rupert for $2 billion, and then, funny enough, moves into doing dodgy business in Eastern Europe, the playground of the cowboy capitalists and the informatzia peeps. Ultimately, some of his last moves do fizzle, but he keeps his fortune so he can become a philanthropist by the time he dies.

What is missed in Kluge’s obituary — all these Horatio Alger hagiographies, after donating billions to universities by the time of his death at 95, in 2010 — is his WWII service.

The WashPo, our American Pravda, has it that he got into business after “completing Army intelligence service in the Aleutian Islands during World War II,” but the real story is out. It’s been added to his bio on Wikipedia, though the meat of it has been scrubbed. Til now.

Really, Kluge, after the Aleutian Islands, he’s sent to the Pentagon, is in military intelligence, during the training of which he befriends the one and only David Rockefeller, and, as a German speaker — he lived there til he was eight — he’s attached to the secret “PO Box 1142” interrogation camp outside Washington, DC. Here, 3,400 captured Nazis are interrogated, these are mainly generals, during the war, so we can learn what was really happening, along with 500 Nazi scientists also interned there for their “exit interviews” and later destination to run all of our own government scientific — and clandestine — activities via Operation Paperclip.

Why scrubbed, because Kluge gave a very candid interview in 2008 with the National Park Service, as PO Box 1142 was at Fort Hunt, now a national park, and they wanted the oral history of the place once they found out what was going there before the base was largely demolished in 1946. But it’s removed from their website.

That interview — where Kluge says he was the captain and commanding officer, reporting directly to the Pentagon, of the PO Box 1142 Military Intelligence Research Section, leading 20 mostly young German Jews, reviewing tens of thousands of German Army documents each day, looking for the diamonds in the rough, and tricking the Nazi General POWs to confess secrets to him, sharing research with the representative of the MI5 and MI6 until a British spy there defected to Russia…  —  was removed from their site.

The interview is a referenced in a 2016 report about PO Box 1142 by NPR’s “This American Life” — the vague Wikipedia source — but, not in their transcripts. Of course — yay, internet — the original National Park Service interview transcript (minus a few censored bits) existed for one day on the Wayback Machine. And here it is.

So, really, what we have is Kluge is one of our “self-made” billionaires, whose connection to Rockefeller “he’s been a longtime friend” (for 70 years) and what he gleaned from military intelligence and Nazi generals — and possibly also the famed Nazi scientists, though he doesn’t mention that part — were his guide stones as to what to do, how to win, and who to call for help, his whole career.

It’s right after the Army when Kluge, for reasons unknown, decides to buy his first radio station — he and a partner spend $15,000 on it in 1946, that’s the equivalent of $200k back then. It’s a big move out of the blue, and look how far it goes…

Kluge needs an asterisk, like Rupert, self-made* with help from the Cabal.

Of course, the legend he crafted is about his Midas touch: by 1937, he’s saved up $7,000 from playing cards as a scholarship student at Columbia; after graduating, the only job he can find is at a small, Detroit paper company, where, in four years, he doubles their sales and is rewarded with 30% of the company and its presidency. He enlists in the Army, thinking it will only be for a year, but stays for nearly five. After the Army, he gets into another niche business with a partner, a cash-cow wholesale food distributor, ultimately earning 3% of all sales to supermarkets, and he actually owns 25% of this business for the next 40 years.

But his billion dollar fortune — at one point, he’s the second richest man in America — is from building Metromedia, TV, radio, ultimately building the “fourth network” later rebranded as FOX — and for that, in this country, you need permission and the guiding hand.

Metromedia comes together in the mid-1950s, with his first two television channels, in the epicenters, both Channel 5s in New York City and Washington, D.C., built DuMont Laboratories, one of the first television inventors, who created the channels to have something to broadcast to his TVs, in what becomes the world’s first licensed commercial television network. Kluge buys the controlling DuMont stake in 1958 from Paramount, and then lists the company on the stock exchange.

DuMont closes because, once Universal Pictures buys ABC, it becomes obvious that it’s going to be too hard to compete against the three big networks, each producing their own programs or distributing directly from the movie production houses that own them, where these stations just existed on their own.

