Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse: Recognizing and Recovering from the Hidden Trauma

The first comprehensive recovery book to address the issues surrounding satanic cult ritual abuse–what it is, what the signs are, how to recover from it, and what is being done to combat this growing problem.
  • Paperback: 265 pages
  • Publisher: Compcare Pubns (April 1, 1992)

Amazon Reviews

“Hell on Earth in America the Beautiful,how Awful”

A quick read written in easy to find topics covering SRA,it also includes the 12 steps to recovery but the most harrowing reading comes at the end of the book with the victims personal stories and how impossible it is for them to escape, it is a spiritual war the world is in and this book is the proof, should have been a number one seller.The author himself is an SRA survivor and thats why its so hard hitting, he writes under other aliases as well just so he can stay safe as SRA is in the Government as well. The abusers of SRA use masks like Disney characters and Aliens (thus some people think they are Alien abductees but are really SRA victims),the book covers Satanic holidays and some symbols.The book says it usually takes Doctors 6.8 years to properly diagnose SRA as they usually classify the patients as Paranoid Schizophrenic Bi-Polar as they are not properly versed in Trauma Based Mind Control,they (Doctors) should be required to read books on CIA Mind Control projects (maybe they do I don’t know, just saying),all in all a great read and its nice to know that the author became a therapist as well, victim survivor author therapist, thats Awesome!!!

Saved my life

Tough to get thru
But worth it.
Brought much clarity.
A God send
Saved my life

Great book for survivors

This is a great book if you are working on recovering from SRA. You are stronger than most and you have survived hell and unimaginable evil. This book comes with the twelve steps of survivorship for the SRA survivor. I would definitely recommend this to survivor and therapist. It covers the stalking and harassment and scare tactics those who try to leave the group experience. It also gives great resources. A good one is MINNARA. It covers Satanism history and workings and reasoning, symbolism, MPD, monarch, and the spiritual aspect also for those who are Christian.

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