American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan 

This provocative, thoroughly researched book explores the covert aspects of U.S. foreign policy. Prominent political analyst Peter Dale Scott marshals compelling evidence to expose the extensive growth of sanctioned but illicit violence in politics and state affairs, especially when related to America’s long-standing involvement with the global drug traffic. Beginning with Thailand in the 1950s, Americans have become inured to the CIA’s alliances with drug traffickers (and their bankers) to install and sustain right-wing governments. The pattern has repeated itself in Laos, Vietnam, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Nigeria, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Panama, Honduras, Turkey, Pakistan, and now Afghanistan—to name only those countries dealt with in this book. Scott shows that the relationship of U.S. intelligence operators and agencies to the global drug traffic, and to other international criminal networks, deserves greater attention in the debate over the U.S. presence in Afghanistan. To date, America’s government and policies have done more to foster than to curtail the drug trade. The so-called war on terror, and in particular the war in Afghanistan, constitutes only the latest chapter in this disturbing story.
  • Series: War and Peace Library
  • Paperback: 408 pages
  • Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (May 12, 2014)


Editorial Reviews



Praise for Deep Politics and the Death of JFK:

Staggeringly well-researched and intelligent overview not only of the JFK assassination but also of the rise of forces undermining American democracy—of which the assassination, Scott says, is symptomatic. (Kirkus)

Praise for Cocaine Politics:

An authoritative account of a crucial but underpublicized issue. (Library Journal)

Praise for Cocaine Politics:

This important, explosive report forcefully argues that the ‘war on drugs’ is largely a sham, as the U.S. government is one of the world’s largest drug pushers. (Publishers Weekly)

Praise for The Road to 9/11:

The broad picture he paints is all too accurate. . . . This book, like all of Scott’s prose works, is meticulously researched and sourced. His formulations are grounded in the evidence. . . . In short, the scholarship is excellent. (Liberty Press)

Praise for Drugs, Oil, and War:

A new book by Scott is an occasion. (Lobster)

Praise for Cocaine Politics:

For the evidence that narcotics . . . have been instruments of U.S. foreign policy, you simply have to read Cocaine Politics. This, one of the most enlightening books of the year, will redefine your usage of the silly term ‘drug war.’ (Christopher Hitchens The Nation)

Amazon Reviews

Explains a lot

Scott does an admirable job weaving the dots together between Amerika’s security apparatus (headed by the CIA), the international illegal drug industry, the banking business and our addiction to incessant military adventures in backwaters that also happen to be great for growing opium poppies. As he correctly points out, wherever we make war, opium and heroin production flourish. The central thesis is that a “deep state” exists that frequently works in direct opposition to the “cosmetic” state (my term) that us fools who believe in democracy think actually represents us. And if you consider how many non-state “wars” we’ve waged over the last 60 years, on poverty, cancer, drugs and now “terrorism,” you have to conclude that the US going to war against a thing makes that thing more popular and financially lucrative than ever; cancer afflicts more people than ever before, the ranks of the poor multiply each day, drugs are more abundant and cheaper than ever and our endless war on terror conveniently has no person or nation that we can ever kiil or conquer so as to terminate in a “victory.” But in all cases fat profits are made by banks, hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, the Pentagon, the CIA, NSA, DEA, security contractors, drug “enforcement” agencies, police departments, prisons and as always politicians. Scott does not postulate the “who” behind 9-11 but rightly ranks it with the other famous deep state false flag frauds that litter our infamous history, notably Gulf of Tonkin and the Iraqi WMDs lies. He ends his book on a very cautious and highly qualified optimistic note that thinly masks his despair at how corrupt and rotten the Amerikan Empire has become. He need not worry for long though for the Empire’s fate was written long ago; Mene mene tekel upharsin.

This is an excellent book

Peter Dale Scott has so much detail and so many footnotes that there is no way you can even think about challenging his credibility. This professor has followed these subjects of the drug cartels and the traffic all over the world for years, and definitely knows what he is talking about, and I would highly recommend this book to anyone!

Definitely buy this one

Peter Dale Scott has written a definitive work regarding the operations of our military forces for the enrichment of the operators behind the scenes. It tells the truth of the global connection to drug trafficking that the military provides, and the secret reasons from many hidden wars. Hard to put down. Very well documented and footnoted.

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