Their game is to control all the money.

They do this by controlling the money supply via central banks, leveraging the resources of global corporations, government treasuries and international lenders to squeeze us by the neck, gaining monopolies, destroying competition, and playing both sides of the deal.

They take all the air out for themselves and smother the life from out of us.



They’ve been controlling the cornerstone of international trade – opium – for so long that the world’s financial system was built around their business. Opium led to so much extra cash, the entire offshore financial system was built to cover it up.

The dirty money first went into railroads, then trusts and foundations and then full control of the White House.

But they’ve gotten sloppy. Rather than think that all of these businesses keep them too busy, these people at the very tip top of the pyramid spend all their time doing and chasing something else.

The heart of their business isn’t the trading but rather the activity of mass blackmail, where every person in their organization lives under the thumb of a manila folder that, if exposed, would shame them and their families.

It would be bad enough if you engaged in those peccadilloes of your own volition — these guys get you totally wasted, drugged up, photographed doing the wild thing with someone you weren’t supposed to be doing it with, and then threaten you with blackmail.



But then something strange happens between them. On one hand, you’re terrified to be under their thumb, on the other, the upside is you get to rule the world as the smartest, most talented, richest whatever it is you want them to know you for – we’ll set you up and you can be whatever you want! Plus, now you’ll always want to come back to their satanist sadist parties because no one inside our house would ever squeal. We’re all in it together, they say!

But when the whole thing comes tumbling down, they will all lose.

Their mockingbird media is going into overdrive to ignore all their secrets coming out — articles about them “suiciding” people are still being written as real suicides – it’s just so sad.

Bringing them down is as easy as exposing it to your friends via social media. They hate public ridicule.

The whole joke is that “if they ever knew what we were doing, they’d lynch us – GHWB.”

Well, now we all know, so it’s time.




The most disarming and confusing weapon in their arsenal is their abuse of our media which they own – this is 15,500 news outlets owned by 6 companies.  Never mind news for a moment — the big money war is on TV. 

The bad guys reveal lots of the details of their nefarious plans to us via Hollywood, then, try to scare us off from following the story by the end of the scene. 

(Thanks, NBC Entertainment/NBCUniversal, Inc./Comcast Corporation!)

Well, you can trust this source: when all of the details of those aspects of their crimes that they fight tooth, nail and gun from us talking about, do come to light, it’s going to be crystal clear who were the real bad guys in our midst. 


2 Thoughts on “Economic Stranglehold”

    • Ultimately, the law will take them down. In the absence of the law, the fear they create has kept people away. Until now.

      In fact, approving marijuana sales has lost them an easy illegal cash crop; ending the ISIS wars closed the outlet for stolen gun sales; rehabilitating North Korea eliminated their best advanced weapons customer; closing the border has stopped lots of human trafficking, that stops the flow of stolen blood to drink.

      Once they’ve been shut out from everything that sustains them… they will give up. Meanwhile, the law is encircling them. Just a question of timing — the best outcome would be for them to give up; more likely, the circle will get tight — like a noose — and the accusations will come out of the public Congressional investigation, then the bad guys are toast. What Trumpy is trying to avoid is to have to collar the bad guys before all their crimes are publicly known — what wants is the public to call for their heads!

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