A sophisticated, prolific and charming scammer named “Miles W. Mathis” is really a group of British writers, most likely from Tavistock — the British counterpart to the #clown mind control ops that plague our country.

The “Merlin’s Cave” story is disinformation cointelpro – counter intelligence propaganda – but it is shocking Q followers into questioning everything they thought they knew. Its false conclusions are muddying the water, just as The Storm moves quickly into Red October.

This should be relevant to all QAnons who respect the spirit of JFK’s “Where We Go One, We Go All,” motto — engraved into the bell on his Honey Fitz presidential yacht — and know of the long friendship between Trumpy and JFK Jr.

“Miles W. Mathis” is written to deceive truth seekers and the following is a proof to counter those lies.

The short if it is, even if all of the evidence — handily plucked from the Tavistock and MI6 archives — is true, each report’s conclusion is decidedly false.

This is all just a cover-up for the power above the power, the evil-doers who pull the strings of the intelligence agencies, those we know to be the Satanic “Illuminati” who are behind all this, raping, killing and eating our kids.



The writers really are pulling true gems from the Tavistock archive of dirty secrets to win readers’ trust. The information looks very good and obvious, but the joke is on us. The facts only serve for misdirecting patriots by leading to their bogus conclusions.

The operation works by flooding our little brains with lots and lots of information, much of it true. Assuming this is Tavistock — these sick bastards being those who taught the CIA everything it knows, created the institutional infrastructure behind experimenting with drugs on civilians and military, control an estimated 3,000 non-profits that mess with our heads — they have all the files with all the dirt.

The Tavistock M.O. here is to drop lots of real truths from their archive going back 70 years — what else can they do with all that paper collecting dust? The stories are built on sham evidence, followed by truth, and then more truth, but with a thesis built on open-ended suggestions for unconfirmable lies leads to their false conclusion, the big lie, which seems impenetrable, but’s just flim-flam once you apply some Q logic to this cointelpro fraud.

What first gives this away as a fake news is the shear output. One blogger who was equally annoyed by these scammers, estimated 300,000 words in 50+ articles — equivalent to 5 or 10 books — that look into deep state crimes, plus an initial ouvre around art criticism and an entirely separate vein of articles on alternative physics. It’s just too much for one man to type; his fingers would bleed.

Then, we’re told the author is a Texan, but his text is riddled with so many British-isms — university instead of college, hospital instead of the hospital, plus the whole syntax, the voice is entirely wrong. I know Texans, and he ain’t from Texas. More like Oxbridge. The blogger, a Hollywood screenwriter, picks it up, too. Not Texas.

“Miles W. Mathis” supports his stories by decoding lots of British Lord genealogy and the like with an enthusiasm that no American could muster. It’s the non-stop fawning over the old families, who owned what castle, when the crypto Jews married into their family, how this cousin enabled that one. When the genealogy game really comes up with no connections, they embellish with the false evidence. Everyone is guilty by association because of connections to third-fourth-fifth cousins; nonsense. Much of those relations may be technically true, but not all need be relevant, in the least.

The deftest ploy is that the writer is an art expert. Many of the reports hinge on new evidence underpinning the claims based on a closer examination of old photos — comparing shadows and other interpretations only a fine artist or gallery photography could make, the argument is all the pictorial evidence was cut-and-pasted together.

Here’s some Q logic: if the new evidence is that a photo was fake, maybe the stupid trick they’re playing on us is these are the guys making the fake photos?

Lots of examples, but boiling it down to the important one, and reason for our interest here:

In a photo from 1931, the eye sockets of Joe Kennedy, Jr. — older brother of JFK — are totally obscured by shadows that don’t jibe with JFK and Joe, Sr. That, and his head looks squished, is evidence that Joe Jr. was dropped in there, his head primitively “photoshopped” onto another body. Since Joe Sr at the time was a big Hollywood investor, these trompe-l’œil were easy to pull off.

Below is the screengrab at 200% from their PDF report (…how is it none of these scammers know WordPress?)