This, ultimately, becomes Metromedia’s broadcast strategy, too, and is what’s maintained by Rupert and copied by Teddy T. — while the 80% are watching the three main networks, the 20% of the people who aren’t want to watch something else, and whatever else you can throw up there could probably work.

(Also, what’s mirrored closely by Teddy T. is that Kluge expands into outdoor advertising in the 1960s, with Foster & Kleiser, extending the relationships with TV advertisers onto his billboards, the reverse of how Turner does it, inheriting the outdoor advertising company, then using those contacts to fill space on his new television channel. Kluge also buys Playbill, to bring the same advertisers to Broadway)

Kluge goes big, rolling up TV and radio stations all cross the country, gaining control over the FCC limit of seven television channels and 14 radio stations, then trading those for bigger stations in each market. He’s also buying live events, the Ice Capades and the Harlem Globetrotters, for more “content” to rebroadcast, plus creating his own production studios in LA, where he gave us the Truth or Consequences game show, the Merv Griffin talk show and Wonderama for kids.

And, of course, the local news broadcast in each and every market. Hello, #mockingbirdmedia.

Kluge’s final play on this TV roll up plan came after he bought his Boston channel, WCVB, the most expensive purchase of its kind at the time, in 1982, and his shareholders criticized him for paying $220 million.

Kluge’s response in 1984 is the leveraged buyout.

Cabal bank Manufacturers Hanover Trust leads a the banking syndicate to lend him $1.3 billion to buy out shareholders.

(A note about this bank — this one was controlled by the family of James Stillman, an original partner in John Rockefeller’s Standard Oil and (Stillman descendants also marry Rockefeller descendants, keeping it tight); in 1991, the bank merges with Chemical Bank, controlled by the family of another original Standard Oil partner, Edward Harkness; in 1996, that bank merges with David Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank; in 2000, that bank merges with JP Morgan — we come full circle, Standard Oil and the Rockefellers control all.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.)

Six months after the bank loan, Kluge replaces it with junk bonds. Michael Milken’s Drexel Burnham Lambert floats an equivalent value of debt — the largest junk bond offering ever — allowing the risk to be split over many smaller investors rather than one bank syndicate, plus for the bankers get to make bank in listing and trading the issue. The bonds sell out in two hours.

And thus the old poker player owns the whole company.

The first move is to flip six of the TV channels to Rupert for $1.5 billion in 1985. The Boston channel Kluge bought for a record $220 million, he sells to Hearst for an even bigger record of $450 million. The next year, he unloads billboard subsidiary, nine radio stations, the Globetrotters, and the Ice Capades for another billion dollars. Metromedia also had a cellular telecoms network and a pager business — a few months later, Kluge sells that to Southwestern Bell for $1.65 billion.

All told, $4.6 billion. And all profits to the victor!

Which victor, you might ask, because while King Kluge cashes out, Rupert gets the keys to his kingdom.

For Rupert, the distribution via Kluge’s television network is the second piece to the puzzle. The first was the actual namesake for Fox, the movie house. This is because what Rupert and Teddy T. realized, for this to work in the 1990s and beyond, once you have the broadcasting distribution system, you need reasons for the eyeballs to flock, this being the what to stuff down the pipeline to them.

Rather than producing expensive sitcoms and special programming, as the three big networks do, what’s also gonna work are classic Americana movies and the rights to broadcast sports that no one else wants, yet fans will watch — all of that giving you the revenues to afford some good old-fashioned, loss-leading propaganda news programming to control the sheep. Yay, Cabal!

Again, Rupert buys from the gangsters. His first stake comes from the infamous Marc Rich, later pardoned by Clinton for a quid-pro-quo $1 million DNC and presidential library donation, but it’s more complicated than that.

Who owns Fox is another colorful titan named Marvin Davis. He’s a big guy, the oil wildcatter whose family becomes the basis for Aaron Spelling’s Carrington family in “Dynasty” — certainly nouveau establishment, though probably not Cabal, in full.

