At the same time we’re telling you about every generation’s battle against the false god Moloch and the scourge of satanic ritual child sacrifice embraced by the leaders of our land, the forces of confusion unveiled their very own Baphoment on the steps of the Capital Building in Little Rock, AR.

“Freedom of religion,” they chant, because the Capital hosts an image of the two tablets that stand for the ten commandments — it should be noted, the offending image is of the “blank” tablets, nothing actually even written on them, but I digress.

We’re talking about their satan on the steps, so the afternoon’s PR stunt was successful.

This is the normalization campaign — of course, they shroud their evil in the Constitution to confuse the question. Why can’t we all just get along, they will ask you? Their plan is to undermine us and break our resolve. Their’s is the slippery slope to chaos. Walk away.

Little Rock, longtime home of The Satanic Temple and NXIVM and a twisted political dynasty, the statue’s promoter is the transgendered @Sadie Satanas, the drag queen of confusion.






Let’s wake up from this nightmare and not let our country slide any deeper into the abyss.

Don’t believe Satan’s lies.

It’s a trap.

One Thought on “Baphomet in Little Rock”

  • Hmmm, tear down statues of historic figures in American history to remove symbols of hate and oppression. Erect a statue that symbolizes pure evil. Makes sense

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