“Fake. All three heads have different lighting. Joe, Jr. is lit from above left. Joe, Sr. is lit from above. John is also lit from above, but his light source is more in front of him, so that he doesn’t have the quick changes in tone that the other two do. To see it most quickly, look at the shadows in Joe, Jr.’s eye sockets. Now look at John’s. You can’t see the whites of Joe, Jr.’s eyes, but you can John’s. Joe, Jr.’s head is once again too small, as well. I would say all three heads were pasted in. Also look how small Joe, Sr. looks! I don’t remember reading that he was 5’3”. The guy in the middle is only half a head taller than an 11 year old.”


Truth is from the JFK Library website, in the original photo, at 200%, 400%, even 800%, as plain as day, you can see the whites of his eyes.




The purpose of the articles is to point to the same bogeyman, the CIA — this nameless, faceless institution is to blame. What’s hilarious is the insistence about 1947, when the CIA as created; that’s also when Tavistock came into being — rarely do they mention that.

This is a sophisticated operation that admits the CIA (plus its friends, allies and elite supporters) is behind all the crimes we know, and so many more that they present here for the first time. What they’re doing is by focusing so much on the perpetrators and the history people will embrace, their aim is to have us ignore the wizards behind the curtain, both the presentation here and who they are trying to hide from public.

They definitely show all the tactics, foul-ups, and obvious trails highlighting #clown methods of operation:

MLK was 3/4 white and created by the CIA like Obama, he was disappeared rather than assassinated, James Earl Ray was CIA; McCarthy was burned in the public because he went after the CIA; John Lennon is alive filming disinfo-disinfo films about himself in Toronto; the CIA introduced LSD to Height-Ashbury to experiment on humans, weaken young people; Harry Potter, and JK Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing, all an invention of the CIA-MI6-elites to promote destruction of families, encourage all but the chosen to stay down.

Evaluate the evidence, before evaluating the conspiracy theory, they say, and lots is compelling.

On JK Rowling, she doesn’t seem to exist as she presents herself; her photos with her father seem to be with the person of the wrong age; she bought a castle owned by old Scottish elites because she actually is them; it’s all a ruse; the giant publishing company behind her came into existence out of nowhere, its board has Rothschild elites, and it seems to share connections with many secret British firms. Another recent fact from last month is that Bloomsbury was chosen to publish the “official history” of the GCHQ — the British NSA that we know is working for the Cabal, not the good guys as the U.S. NSA appears now to be here.

I buy all that, I do.  The CIA are the masters of dirty tricks and the Tavistock-MI6 case files go very deep — I truly think the case info is real.

But the scope of the CIA’s crimes do not end with the agency, but with the paymaster’s paymaster. With all the focus on the CIA, in these hundreds of thousands of words of sweet prose, this master of hidden history, “Miles W. Mathis”, forgets to finger the Cabal.



In the 13-page story on Watergate: CIA gets mentioned 159 times, Nixon 58, and Watergate 38.

As for the Cabal Bigs, Rockefellers are mentioned once in passing about their art collection and GHWB is mentioned once in his role reforming the CIA after the malfeasance exposed by the Church Committee in 1975.

Of course, readers of this website know those two psycho-sickos were at the very time of the crimes perpetrated against us, literally, poisoning, addicting, robbing, raping and killing us for the entire second-half of the 20th century. Everyone understands this except for “Miles W. Mathis.”

How could this know-it-all know everything except for the actual bedrock of the thing?

The Cabal controls the CIA and the Deep State. They control business via the Freemasons (the lower rungs who have no idea how evil the evil is above the friendly corporate person who told them what to do) and the levers of policy via the tens of thousands of blackmailed people (literally, every single one of them) that enjoyed long, lame, neutered careers in the old swamp of Washington, D.C.

Who controls the Cabal are sometimes known as “the 300” – the old families of Europe. Who controls them are the very few family bloodlines (13, according to Fritz Springmeier) who have been there all along, at the tippity-top. The rich families, the rich bankers, the corporate elite, the CIA, the blackmailed, the unknowing, and then all the victims of their crimes who understand their identities. Above them, the super-rich, so elite, no one speaks of them.