Davis sells out of oil in 1979 for $600 million from the Canadians, and then moves into the big stakes flipping business.  He’s less interesting, for our purposes — he’s not especially nefarious, more interested in the glitz and glamour of it all — so he buys 20th Century Fox for the movie biz (here’s a photo of Marvin with Merv Griffin, another time he’s with Sinatra…)

Along with that, he also gets a host of rich man’s assets that he begins selling off. Among those are the Pebble Beach Golf Links, which he sits on until 1991 and sells to Japanese businessman Minoru Isutani for $841 million. Other assets include Aspen Skiing Company, which he leverages into himself becoming one of the main property developers in Colorado, plus land in Century City, LA, where he builds Fox Plaza, which is made famous as the “Nakatomi” building in the Fox movie “Die Hard.”

Davis and Marc Rich had paid $722 million for the company in 1981; in 1985, Davis buys out Rich, who needs the cash while an outlaw, for $116 million, and then flips that stake to Rupert for $250 million. (He used that money to buy the Beverly Hills Hotel in a bidding war against the Sultan of Brunei for $165 million, then later sells it to the Sultan for $200 million…)

Why Davis is less of a Cabal figure than you’d think, is because Rupert’s grand plan was take control of  Kluge’s Metromedia, and reports were that the two would bid together for it, but Davis walks away, then sells the rest of the movie biz to Rupert for $325 million.  If he were Cabal, he’d have staid in there.

The rest of career is just more M&A and mostly a brand of pretend M&A called “greenmail” — buy futures on a stock, start a rumor that you’re about to launch a takeover, have the shares run up, then sell.

This guy is just fooling around, making more money, not really bent on Cabal world domination, like Rupert.

In a parallel media universe, we finally get to Ted Turner. Unlike Rupert who’s mostly confounding the media critics, what Ted did always seemed simple and made sense. His big merit was to prove that he could pull it off, which he did, and now, with his empire in decline, we can see what a shit show he really put together.

In one sense, the only other non-corporate media titan we had for him to tilt was Ted Turner. But you’ll see, it was just another ugly Cabal joke on us.

Now, first, apologies to all my pals working at CNN. Seriously, these are good people, they try hard to deliver the goods, work long hours, and the on-air folk have it doubly hard, because they’re hustling just as hard to get the news together, plus they need to look 100% on camera, too. But it’s all #fakenews.

Now, you might have thought of Ted as the myth entails, this cool, convention-bucking smartass who made good. Ted’s story is he leverages the billboard business, into the sports franchise business into television business into cable news business. And he races sailboats, marries to a movie star, lives on a ranch, has an old fashioned businessman’s moustache, he’s the big winner.

Until you learn about the Cabal and all it’s crimes, and the sexual enslavement of a young girl from Australia by Ted Turner, and that all of CNN, leading the news with Cabal scion Anderson Cooper, whose brother killed himself, probably because he was ritually tortured by his Illuminati 13 Bloodline family, is also just a true #mockingbird howl, basically, to keep protect Ted from us ever learning the truth.

Ted’s Cabal. And so is Rupert. So what’s hilarious is they have this great pre-Battle Royale trash talk, like WWF wrestler-style. Ted even produced a TV show with dubbed monkeys, and one of them is the nasty Australian newspaper publisher monkey. FOX’s Simpsons ranks on Ted, mercilessly. Fox’s Family Guy’s Carter Pewterschmidt looks just like him. They place articles against each other in their outlets. Ted is particularly frustrated and nasty when he talks about Rupert.

Fox News ends CNN’s heyday, but it’s all pretend, just Demon-crats vs Republi-cants. Their bosses don’t care who gets the ratings, because they both just get paid to make the white noise.

If the players are all controlled by the Cabal, what does it matter the color of their T-shirts? The outcome of the game is known before we even get to the stadium. Here we have them now, both on cable, giving the red-tinted vs. the blue-tinted version of the American lie the Cabal has prepared for us to swallow that day. After all that rivalry, it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other, but all deviled eggs, and they’re all poisoned against us.

