Active Measures in Soviet Strategy

  • Paperback: 210 pages
  • Publisher: Pergamon-Brassey’s; 1st edition (March 1, 1984)



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Surprisingly timely work on Soviet disinformation operations.

Written in 1984, about a country that doesn’t exist any more, this book could not be more timely. “Dezinformatsia” lays out, in great detail, the organizations responsible for Soviet propaganda in the United States, NATO countries, and other countries outside the now defunct USSR. The organizations include both Soviet government bureaus and nominally independent activist groups outside the Soviet Union. Themes used by both official outlets and subsidized organizations in the West, correlated with events of the time are laid out clearly, with a rigorous research and analytical methodology. Also addressed are Soviet “agents of influence” and forgeries created by the Soviets to further their strategic objectives.

While this all sounds very entertaining, the obvious question is “so what?” The book is more that thirty years old, written about a country that dissolved more that twenty years ago. The Soviet Union did not dissolve so much a return to its Russian roots. While democracy theoretically came out of the collapse of the USSR, it quickly reverted to a highly centralized oligarchy that bears a striking resemblance to Tsarist Russia. Also, the agency that orchestrated these operations was the KGB, the organization that Vladimir Putin made his career in, prior to entering politics. This is all very tentative and circumstantial. More interesting and compelling is the fact that many of the organizations the USSR created to disseminate lies outside the USSR are still in existance presenting bizarre versions of events that support Russian narratives. When a name comes up, just Google it. Most interesting was a “peace” institute that insisted that the problem in Ukraine is fascists in Kiev, not Russians in Crimea.

A fascinating study!

This is a truly fascinating study ~ Dezinformatsia is an insightful book about how the Soviet Union uses “disinformation,” which includes propaganda, covert political techniques and front organizations to influence events to further its strategic aims to diminish America. It is important to be made aware of these tactics to understand the dynamics of the extent of “dezinformatsia.”

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