After ignoring the kingpins, the biggest disinformation is based on who and what all this verbiage does not blame.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

In this case, Britain, Tavistock, the specific political leaders known to head the Cabal, all their blackmailed minions… who are complicit in their Satanism and crimes against children.

It’s not that the elite set everything up to rob us — of course they did — or that the “CIA” or whomever are their brownshirts against us — yes, of course they do. The reason Americans are finally rising up against this tyranny is because their underlying demonic philosophy of Illuminati Satanism and its fetish for satanic ritual abuse, pedophilia and cannibalism is now being attested to by hundreds of victims online today. This was always going to be the last straw — rob us blind, but do not dare rape our kids.

But, meanwhile, the only thing “Miles W. Mathis” insists is total balderdash is “Satanism” — nothing to see there.

Here’s what they have on the Sharon Tate – Charles Manson murder. It never happened, just a CIA mind-boggle. No bodies, faked-dead just escaped underground. Here’s what he says on Satanism, this whole section is great:

“It turns out that with this manufactured tragedy—as with all others—you have been getting disinformation from all sides. Only after thoroughly investigating the Tate murders myself was I able to see that all the “dark theories” were also wrong and probably planted. That is to say, the alternative theories for these major tragedies also seem to be written by the spooks…”

“But back to the claims of Satanic activity. This is a common ploy used by the CIA and FBI, to lead investigators into dark alleys. Long ago I learned that anytime I am being led into Satanism, Crowley, LaVey, and similar channels, I should know that the CIA is trying to divert me.”

“It isn’t Satanists that are running these events, it is most often military intelligence. But the black agencies use Satanism to cover their tracks. For most researchers, Satanism is a sexier road than the road to G-men, and they willingly take it. Rule number one in researching false flag events: ignore all links that lead to Satanism. Those are sucker links, put there on purpose by the CIA writers.”

They say, it’s not that the CIA works for the Cabal to allow the Cabal to do this sick stuff to our children, no. But offer the red herring that “Satanism” is just a thing created by the CIA to throw you off their trail. This comes out in all the articles.

The point is, let’s just blame the CIA; let’s close them down, you can just shut their offices, throw ’em out, and then we’re good, right? Never mind all that satanic nonsense. We got our man, it’s just the CIA, again, case closed. The elites are the same ‘ole landed gentry as forever, leave them out of this, blame all the dead CIA officers from these case files. Let’s move on! Forgive and forget?


“Long ago I learned that anytime I am being led into Satanism, Crowley, LaVey, and similar channels, I should know that the CIA is trying to divert me… Rule number one in researching false flag events: ignore all links that lead to Satanism. Those are sucker links, put there on purpose by the CIA writers.”


Ready for terror? Click through to read dozens of books written by child victims of their Satanic crimes.


Here’s what they throw in from the Harry Potter article, talking in circles, but knowing what we know, how insane is all this? This is great truth up to a point, then looks the other way once it leads to the doors of the Satanists in charge.

They love to talk about Alistair Crowley, but only that he was a diversion placed there by the CIA-MI6, rather than the other way around – Crowley was the spiritualist of the elite, they control the brownshirts, he had their ear, thus the Satanists really do have so much sway in our world:

“That won’t win me any friends, and will only score me a mailbox full of attacks, but I call it like I see it. I don’t see Potter promoting Satanism or even Gnosticism, since either one would imply a depth it doesn’t have. What Potter is promoting is a shallow fascism, one where all real religions and moralities are eventually jettisoned as getting in the way of business and total control. In the world being made for you, the only moralities that will be kept will be the cracker-jack moralities that propel Hollywood movies: those moralities help them sell products and move people around in the short term. Ironically, both Gnosticism and Satanism are too deep and complex for the FutureWorld: both might require study, discipline, and a belief in something beyond immediate gratification.”

“I have to think that even Satan would require something from his followers. But the new masters don’t want any of that: there will be no text for you to memorize, not even any real bows to make. They don’t need worshippers [sic, more British spelling…] or devotees, only buyers. They want you to buy their products, including their art, stories, histories, and bios. Beyond that, they just don’t care.”