Robert Edward “Ted” Turner is pictured amid the array of empty seats at Atlanta Stadium, Feb. 25, 1976.

You can read a great profile of Double T from years ago by Ken Auletta at the New Yorker, but the gist is, he inherits the family billboard business, realizes that once he hustled to win advertisers for that, he could repurpose them if he had another platform. His idea was a TV channel and then also a sports team — the Atlanta Braves — wrap all that up and have a nice business — TNT — which would also air, like Rupert’s plan, Americana people forgot about “Turner Classic Movies” (he buys MGM for $1.5 billion in 1986 to get the old movies) and sports they should’ve forgotten about but didn’t (professional wrestling). All this would make money that he could burn in the news business fire.

Central to CNN was the idea of a global news operation and then global distribution. The original news question was the Gulf War, for which CNN could be on hand in a way that the three big networks couldn’t be — all the time. As long as something was happening, there would be news to fill the air time. The second part was, as a global cable channel, the business would really become as you see it today — CNN blaring from television channels in airport lounges and office waiting rooms — 24/7 news propaganda produced in such a beguiling way that accidental viewers could become engrossed and take away the right message.

What is that message? The Cabal is good — things that contribute to the Cabal’s power are also good. That being, the “fight” against Global Warming — why, because that means a new tax and more centralized Cabal power. The strength of the EU — why, because a dominant Germany is all about Cabal control. The DNC — why, because the Demon-crats became the party of the Cabal, once the Republi-cants were gutted with DJT’s hostile takeover. They’d always been the Cabal favorite, though, in this country, both parties are really the same — all the dudes below worked for the same evil forces.

Never enemies, always allies, or in fact, you could even say all were proteges or appendages of the now-dead old man on the left:

The job of CNN has been to support the Cabal regime. The reason why they are dead set against DJT is because he is the outsider, about to take the Cabal down, finishing the job that JFK set out to do. The biggest difference being the white hats have had a few generations to figure out their Q media plan, plus how to shut down the power of the Cabal while this is all happening.

For those of you watching the 24/7 reporting on CNN of the terrorist atrocities the Cabal is pulling this week to distract from the ugly truths about to be released by our government, just know, the end is near.

People are fascinated about the war between CNN and FOX, but we can see how both of their’s owners are owned by the Cabal, and this is just posturing for posturing’s sake. The best way to understand is to look at the six presidents above and know that two are Republican and three at Democrat, and all five of them are Cabal.

Another question people pose, is how are you so sure that Teddy T. is Cabal, beyond the TV channel of CNN, which most people have a terrible time decrying.

Three reasons:

Personally, Ted decided to donate $1 billion to the United Nations, which is the very apparatus created and run by the Cabal to erode American sovereignty and make it so that their One New World Order can exist. This money went to the United Nations Foundation, a public charity designed “to broaden domestic support for the UN.” So, there’s that.

The next thing was his personal land holding. In a Cabal world, obsessed with the need for population control (they think there’s 10X as many people as can be supported by the planet), poisoning the masses and controlling the sheep, the best Cabal move would be to buy up all the land you can, and keep the peasants out. Indeed, he is now, the largest single landholder in the USA, owning 2 million acres across 12 states, plus Argentina. (He’s also, in 2018, the maverick who went all in on being against plastic straws.)

The third thing is most unsettling.  Some doubt lately has been cast on this, but we shall see the truth when all the cards are counted, soon. This being Fiona Barnett, a woman in Australia who has testified that she was pushed into Cabal sex slavery, for evil doers ranging from President Nixon, to the Reverend Graham, to Ted Turner. Her story is corroborated by the many others — mostly, unfamous, non-articulate men and women populating social media with how they were enslaved to their Illuminati families for sexual gratification, and, ultimately, more sadistic torture to do with the worship of Moloch. If you don’t believe this, in general, there’s lots to read, much of it very convincing. If you don’t believe this one lady’s story (a nasty anonymous file was launched against her, finding fault with some minutiae but nothing on the substance of what she’s alleged) but there are just so many more now, especially in the UK where these crimes have been also coming into the open after so many decades of silcen. All I can say for Teddy T., is that shortly after Fiona’s story hit the social media mainstream last year, Teddy, at 79, came out saying he had dementia, amnesia, couldn’t remember lots and was no longer sure what was going on.

