This book is important because of the story he tells, but, also, because of its reception — the media, one Time writer, in particular, set out to win this whistleblower’s trust, then eviscerate him in the press.

Here’s an interview about the book   Here’s a link to website about the story.

Here’s the Obit of his co-author, a former journalist known for covering the JFK assassination and tackling the mob in his books — no mention of this one anywhere in the write-up.



Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA

By Terry Read with John Cummings


Compromised is the true story of Bill Clinton’s political sell-out to the CIA.

Clinton’s unbridled political ambitions and his campaign pledge to create “jobs for Arkansans” led him to compromise his ideals in exchange for CIA support in his bid for the Presidency.

He permitted the “Agency” to use Arkansas factories to make untraceable weapons and he allowed CIA contract agents to train Contra pilots on rural airstrips in support of the war in Nicaragua – effectively evading the Congressional ban on military aid to the Contras.

This expose unfolds through the eyewitness account of Terry Reed, a former CIA asset whose patriotism transformed him into a liability when he refused to turn a blind eye to the Agency’s drug trafficking. While helping the CIA set up its secret “black” operations, he unwittingly compromised his family’s safety, ultimately forcing them to become fugitives. Realizing that Reed witnessed the making of a counterfeit President and knew too much about its drug operations, the Agency set out to destroy him and his family.

This Arkansas-CIA connection became Clinton’s darkest secret – a secret he shared by then Vice-President Bush, who himself was compromised by his involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal. Their shared guilt kept them silent and tied their hands as they faced off in the 1992 Presidential election with neither mentioning Iran-Contra.

The Justice Departments of Reagan, Bush – and now Clinton – have orchestrated an ongoing cover-up of the Arkansas-CIA connection, which has gone undetected for eight years with Bill Clinton its major beneficiary. Clinton’s reward for this Faustian pact? The White House.

Reed puts Clinton directly in the “Iran-Contra loop”. Both attended a secret meeting where CIA arms arrangements, illegal Contra training and money laundering were discussed. Involved with Clinton in this cabal were Colonel Oliver North, William Barr (George Bush’s attorney general), Felix Rodriguez (Bay of Pigs veteran and George Bush’s CIA contact) and CIA contract agent Barry Seal, who used the cover of a high-profile drug trafficker to carry out his missions.

“Compromised” reveals the details and names of all who were involved, including these faceless power brokers now in positions of public prominence in Washington, D.C.

When the CIA learned Reed had more patriotism than they bargained for, forces within President Bush’s Justice Department, the CIA and the State of Arkansas decided he had to be neutralized. People close to Clinton conspired to set Reed up on false federal criminal charges, forcing him and his family into hiding. But Reed was acquitted, and now wages a one-man legal war to bring those who framed him to justice.

Found innocent by a court of law, Reed was then convicted by TIME Magazine, which aligned itself with a Clinton campaign consumed with protecting its candidate from scandals.

Why did Terry Reed, who performed intelligence services for the US Air Force, FBI, and CIA, come forward with these revelations now? – to set the record straight and to clear his name.

“Compromised” reveals one of the most clandestine operations in recent U.S. history. It also offers behind-the-scenes insights into the sordid world of intelligence, where things are seldom what they seem and powerful people disguise greed and ambition behind the convenient mask of national security.

  • Hardcover: 556 pages
  • Publisher: S.P.I. Books; First Edition edition (February 1, 1994)


Amazon Reviews:


One of the best political books I have ever read. Could not put it down, got watery eye’s reflecting on what Terry Reed and his family went through. Sheds a lot of light on Barry Seal, gives a good insight as to why Barry may have been murdered. Fills in a lot of the pieces into Felix Rodriquez and Luis Posada; I was particularly interested in the info on Felix Rodriquez as he is connected so closely with figures from the JFK assassination, his VERY close ties to GHW Bush, just another reminder of how dirty Bush really is, a high criminal. Stunning revelations on Bill Clinton. Bought another book from reading Compromised by L.D. Brown, one of Clinton’s most important Arkansas State Police officers, (the book is called CROSSFIRE). A must read especially in light of Hillary maybe running for President.


Sea Spray Program…

This book was an eye opener: The Contra training going on in Nella, AR and the gun making going on, buy the jamming M-16 for pennies, re-tool the mechanism and resell to the black op programs – Gov. Clinton was in on the take, Barry Seal’s drug running a cover for the real weapons business. Criminals from the top of our government. The “Sea Spray” program that could make Seal’s planes “go dark” and cross borders invisible an excellent primer for some of those plane tricks of 9/11. Reed’s escape from the clutches of the CIA is an American story that’s going on all over the world right now. Barry Seal was an American of the 1st water – independent, skilled, gambling risk taker that loved the game of intelligence – assassinated – knew too much about the Bush sons and their drug business.

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