“In this way, Satanism would actually be preferable to the FutureWorld. I have no interest in the dark side and never have, but I have to think Satan would be able to create a more interesting world than the one upon us. Being a fallen angel, he would be bored stiff by the flabby life most people now lead. I don’t see people rushing out to become Satanists. That isn’t the trend. The trend is people becoming slugs. The government is not promoting Satanism, nor does it fear a rise in Satanism.”

“According to Crowley, the first tenet of his fake Satanism was “do what thou wilt”. But that requires courage and decision, something most people no longer have. The government is not promoting that: it is promoting the opposite. It is making sure you have neither courage nor decisiveness. That is what all the propaganda is about, including Harry Potter. It is not about making you a Satanist who will do what he wishes. It is about making you a slug who will do nothing important. It is about making you too scared to question anything you are told, so that if you have any residual courage or decisiveness, you will waste it getting a tattoo or piercing your belly button instead of resisting the world in meaningful ways.”

More complex. Ya, sorta right, the government wants to shut us down, yes… but not that it has nothing to do with Satanism… they are the Satanists, this whole set-up is so they can keep it going. Point the finger at them, man!

Only thing being wasted here is time reading these articles. Maybe that’s the point, too.

Distraction, distraction, distraction. Forget everything, just remember the CIA did all of this, right?




Now that we’ve shown what these jerks are made of and the funny cards they deal in their Three-card Monte, back to the real subject at hand, “Merlin’s Cave.”

Why hobbling the “Miles W. Mathis” op is so important now — that I let these jerks distract me for hours from the rest of the important articles in progress here — is because the main allegation of this report being shared online,  if true, would undercut Q and the tens of millions of American patriots behind that righteous cause.

You need to understand that these conclusions are false and that it’s safe to trust the plan.

America depends on you.



The plot is that the Kennedys, followed by other elite families, faked the deaths of all their young scions so they could rule America in total secret from “Merlin’s Cave” as our Hidden Kings.

Joe Jr. didn’t really die in a WWII bomber accident (that was actually filmed, for some reason, as a Hollywood fake evidence gambit) but lived out his days from a second compound in Nantucket, controlling the world via Washington underlings without any direct political pressures on him and his trillionaire pals.

Not billions, but trillions now, because what Joe Jr. accomplished in the 1960s, with the help of the pretend Washington apparatchiks, including his brothers in office, was wrestle all the control over the underground economy from the old mafia, subsuming everything into our usual white collar corporatist structure.

JFK didn’t die in Dallas, but took over the King job from Joe when he was ready to retire. Bobby didn’t die, but took over in 1968 when JFK passes from Addison disease.  Teddy couldn’t be bothered, was fine being in the Senate and not doing much — and, by the way, Mary Jo Kopechne was King Bobby’s girlfriend, Teddy did him the solid. JFK Jr. didn’t die in 1999, but took over from King Bobby. Another K will fake his death, in another faked plane crash, around 2020 to takeover — we shall see.

Not just all the Ks, but other young contemporaries of Joe Jr from the old Bloodline families joined him underground during WWII. They find a young DuPont dying in a plane crash then, and probably a Morgan, too. How they get you into this thing is by focusing on the CIA being capable of anything, if they’re capable of one thing, so many plane crashes with important sons and the ease of body doubles for coffins or whatever else, they could do anything.

As for the Rockefellers, who we know to be supreme in the US-branch of the Cabal, Nelson here ruled in private while maintaining his public persona. For all the years he wasn’t actually in elected office, he was manning the controls behind the scenes. He was only able to do so much through using body doubles — even his death, in the arms of a mistress, was probably faked, too. A double.

The double mind-game goes deeper with his photographic evidence of Nelson R., with and without the scar under the right-side of his lip, and with and without the mole on the left side of his cheek.

They point to conflicting Life Magazine covers, one version has the magazine name on top of his hair, no mole; the other hair is on top of the title, mole drawn in. Of course, but is that real?

