Dark Legacy II

Jaw-dropping evidence of foul play in the death of JFK Jr., all based on official government documents. The prime suspect, George W. Bush, though very publicly running for president, disappeared the day of the murder, and stayed missing for 3 days.




Director John Hankey

Studio Synergetic Distritibution

Amazon Review:

Very thought provoking documentary. Raises a lot of questions about why the FAA, Air Force and high-ranking authorities in the Pentagon went to such lengths to hide the truth and control the narrative in a way they thought made sense. The story the media was fed was bizarre and in itself should have raised a lot of questions, but most people are unwilling to believe that their government could be doing awful things behind the scenes. The truth is, the people you think are running this country have much less power than the wealthy industrialists behind the scenes. Money has and always will be the most powerful force in our government. Whether or not you believe that the government did this, it is obvious after watching this documentary that the true story is not the one that is being told. There are far too many inconsistencies to believe the “official” story. Lots of “oversight” happened in agencies where mistakes like that never happen.

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