Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind-Controlled Slave

By Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler

Further detail and case studies from their prior work.

Another “shadowbanned” book — a 1997 original spiral-bound edition for sale via Amazon for only $738 — but now, yours to download for free from this link. Springmeier and Wheeler hit upon the mother lode of corruption, connecting the Illuminati bloodlines to the CIA and its MK Ultra and Monarch mind control programs, used to create sexual slaves for Satanic ritual abuse, unconscious assassins and the mind control of whole populations.  Fritz was so dangerous to the regime that he was arrested, jailed, all of his research lost and his reputation defamed. But the books live, most are now online – read them.

About the Author

  • Spiral-bound: 616 pages
  • Publisher: FRITZ SPRINGMEIER (1997)

Amazon Reviews

Excellent and Incredible!!

Springmeier is awesome in his information, facts, and detail. I know of no one else who has so exhaustively researched this very relevant and frightening subject. We need to wake up soon to this great evil he writes about!!

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