All the copies of that edition for sale look like the one actually photographer on the right; only one site has it like the left. How it got there, I don’t know – maybe it’s fake. Or maybe these are first and second editions, or a mock-up that was never even printed. Maybe he really was pissed they photographed the double and not the original, and insisted someone re-do the cover with a mole?

I dunno, I just asked the proprietors of the first image — a company that sells old magazines, for an actual photo of what they got — will update here if any light comes from it.*******












Guess what? Friendly lady who owns the magazine collector company seems to have no idea where that image came from, though when pressed, she was less friendly. She has three copies of the magazine currently for sale, all exactly like the one on the right, hair above the logo, mole.




With 39,250-words, 87-pages, this is nearly a book. Why go through the trouble if not to expose evil doers or to help cover up crimes? Which is it?

I’d say it’s the latter. Covering for the Cabal, how it operates in plain view, how the Rockefellers set it up — in true Tavistockian style — the Council of Foreign Relations, to control the intelligentsia; the AMA to control medicine, to over-medicate but never heal us; to control the trust funds of all the well-born via what became JP Morgan Chase Bank, to control all their voting rights; to buy up all the media companies to control the mockingbirds; to run all international drug crime to opiate us and steal; and to take over J. Edgar Hoover’s dirty files to control everyone who had been or could be blackmailed. Weave in the Satanists, inducing blackmail by tricking targets to become pedovore perverts, like them, in exchange for the top jobs, adding all those tens of thousands of recent names to the blackmail operation, and this is how we do it.

What’s so worrying about the report is that, on the other hand, sure, why not?

The ultimate question it poses is valid: how could it be that the Kennedys are both part of the infamous 13 Illuminati Bloodlines that control us and, at the same time, JFK and JFK Jr. were fighting to bring down the very same Cabal when they were removed from the scene? All pretend is what their report proposes. And if you can pretend all these other things, why not this big one, too?

My answer is sort of like the answer for Trumpy, in general.

The truth is our POTUS, as a younger man, was interested in joining the Cabal — what we could have known about the public-facing part back then. But they refused to let him in, too uncouth, they said. Also, since he wasn’t a drug addict, totally broke, in the closet or a pedophile, they would never let him in because you need to be one of those things to be under their blackmailing thumb for a seat at their big table.

So the guy ends up building the entire 5-star Bedminster, NJ, golf club because no one wanted him as a member of theirs. He did the same thing with Mar-a-Lago, threw his own ball when the Palm Beach set didn’t want him to play in their sandbox. Same thing in the election — they didn’t want him, around, but he did it anyway, his own way.

I see Joe Sr partially like that. Big K was definitely a bad guy, ran the rum, ran Wall St., ran the SEC, bought Hollywood, tried to influence the UK for the Cabal in WWII, but, in the end, he wasn’t really in good with them.

He was just rich and always in motion, like Trumpy, which is why they needed him on the team. He was valuable for what he could pull off. He was really a doer.

The sons obviously benefited from whatever the old man taught them, especially after helping win elections. But, he also famously lost his ability to speak from a stroke at the wrong time, so he missed all the action when his kid’s were at the wheel.

But, rather, what “Miles W. Mathis” wants us to think — that, indeed, all of JFK’s anti-CIA and anti-backroom speeches that are now famous memes are messages taking out of context, he actually wanted those things. We’re being played.



Maybe the best optical illusion they pull off is another piece of “news” that’s new and evidence of an artificial narrative — and once you have an artificial narrative, what’s to say even more is false which they told you is true.

The famous picture of John-John is out of context. He’s not saluting, but shielding his eyes from the sun. The salute is another trompe-l’œil when he’s shown in the close-up or it’s inferred from the wider shot by the soldiers saluting.

Their purpose for the earlier photo of Joe Jr, Joe Sr. and JFK was, along with a dozen more, to make the case that the K family was actually from various mothers, that Joe Jr. and Sr., who are obviously related, with their skinny heads and narrow noses, and that later Sr. married JFK’s mother. That Rosemary, who gets lobotomized, seems fine in all these other pictures, so there’s something strange there, too. Maybe, why not?

