Cover-Up of the Century: Satanic Ritual Crime & World Conspiracy

A rare book, long out of print and nearly unavailable, and expensive on the secondary market – ya wonder why they made it so hard to find? The bad guys don’t want you to read this one. At all. Available at only 4 libraries in the entire country, on sale online for $300 a few months ago, now cheapest book is $399, and goes up to $6,377. No more printing, just totally sold out. Well, fuck you very much,  now it’s free. The book traces the story of the author finding out about a child’s skull in the woods, and chasing the story until he comes up with what he does. The author wrote this under a fake name. Why? Because he was a victim of the sexual abuse.  He’s moved on, has an entirely different life now, but it’s a shame the book was never reprinted. Always of the let’s make the mistake and apologize for it later, here’s a link to a free copy, compressed to 28MB. This link expires in 4 weeks, so download now. Meanwhile, I’ll see what the author actually says about this rebellious idea of mine. Maybe we can republish it legitimately. Until then, read it for free. DOITQ. (One more note – skip the first page he added here about eschatology, too confusing to start, just jump in!)


Ya, no summary on Amazon. Wonder why.


  • Paperback: 246 pages
  • Publisher: Css Pub Co; 2nd edition (October 1, 1996)


Amazon Reviews


Human Nature or Satan?

Unbearable to read but it’s not the author’s fault. Incomprehensible how people would participate, even enjoy, inflicting horrific pain on an innocent soul. Crime of the century uncovered.


Book Review: Cover Up Of The Century

Every once in a great while, a book comes out that is a standout in its field. One that is well written, that teaches, educates, and leaves the reader thinking for days afterwards about its subject. One that challenges the reader to overcome biases and misconceptions. And recently, such a book was published. The book? “Cover up of the Century: Satanic Ritual Crime and World Conspiracy” by Daniel Ryder. If you don’t have a copy yet, I suggest you go to your local bookstore, or online, and get one. This is one of the better researched and documented books on the topic of ritual abuse that I have seen. Ryder has a background in investigative journalism, and it shows. Piece by piece, he discusses the evidence available that shows the reality of ritual abuse, and builds his case throughout the book. In fact, I would challenge anyone with an objective mind to read this book, and be able to deny the overwhelming evidence presented that: a) ritual abuse is real b) recovered memories are real, and are documented to be reliable c) there has been a large amount of cover-up of the evidence available in high profile cases such as the Franklin case in Omaha, Nebraska. d) There is firm evidence of mind control techniques, organization and planning in occult groups. Mr. Ryder meticulously documents the evidence with research and in-depth interviews throughout his book. From government officials to police investigators, survivors of occult ceremonies to concerned parents, psychologists to lawyers, his extensive research and fact finding combine in this book to draw a compelling picture: ritual abuse is real, it is happening, and it is organized. He refutes statements by Lanning of the FBI that ritual abuse has no evidence with literal archives of cases of ritual abuse that have gone to court and been successfully prosecuted. I love the first chapter which asks “Where’s the Proof?” then proceeds to answer the question. Studies are quoted, officials discussed and documented cases of ritual crime are given. Ryder’s background research on some of the leading members of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) is a thought-provoking chapter, as the “syndrome” is exposed as having no reality according to clinical experts in the field. Also, the less than savory background of some of the founding members and “experts” recruited by the FMSF are revealed. I believe this book should be recommended reading for anyone who thoughtfully asks the question “If ritual abuse is real, where is the evidence?” The evidence is there, the experts are speaking out, and court cases prove that RA is a real phenomenon. I am grateful that Mr. Ryder took the time to interview and research this topic, and share what he found with the general public.


Extreme Value & of Extreme Importance!

This book was $600 when I went looking for it. In fact, one offer was at $17,000. These sorts of prices indicate that someone does not want you to read it. It exposes better than any other book, Satanic Ritual crime and Mind Control programming, that always makes use of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Part of what makes this book so good is that Ryder covers all the significant events that have been exposed or covered up and far more is covered up than is exposed. And those who cover it up are in all walks of society but especially at the highest levels. And yet, Ryder does also manage to do all this in a mere 246 pages, with the page size being small. Sometimes, authors might go into too much detail. Ryder gets down to the important things and does not bore people with rambling. Wanna know what really goes on in the world? This is the book. I was not able to shell out $600 so I got a copy to read thru the Inter Library Loan program. I could see someone making a copy of this on a fast copy machine like at Staples, and have a copy for maybe $10. Not recommending it but logistics are obvious. There are information wars going on and the fight requires some effort and thought. A shout out to any looking into this very important subject. I see this subject, as well as the war on men, and the mass-global-killing plan being implemented, as the 3 most important things in the world today, to become aware of.


Worth the high price

Got my copy for ~$100. It is worth it. This is one of the first books I have read on ritual abuse that explains the motives of ritual abuse and its applications for mind control in the context of a day care setting. Troubling but also eye-opening. This book is worth tracking down. Ryder predicts that people being “programmed” are being put in place to help usher in an event of world change. One can’t help but wonder if 9/11 was the event.

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