Clash of Dynasties: Why Gov. Nelson Rockefeller Killed JFK, RFK, and Ordered the Watergate Break-In to End the Presidential Hopes of Ted Kennedy

by Richard James DeSocio

Clash of Dynasties binds together the crimes of the century. Kennedy had a dream for the nation, but Rockefeller had his own nefarious ambition to be president. Rockefeller employed a staff of seventy, paid for by Rockefeller Foundation funds. Actually, he used his staff to serve the 1960 Kennedy election in the hopes that a Kennedy victory would destroy Richard Nixon as a viable Republican national candidate. However, after accepting his support, the Kennedy brothers turned on Rockefeller who had become a Republican frontrunner in the 1964 presidential race. When the allegations surfaced that Rockefeller was using foundation money, Atty. Gen. Robert Kennedy began preparing charges against the governor with the intent of sinking Nelson’s political aspirations. Succinctly stated, Rockefeller beat them to the punch by arranging the JFK assassination, although losing the Republican nomination in the waning hours of the primary. Rockefeller’s misuse of foundation funds touched off a congressional investigation as well. This sounds very similar to the recent allegations surrounding the Clinton Foundation. Most people will be surprised to learn that the foundation is located on the forty-second floor of the Time-Life Building located in Rockefeller Center. Until very recently, the Rockefeller Foundation was on the forty-first floor. It was Time-Life Inc. that purchased the Zapruder Film and hid it for twelve years. It shows Kennedy’s head whipping backwards by a bullet strike to his forehead, firmly suggesting a conspiracy. Representing thirty-five years of research, Clash of Dynasties is much more than a whodunit book—it is about how the Rockefellerocracy still wields malevolent power from behind a secret network of 501(c)3’s “philanthropic” foundations—Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, etc. Visit


  • Print Length: 450 pages
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse (June 18, 2017)


Author Richard James DeSocio’s background can be described as diverse, with an educational background in economics and finance. As a concerned citizen, he began writing during the recession of 1984, when unemployment lines were long. Wondering about the state of the economy and more specifically the state of an eroding manufacturing sector, he dug into research that led to his first book release in 1992. The Elements of Economic Destruction: Why the American Living Standard Is Falling (aka Richard James). Manufacturing was once the economic backbone of the nation. In the last 50 years, thousands of factories have shuttered and countless jobs lost. Taxes, outsourcing, mismanagement, foreign competition and excessive union work-rules are discussed as possible causes. Greatness Achieved and Lost: The American Century followed next. It explores the explosive growth of America’s mighty industrial engine of the nineteenth century by discussing such notables as Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller and their respective sectors: railroads, steel, autos and oil. In 2013, DeSocio released Rockefellerocracy: Kennedy Assassinations, Watergate, and Monopoly of the “Philanthropic” Foundations. It is a portal to a universe of political and economic supremacy. Clash of Dynasty: Why Gov. Nelson Rockefeller Killed JFK… (2017) is the latest update of his theory, containing compelling information to further indict the Rockefellers as the top culprits behind the crimes of the century. Visit

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