He also goes into analysis of photos of Joe Sr. in uniform — why was he an ensign when he enlisted as a college graduate, how did he rise to Lieutenant, why was he a rich man’s son on a dangerous mission? Well, the pictures don’t seem to be anywhere else, but maybe, the rank maybe because he wanted to rise quickly — remember, the legend is Joe Jr. was slated for the presidency. And, if that were the case, then, actually, footage of him being a hero in WWII would have been really excellent for the news reel announcing his candidacy – so there’s my answer.

But he has more. Another tidbit he throws in to irk us — and it’s since been written about in the Daily Mail, so at least the source is real enough for Fleet Street — was JFK’s best friend from Princeton was a gay giant, lived in the WH alongside them and, yes, said he often gave his friend blowjobs – indeed, Jacqui and the whole lady-killer rep, an elaborate beard. Or, it’s just how it was back then? I seem to remember my straight British bosses having done that sort of thing — just seems like what old-school prep-school boys do when there’s no girls around.

This giant gay fellow, Lem, from another rich, old family also becomes the de-facto guardian for RFK Jr. at boarding school. And that he doesn’t seem too fazed by JFK’s death (because he knows it’s been faked) but loses it after RFK dies (because that’s when RFK had to take over for dead King JFK.)

Ok. Maybe. So much has been hidden, so much of this could be right, so where is the truth?



All I can tell you is in that entire monograph on the subject of the Hidden Kings, zero times are the Satanists mentioned. Which would make sense if your goal was that we don’t talk about them.

That I’m not convinced trillionaires would purposefully live underground, missing out on all the great parties and pop culture VIPs, so as to pull the strings — because, obviously, they do that already in our faces.

That Joe Sr. via Hollywood had the power to fake whatever pictures he wanted, ok, but, when I looked closely, all I could see was the one probably faking pictures to mind-fuck us was “Miles W. Mathis”.

As The Storm gathers in Red October, when so many — tens of millions — of patriots are working together to finally take out the trash running our country all these years. And with the echos of JFK — his WWG1WGA bell — and the enduring friendship between Trumpy and JFK Jr — and who knows what that really entails — let’s wake up and keep our eyes on the prize.

All I can say is follow Q. Trust the plan.


4 Thoughts on “Disinfo Report: ‘Miles W. Mathis’ is Fake News, ‘Merlin’s Cave’ is Tavistock Cointelpro — ‘Don’t Shoot Til You See The Whites of His Eyes’”

  • Holy crap… you wrote almost as much as MWM, another typing madman! But. Thank You! We will TRUST THE PLAN! We DO TRUST Q. Never rely on MILES! Exactly as you say, lots of truth hidden among sneaky lies.

  • Satanism is just yet another distraction – from The Occult.

    The Occult is that which is hidden: the truth with its protective layer to protect delicate minds. When you discover that ‘bottom of the rabbit hole’ truth, then you know you’ve found it, and everything else fits into place.

    Then you can perceive the great mission – to escape Samsara – to defeat the one ring that rules us all and in the darkness binds us.

  • Are you saying that Miles is the exact kind of gatekeeper that he claims, say, Dr. E. Michael Jones is, just further up the mountain, to trap and confuse even smarter people? And are you saying that Miles is basically right about everything, BUT… (a) He intentionally stops the blame for everything at the CIA/Intelligence in lieu of explaining that CIA/Intelligence are actually themselves controlled by an evil elite cabal, and (b) he doesn’t explain the actual truth behind WHY certain people (e.g., Kennedys) were fake-killed, and WHERE they went / what they spent the rest of their lives doing?

    • Great points. In today’s world, truth has to be 100%. If the facts are good but the conclusion is wrong, it doesn’t hold. Alternatively, if the facts are all fake but the conclusion we are told is correct, you get the idea. Everyone is confused. I noted old Miles has posted the true genealogy of the Rothschilds… would someone please confirm if what he has is true, and let’s get on with the show!

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