His frenemy Rupert even covered it in the NY Post:

We asked Fiona about Teddy’s news, she said that he knows what he did, and it’s to up to the Lord to forgive, not up to her. True ‘dat.

There’s one more financial player in all of this worthy of mention. That would be Cabal grandee Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, of Saudi Arabia, grandson of the founding king of that country.

The funny thing about this bad dude is he used to be known as the smart money — where he knowingly invested, others would soon follow, as this guy made no mistakes.

I first heard of him when he bought the Georges V hotel, in Paris, and then followed on with the Plaza, in New York, and the Four Seasons worldwide. Others heard about him when he bought Citibank on the dip, and later Twitter (now we know used for throttling non-Cabal political voices in the public square and, via Q, with private DM groups used for brokering kids and sharing kiddies porn.)

And he bought into Fox, where he’s the second-largest shareholder, after Rupert, with 7%. The deal is reciprocal, in that Rupert also owns a stake in his Rotana, a broadcasting company that airs Arabic and English programming in the Middle East.

What’s become of him since the Cabal is out of power, and DJT is in, was the Saudi Kingdom was taken over by new blood — MBS — Mohammed Bin Salman — his cousin — who arrested all the dirty ducks, Prince Alwaleed, included, albeit, locking them up in the Ritz Carlton rather than some commoner’s prison — and forcing each to pay back billions to buy back their freedom.

Reading the Q posts and QAnon threads are devastating on this guy.

To summarize, he’s the biggest foreign investor in the US, including Citigroup, from which he suggest a lists of cabinet appointees in 2008 for Obama, and all get picked; that, via the Four Seasons, he owned the top four flours of the Mandalay Bay, to help with that false flag terror attack; that he worked with Huma Abedin’s brother on a project called “Spreading Islam to the West”; that Demon-crat fixer Tony Podesta is his registered lobbyist; that Obama’s Harvard Law degree was sponsored by this guy and his recommendation written by his legal advisor; and that 3,000 kidnapped kids have since been rescued from Saudi Arabia since this psycho was kicked to the curb.

This shit is so ugly, no wonder the Cabal likes to have full control over the news, so no one ever hears about it.

This isn’t the venue to get into the rest of Cabal savagery, so we’ve created a whole other website for that! One of the stories most upsetting there is about their race for mastering DNA — the science-minded among us might think this about how we release all the cures, but the Cabal-minded folk see this is a very ominous sign about how medical technology can be used to resurrect the world’s very worst dictators from history, cloning them from their old DNA.

The other thing the baddies have learned about the blood is that transfusing it from young people makes you feel so much younger. Where Rupert comes in is using his London Sun and New York Post to soften us up for these scary thoughts, and the news that’s going to come out soon, that everyone in Hollywood has been doing this, and the blood they’re getting was not being donated freely, if you get my drift. This story was such an unsettling bomb, even CIA creature Snopes was dispatched to get in front of it.

Where news lies best in its omission. I can tell you that millions of Americans are following the posts of Q, who we all are quite certain are our military and NSA elite, working on behalf of DJT to inform the public of what’s coming, as the #mockingbirdmedia goes out of its way to ignore all of this.

Rupert has run Fox Cable News since 1996 and has owned Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal since he bought it in 2007 from the Bancrofts, who owned it for 105 years. The fact I can tell you what’s true from this laptop and these institutional news behemoths cannot, testifies to how corrupt it’s all become. Searching for QAnon at the WSJ yields absolutely zero results — it’s shocking, and sad. I feel bad for any real journalists left there, I really do.

The news today is that Rupert is about to make out like a bandit again with a deal, finally, culminating in both keeping the juicy Cabal bits — Fox Broadcasting, Fox News and Fox Sports — and unloading everything else — 20th Century Fox studio, FX Networks, National Geographic and all its international channels — to Disney, a Cabal front since Walt first needed their money in the 1930s, for $71 billion.

