American Made: Who Killed Barry Seal? Pablo Escobar or George HW Bush

By Shaun Attwood

Set in a world where crime and government coexist, American Made is the jaw-dropping true story of CIA pilot Barry Seal that the Hollywood movie starring Tom Cruise was afraid to tell.

Barry Seal flew cocaine and weapons worth billions of dollars into and out of America in the 1980s. After he became a government informant, Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel offered a million for him alive and half a million dead. But his real trouble began after he threatened to expose the dirty dealings of George HW Bush.

American Made rips the roof off Bush and Clinton’s complicity in cocaine trafficking in Mena, Arkansas.

“American Made really captures the big picture of my dad’s story” – Aaron Seal, Barry Seal’s son

“A conspiracy of the grandest magnitude” – Congressman Bill Alexander on the Mena affair

Shaun Attwood’s WAR ON DRUGS SERIES – PABLO ESCOBAR, AMERICAN MADE, WE ARE BEING LIED TO and THE CALI CARTEL – are harrowing, action-packed and interlinked true stories that demonstrate the devastating consequences of drug prohibition.

About the Author:

As broadcast worldwide on Nat Geo Channel’s Locked-Up Abroad “Raving Arizona,” Shaun Attwood arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, a penniless business graduate from a small industrial town in England. Within a decade, he became a stock-market millionaire. But he was leading a double life.

After taking his first Ecstasy pill at a rave in Manchester as a shy student, Shaun became intoxicated by the party lifestyle that would change his fortune. Years later in the Arizona desert, Shaun became submerged in a criminal underworld, throwing parties for thousands of ravers and running an Ecstasy ring in competition with the Mafia mass murderer Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano.

On May 16th 2002, a SWAT team knocked his door down. He ended up in the jail with the highest rate of death in America, where not only gang members but even guards were murdering prisoners. Shaun documented the conditions using a golf pencil sharpened on the door: dead rats in the food, the techniques he used to sleep with cockroaches crawling on him, gang mayhem and violence… His aunt smuggled his writing out of the jail, and his blog, Jon’s Jail Journal, turned the international media spotlight on the conditions.

Facing a life sentence, Shaun entered a lengthy legal battle. After two years of being held on remand, Shaun was convicted of drug offenses. He was sentenced to 9½ years, and served almost 6.

Shaun had only read finance books prior to his arrest. While incarcerated, he submerged himself in literature – reading over 1000 books, including many classics. By studying original texts in psychology and philosophy, he sought to better understand himself and his past behavior. He credits books for being the lifeblood of his rehabilitation.

Shaun was released in December 2007, and continues to campaign against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He keeps Jon’s Jail Journal going by posting stories mailed to him by his prison friends.


  • Print Length: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Gadfly Press (September 14, 2016)


Amazon Reviews:

Mind Blowing

Make sure you vote every four years and post your political memes on your Facebook. Pay your taxes to the crown and go the speed limit. If this book doesn’t make you question the current state of affairs in America then nothing else will. Shaun has the biggest brass cojones to tell the stories he does and risk his life telling the truth.

Great read, notable because of its relevance to history

Years ago I saw the TV movie “Doublecrossed” about the government’s involvement in using Barry Seal to transport weapons to the Contras and returning with cocaine which was sold on the streets of America with the support of our government. When Seal was arrested by police, he was promised by his handlers that they would arrange for his release. Nobody showed up in court for him and he was sentenced to do time at a halfway house, where it was guaranteed that he’d be killed and he was.

Having been in law enforcement for many years, it was no secret that much of the drugs that were sold on the streets of America were also being brought into the country with the knowledge and full support of certain government officials. Mena, Arkansas, while Bill Clinton was governor, was known as the “Little Columbia of America.” Clinton’s brother Roger was a drug dealer and user, eventually being sentenced to prison, and pardoned by his brother Bill when Bill was President. Roger always claimed that Bill used cocaine and “had a nose like a vacuum cleaner,” something that has been corroborated by others over the years.

There was also a movie about an American journalist who was captured in Nicaragua and despite the pleas of his family in the US, our government did nothing to secure his release and he was executed in Nicaragua. HIs family felt and publicly stated that he had obviously seen something that our government didn’t want brought to public attention. Shortly after the journalist’s execution, the Iran Contra scandal was broken to the American people. I personally believe that the journalist found about the exchange of weapons for drugs that was set up by our government, exchanges that were handled by Barry Seal (a very talented, fearless pilot) and his crew of specially selected, Seal trained pilots. This book, while not mentioning the execution of the American journalist, definitely exposes the true nature of the Iran Contra affair, and exposes the players–Oliver North, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and the CIA. Nowhere does it mention Reagan and it is entirely possible that Reagan was ignorant of how the US was being paid back for the weapons they were sending to the Contras.

Barry Seal proved to his attorney that he had a direct line to George H.W. Bush’s office (while Bush was Vice President), his attorney dialed the number and was connected to the VP’s office. The planes that Seal and his crew used to transport weapons to the Contras and returned with drugs were high tech planes equipped with instruments that only some govenment planes were equipped with. Seal kept records of his dealings with our government officials, agencies, and the drug cartels, making him dangerous to many people.

After reading this book, it is very understandable why George H.W. Bush and members of his family voted for Hillary Clinton. For those who were surprised and how friendly Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush were after both were out of office, this book explains their connection that went back years before George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton were ever President of the US. When Oliver North testified that he needed a great deal of security around his home because he was afraid of the most dangerous man in the world, Al Gore asked him who he was so afraid of, and North responded, “Osama bin Laden.” Gore laughed (naturally this was years before bin Laden was tied to terrorist acts against America), but after reading this book, bin Laden wouldn’t be the only person North feared.

I love America, but I also have no doubt that corruption has existed for many years among those elected to political office. This series of books are an interesting read, but difficult since conspiracies always have so many twists and turns that it’s hard for anyone to “connect the dots.” That’s why conspiracies are usually so successful, particularly when run out of the highest offices in our land.

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