This is either a masterful forgery or fiction — is what it says –, the semi-truth or the real truth, and certainly a very interesting tale.

It would seem – but it says nowhere – the author is the grandson of the German Admiral who led the Nazis into Antarctica. The story of how the base was established — it is built underground in giant tunnels — is interspersed with the story of a visiting German-Canadian scientist in 1991. He first has an accident nearby and is saved by the son of one of these Nazis, and then later finds out him to be his half-brother and then meets their father, who took on a new family after being told by Hitler in 1947 that Germany was obliterated in the war.

As for the space vehicles, this version has that, yes, a Nazi-designed flying circular UFO-looking thing worked when the base established during the war, but then literally, put on ice or passed along with the important secrets to Hitler’s U-boat that he left with from there in 1947. The 47 people still there have just been maintaining the base since then and don’t want to leave. The epilogue is that when he brings corporate interests after the rediscovery, they all pass through a memorial hall of patriots from there encased in the ice.

Anyway, can’t find German author’s name anywhere online, and note the publisher is a Serbian poet – we reached out to him –  so who knows? Is it the real story, a fiction, or the version where they give us half truths and make up the part about the technology being on ice all this time? COINTELINPRO or truth or what? Fiction or non?



This novel is solely the result of the author’s imagination. It has all been invented, except for:
– Events
– Dates when those events happened
– Names of geographic places and landscapes
– Names and family names of certain characters
  • File Size: 433 KB
  • Print Length: 115 pages
  • Publisher: ‘Poeta’ Association of Writers (December 16, 2016)


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