Rupert and his shareholders are taking that in cash, thank you, very much.

When shares of “New Fox” begin trading tomorrow, Rupert will be laughing, along with the ghosts of all the Cabal thugs and hoodlums he partnered with down that long line til today — Ted Shackley, Henry Kissinger (alive), Ed Wilson, Task Force 157, Nugan Hand, Peter Abeles, John Kluge, Marc Rich, and Prince Alwaleed (still alive, but mostly neutered).

You could say he’s even pulling a Kluge — getting out at the top of the market. My thinking that he knows he’s doomed, so better to have lots of cash on hand to try to buy his way out, legally or otherwise.

His biggest partner in all this has been us — those stupid enough to think Fox News was anything but agitprop, along with all the Cabal advertisers who make that machine go.

Here’s to hoping that his other scandals of this week — suspending Judge Jeanine Pirro from Fox for talking smack against Sharia law — help wake up the masses.

Rupert does not have good intentions, he will be quick to shut down anyone who speaks too loudly against the Cabal, even though he fronts as being all-in for patriots. He is not.

Rupert is the ultimate essence of #MockingbirdMedia.

His only purpose is to keep the Cabal regime going, softening the masses with lots of downmarket sex talk, defrocking the famous for their picadillos, to make you feel like it’s ok to do that stuff, too, and making a point to remove all the truth tellers from TV.

There’s lots of online chatter about Fox host Sean Hannity being in on DJT’s plan — one fellow even insists he’s a Pleiadian reincarnate of Nanceoh of Alcyone, here to spread Truth — but we should know that if Hannity ever strays from the script, Rupert will have his head, Pleiadian or not. Who ever raises his (or her) head too high, will have it chopped off, that’s for sure.

The delicate balance, in the framework of CNN vs. FOX, has been to have the Fox fellas be seen as all working for one side, although with that side now so far away from the dumb center-left vs center-right debate, with all of Trump’s supporters following his true media emissary, Q, it’s going to be very hard for Rupert to keep up the charade.

If what Q portends happens this week, that the great FISAgate unveiling begins — the story of how the US special courts were lied to in to entrap Trump as an “insurance policy” and all that’s shown to be the sham that it was — let’s watch how Fox News scrambles to both report on it, and deny it at the same time.

There is one other observation worth mentioning here. Some have said that the media corruption was so devastating, with everyone who’s anyone in for Hillary, including providing her better treatment, but also, by receiving cash bribes, that the only way out was actually cooperating with Q and the military white hats. By that, they mean that these journalists now went out of their way to deny Q until the point where Mueller’s whole investigation comes out to have been the sting that it was, not against Trump, but against the FISA plotters, and then all jump on the correct bandwagon.

Personally, it’s hard to believe. I spent too much time with the MSM standard bearers, heard too much trash talk against Trump and Q, and think that, really, they are willfully blind to all this news, and will be surprised when the truth is unveiled.

As for Rupert, all I can say is, this man is so woefully corrupt, sold out to the Cabal for five decades, that I hope there’s a special place, with shackles in media Hell for him and what he’s done to the American people, as well as the Brits and Australians who have endured him for far longer than we.

Only for lack of word space here — but the original intent was to list out the UK and Oz prime ministers who he has sacked. I encourage any to do so — basically, who he supports wins, and who that person is, is the person the Cabal wants in place. The key to this one was Tony Blair — a figure so owned by the Cabal, that Rupert had to go out of his way to describe why he wouldn’t back the Tory candidate in favor of this Labour upstart. (Sorry if you liked Tony, but he’s one of the very worst corrupt perverts every elected — truth will out.)

I call for the RICO case here. Follow up the leads, arrest this bastard for all the crimes he’s pushed through his #fakenews and on behalf of all the scum that he supported and who paved his way to become a media kingpin.

We should all live long enough that he’s stripped of his money and all that goes to training journalists how do this job correctly. The job is to chase down criminals, wherever they may be, and that includes inside the publisher’s office.

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